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BioCalth is a company that creates supplements that are based on calcium, providing you with high-quality regimens that are safe for a range of ages. You can purchase these products from Amazon,, or even Fry’s Electronics.

What Is BioCalth?

Taking care of your body is a lifelong commitment, but there’s too many things that you may be doing unintentionally in your life that can ruin the balance that is necessary.

Stress, poor diet, sporadic diet, and the natural aging process can all take a significant toll on your health, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t repair this issue.

With the remedies offered through BioCalth, you can restore the true order of your body, nourishing it’s needs effectively.

BioCalth offers many different supplements. Though the primary formula from the company is calcium, they offer many other supplements to ensure that you have well-rounded source nutrition.

You will need to continue attempting to eat a balanced diet, but these supplements can fill in the spots where your diet is weakened.

This company has been in business for two decades, dedicated to finding remedies that are created by scientists and other researchers, offering patented ingredients that you can’t find anywhere else.

The company follows GMP standards, which are put in place to help regulate the supplements that you can find.

While the FDA doesn’t have to approve a supplement, following these regulations can bring you security in knowing that the remedies are high in quality.

BioCalth Products

There are several different products from BioCalth that you can use to improve your health, depending on what you want to treat in your body. Read on below to learn more about some of the different options that you have with this helpful brand.


Arthri-Cal+ is a supplement that helps you with the changes that occurs in your joints as you get older.

The cartilage between your bones becomes weakened over time, and the collagen that supports it is no longer produced at the same level as what you had in your 30s and earlier.

To improve your collagen production and other chemicals in your body, this remedy includes:

  • Calcium L-Threonate
  • Claw
  • Salix Alba
  • Zingiber Officinale

To gain all the benefits of this regimen, you will need to take two tablets per dose. The dose will need to be taken up to twice a day, and should be consumed after a meal to ensure that it is properly absorbed into your body.

For a 90-tablet bottle, your cost will be $39.50.

BioCalth Kids

The Kids formula offers a balanced amount of calcium that is perfect for small bodies. Your children are growing up fast, and you need to supply them with the right support while they’re young, so they are protected as they age.

Your child will only need to take this supplement twice a day, following any of the meals they consume during the day. This dose is only one capsule.

However, you can seek out the opinion of your pediatrician, if you think that they are not getting enough calcium in their diet.

You can add this supplement to their routine for $38.00, which is enough for 60 capsules.


BrainMax is an innovative, nootropic substance that helps you to improve the way that your brain functions. One of most frustrating parts of getting older is the weakness in the neurotransmitters that are the force behind your cognitive function.

This change in your body starts with a little moment here and there, like forgetting where you put your keys, or having a hard time with focusing on one topic.

By taking a nootropic supplement, like BrainMax, you help to return the nutrition to your body that supports a healthier brain.

This formula includes:

To gain all the cognitive benefits that BrainMax promotes, you will need to take just two capsules a day, though they will need to be taken after two separate meals.

However, if you notice that you have a bad reaction to this product, you should consider speaking with your doctor about the reaction.

This product can be yours for $38.00, which will give you 60 capsules.

BioCalth Contacts

Whenever you start using a new supplement, you want to prepare yourself adequately for the use of it. You should voice any concerns you have to the customer service team, who can be reached by phone or email.

To call the company, you will need to use the phone number that pertains to your location, deciding between:

  • United States: 1-800-257-1008 or 909-596-8882
  • International: +1 909-596-8663

The phone-based department is available from 9:00am to 5:30pm PST on weekdays. However, if you can’t call the company during this time, you’ll also be able to send an email to [email protected].

BioCalth Review Summary

BioCalth is a great resource for many different supplements, even if you’re looking to nourish the younger members of your family.

While a supplement has the ability to improve your health, you should still seek out the balance you need in your regular diet. Luckily, BioCalth has the support that you need along the way, helping to promote a long and healthy life.

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