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Caudalie Review – Is It For You?

Skincare products come in many forms; generic, pharmacy brands, and luxury products. While most people avoid luxury products because of the price, sometimes the product can actually be worth the investment. If you are ready to settle on the higher price for a better product, the next challenge is actually finding a product that suits your skin type and that is worth what you pay for.

Caudalie is a luxury brand that has recently gained a great deal of attention. The brand was founded on the premise of using vineyard-inspired resources to improve the appearance, texture, and youthfulness of your skin. As the founders explain, “We extract treasures full of beneficial effects from the vine.”

While the product does seem legitimate and effective, the real question is: does it really work?

Fortunately, you have a review here to tell you what you need to know to make a solid decision.

About Caudalie Beauty Products

The line of Caudalie products includes makeup, skincare, fragrances, bath and body, and hair products. The products are all fully patented, which means that the formula that you find in Caudalie products cannot be found elsewhere. As a result, no matter what Caudalie product you buy, you are getting a unique formula with properties that are exclusive to the brand.

A few of the key ingredients that are included in Caudalie products are resveratrol, polyphenols, viniferine, organic grape water, grape seed oil, and vinolevure. An overview of what each of these ingredients do to further the effects of the skin product will be addressed below. The range of products that includes these ingredients work to beautify your skin by preventing dryness, adding hydration, smoothing away fine lines, curing sensitive, redness, and providing you with an all-around youthful appearance.

Top Caudalie Beauty Products

Some of the brand’s most popular products include:

· Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil. This product comes in a 30ml bottle that provides you with extensive anti-oxidant, detoxification, and renewal properties. Upon placing the dry oil on your skin, it renews your skin as you sleep throughout the night. The product has an overall pleasant scent. In addition, the polyphenol renews and replenishes your skin.

· Caudalie Beauty Elixir. If you have particularly dry skin, then this item is for you. The beauty elixir works to invigorate your skin and reduce dryness with its plant-based formula. The essential-rich oils also reduce the size of your pores, boost moisture retention, and improve the appearance of your skin without causing it to look shiny.

· Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. For brighter and better looking skin, then the popular Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is for you. Formulated for all skin types, this product improves tone and clarity with natural ingredients that include caraway, olive squalene mint, and galbanum. To use the product properly and for the most effective results, you should use it morning and evening before you moisturize.

· Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream. For long lasting and visible results that provides you with anti-aging effects around your eye, then this popular product is ideal. After using the product continuously, you will notice better hydration and smoother and firmer skin around your eyes. The product also reduces puffiness and dark circles beneath the eyes. Like most of the products that Caudalie creates, the ingredients are mainly natural.

Aside from these particularly popular items from the Caudalie line, the brand also offers other products that are known to be highly effective.

Caudalie Patented Ingredients

Using a product with a patented formula is crucial. When the formula is patented, you can be certain that the product you are buying is the only one on the market that contains that specific formula. When it comes to the line of Caudalie skincare products, there are four patented formulas that you are used in the products. The formulas are:

· Resveratrol Oleyl. Discovered in 2012, this ingredient affects the intracellular and extra-cellular levels of your skin. Upon impacting these areas, the collagen in your skin is automatically stimulated to prove skin tone and firmness.

· Polyphenols. Used as an anti-oxidant and harvested from grape seeds, the polyphenols in the products smoothen the skin and fight free radicals.

· Viniferine. Viniferine originates in grapevine sap. In products, the substance eliminates dark circles under the eyes and spots on the skin.

· Resveratrol. This particular substance is also patented and its source is the grapevine stalk. The substance has anti-aging properties, it supports skin strength, and it enhances the overall appearance of your skin.

In considering the ingredients, both patented and not, Caudalie products are made out of natural and healthy substances. There are no parabens, harmful chemicals, and other substances that can ruin the appearance of your skin in the long term. With this product, you are able to attain a natural and smooth appearance without all of the trouble that comes with a product that is not made out of quality ingredients. Moreover, the fact that the product was created by a doctor and fully tested only makes the case stronger that Caudalie truly provides users with healthy skincare needs.

The Price of the Products

A quality that you need to keep in mind about this brand is that since it is a luxury brand, it can be quite expensive. Most products range from $30 per item. Items also come in small containers, which means that you are not getting very much for what you are paying for.

Despite the high cost associated with this brand, it is well worth it. The products are made out of quality ingredients, the formulas are patented, and you are getting the effective skincare that you are looking for.


If you are ready to take control of your skin, despite the need to “splurge” on these products, then Caudalie is a recommended way to go. This product can be especially useful if you are interested in products with natural ingredients, special technology, and that have the ability to smooth your skin almost instantly. Most users not only use one or two products, but adopt a skincare regimen that can be developed by matching products together.

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