Thermocell – Complete Cellulite Removal System


Thermocell Review – Should You Try It?

Thermocell is a handheld radio frequency device that calls itself a “complete cellulite removal system”. Find out if Thermocell really works today in our review.

What is Thermocell?

Thermocell is a handheld radio frequency device that claims to be the most effective at-home two-step cellulite treatment solution on the market. By running the handheld device over your skin, you can purportedly fight back against cellulite and other unwanted skin blemishes.

Some of the specific promises made by Thermocell include:

-Support skin elasticity

Reduce wrinkles and dimples

-Improve tone and texture

Restore youthful appearance

The two part system includes a radio frequency device as well as a cream. The radio frequency device is a one-time purchase, while the cream needs to be repurchased monthly (an autoship program is also available).

How Does Thermocell Work?

Thermocell works in a three step process:

Step 1) Apply a “generous amount” of Thermocell step 1 lotion to areas where you want to treat cellulite

Step 2) Power on the device by holding the Thermocell power button down for three seconds, after which the indicator light will turn green and the device will beep

Step 3) Slowly massage your body with the device, running it up and down over the areas where you wish to remove cellulite

That’s it! by doing this daily, you can purportedly eliminate cellulite from your body.

The device claims to work by using a “special radio frequency device that will help to break down your fat cells as the skin repairs its structure.”

Thermocell will heat up the fat cells beneath your skin in a controlled way. When these fat cells are heated up, it improves circulation in the area, which facilitates lymph draining.

After using the device, “The result is a clean, firm, and smooth surface that’s free from that dimpled effect” we associate with cellulite.

Meanwhile, the ingredients in the lotion enhance the effects of the radio frequency. The lotion claims to use “organic and safe” ingredients that are proven to be effective cellulite treatments.

By following these steps, the creators of Thermocell claim you can see “major changes” within 4 to 6 weeks of continual treatment. Results will be seen more quickly if you change your diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

The system is described as “pleasant to use” and creates a heating and cooling sensation. However, it’s not painful and is “well-tolerated by just about all individuals” according to the FAQs:

What’s in the Thermocell Lotion?

The Thermocell lotion is one of two components in this treatment program. The lotion lists just three active ingredients, including:




Together, these ingredients claim to rejuvenate and firm the skin while also boosting circulation to the region. Retinol also boosts collagen production while repairing damaged skin tissues, boosting elasticity.

No other ingredients are listed in this lotion. However, smashing together caffeine, seaweed, and retinol doesn’t create a smooth, white-colored cream – so it’s clear there are other ingredients used in the lotion.

We also don’t know the concentrations of any of these ingredients.

Thermocell Pricing

Thermocell is available in four different product packages, including:

-Radio Frequency Device (One Time Purchase): $159

-Cellulite Defense Lotion Monthly Supply (One Time Purchase): $49

-Thermocell Subscription Program: $99 for the first month (includes lotion and radio frequency device) and then $34.99 every month thereafter (includes resupply of lotion)

The Radio Frequency Device does not need to be replaced. Once you’ve purchased the device, you can safely use it over and over again.

All products are available for purchase from, which is the company’s official website.

What is the Thermocell Free eBook?

Thermocell offers a free eBook available for download online. That free eBook claims to be valued at $23.95, but the company is nicely giving it away from free.

The eBook promises to teach you the root causes of cellulite, including the various severities of cellulite and the best treatment methods. If you download the eBook, then you’ll learn that the best treatment method is Thermocell.

However, the company doesn’t exclusively focus on Thermocell. They also describe various “anti-cellulite diets”, including eating the right protein, fresh fruits, and green vegetables. There are also exercise techniques specially designed to reduce your cellulite.

The company frequently promotes the eBook online through its social media platforms.

About Thermocell

Thermocell is made in America in an FDA-approved facility. The company launched Thermocell on the internet in January 2016. There’s little information about the company available online. However, you can view the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages here.

Or, get in touch with the company by emailing them at [email protected]

Does Thermocell Actually Work?

The creators of Thermocell do not list any clinical trials or scientific tests that have taken place on Thermocell. There’s no third party evidence showing that it works as advertised.

Meanwhile, there’s no real scientifically proven way to get rid of cellulite. In fact, most sources seem to suggest that the only real way to get rid of cellulite is by performing exercises and workouts, which tighten the muscles in the region and force the cellulite dimples to stretch out. If you have butt cellulite, for example, then squats are typically the most-recommended way to eliminate your cellulite.

Ultimately, you may want to wait on Thermocell until the company provides clinical evidence (or until more customer reviews appear online).



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