12 Steps To Whole Foods – Green Smoothie Girl Meal Plan Guide?


Eating healthy is something that I would say most people strive for. Unfortunately, no matter how much many of us want to eat healthier, it is not exactly the easiest thing to do.

Whether it is because our bodies refuse to adjust, or because we simply cannot afford to eat healthier, or we have no idea how to properly eat healthier. We all face some kind of roadblock. Luckily, the internet has opened up the door for a wide variety of different techniques and programs to come out to help us eat healthier.

Some of them are trends that die out quickly like cleansing and juicing, and others stand the test of time like the ketogenic diet. No matter what, there is a program out there for everyone.

And today, I am going to take a look at a program that may be a good fit for many of you. It is called 12 Steps to Whole Foods and as the name suggests, it promises to get you to eat healthier whole foods in just 12 simple steps. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to 12 Steps To Whole Foods

12 Steps to Whole Foods is a system created by Robyn Openshaw. She claims that following the system has led to her living a healthier life and staving off the crippling effects of aging. As you can tell from the name of the program, it contains 12 steps that Robyn insists you follow in order to get your whole foods diet up and running. The program will help tackle health problems such as:

All of these issues will be solved and guess what? This system does not require you to worry about calories or forcing you to closely examine the Nutrition Facts and ingredients lists on food labels. How can a program make claims like this and actually deliver? Keep reading!

“12 Steps to Whole Foods” Makes It Easy!

I know that some of you out there would rather not spend your money when you can do enough digging online and probably find similar information to that presented in this program. However, it will you take so much time to sift through nutrition guides and all of the scientific research and findings to compile all of the information found in the 12 simple steps in this program.

Keep in mind, the program has over 400 pages of tips of recipes to get you on the right track. Robyn did all the work for you and made the information easy to digest (pun intended) and implement in your daily routine.

Finding all of the information yourself and not having to pay for the program is great and all, but you will not know the first thing to do to actually turn the information you found into a workable diet for yourself. That is the value that you get from 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Robyn’s Personal Benefits

Robyn did not just compile all of this information to make a product to sell. She did all of the research and came up with this program for herself at first. She was dealing with many health problems, including over 20 different illnesses for which she had to take 6 different medications a day for. She needed a way out – a new way to live so that these illnesses would stop bothering you.

This led to her turning to whole foods and greatly improving her life. When you follow her guide, you are not just following a guide of hypothetical benefits derived from scientific findings – you are following proven tips that helped Robyn turn her life around.

She is no longer suffering from all of those diseases and having to take all of those medications every day. She also lost 70 pounds in the process – so if your only concern is your weight, this guide will greatly assist you as well.

Not to mention, Robyn is 50 years old and but does not look a day over 25! She also has the energy and vigor of a 25 year old as well.

Not a chef? You Will Soon Become One!

Personally, I was never a good cook. That was always one of the biggest roadblocks I faced when trying to eat healthier. Healthy eating puts a huge emphasis on cooking your own meals instead of buying premade food or going to restaurants for food.

Thankfully, 12 Steps to Whole Foods contained precise, but simple, recipes and instructions that made it easy for someone like me who was horrible at cooking to be able to make delicious healthy meals.

This Is Not a Rule Book!

Many diet programs can seem intimidating because they have all kinds of rules about what you can and cannot eat and do. Robyn’s guide is different. She wrote under the assumption that her readers already know the basics of what is good and what is bad to eat.

This means that there will not be any fluff or filler content about unhealthy junk foods to avoid. Instead, all 400 pages are full of recipes and guides to shopping for and cooking healthy whole foods and what health benefits eating those foods will bring.

The 12 Steps To Whole Foods Products

You can buy 12 Steps to Whole Foods in various ways.

1. The entire program

You can purchase the entire 12 Steps To Whole Foods program right now for 168 USD. This is a limited time offer. Once this sale ends, the price will go back up to its original price of 280 USD. This program contains:

  • The 400 page guide full of recipes and strategies for eating healthier (in print form)
  • The 8-Week Menu Planner – this contains a 2 month long diet blueprint for you to follow full of foods to buy and recipes to try out
  • The Green Smoothies Diet – a book written by Robyn that gives you even more healthy eating strategies along with some goals for you to strive to accomplish to stay motivated

2. Just the 400 page “12 Steps to Whole Foods” guide (in print form)

If you would like to spend less money and just get the 400 page recipe and strategy guide without the additional guides in the entire program, you are able to. Right now, it will cost you 130 USD. This is a limited time offer. Once this sale ends, the price will go back up to its original price of 217 USD.

3. A digital version of the “12 Steps to Whole Foods” guide

If you have a tablet or eReader and do not want to deal with the hassle of a 400 page book, you can opt for a digital copy of the 400 page 12 Steps to Whole Food guide. It will be in the .PDF form and contains all of the same content that is in the print form of the guide. Right now, it will cost you 90 USD. This is a limited time offer. Once this sale ends, the price will go back up to its original price of 149 USD.

4. As part of a Lifetime Membership

Robyn’s healthy eating network offers a lifetime membership that people can subscribe to. Right now, this membership is priced at 400 USD and you get access to a ton of content – much more than 400 dollars’ worth of content. You get the entire 12 Steps to Whole Foods program – in fact that is just one of the freebies for joining.

Other perks for joining the membership include access to the members-only website that has all kinds of additional strategies and content – as well as a platform to directly communicate with the experts involved in the network to get personalized tips. You will also receive Robyn’s most popular books that cram your head with even more helpful tips, tricks, and recipes. And again, if printed books are not your cup of tea, all of the printed content that you receive can also be accessed in digital forms.

Once again, the price for a lifetime membership right now stands at 400 USD. This is a limited time offer. Once this sale ends, the price will go back up to its original price of 665.95 USD.

So, What Exactly Are the 12 Steps To Whole Foods?

In case you are still on the fence about this excellent program, I want to give a brief overview of each of the 12 steps that you will be following in this program.

  1. How to double your fiber intake and increase the nutritional value of your diet tenfold in just ten minutes a day with green smoothies
  2. How to turn salad into your favorite food to eat
  3. What the most healthy dressings are to put on your salad to give it a flavor kick
  4. Healthy Fats vs Unhealthy Fats
  5. Gardening tips and why you should start your own garden
  6. How to cook your main meals with just foods derived from plants
  7. How to kick junk foods rich in salt out of your diet
  8. How to keep your raw food items fresh with probiotics as opposed to unhealthy artificial preservatives
  9. Getting rid of white bread and replacing it with whole grain bread
  10. Various recipes showing you to how to cook healthy breakfast foods
  11. Various recipes showing you how to cook healthy foods to snack on during the day
  12. Subscribing to a completely alkaline-based diet (for advanced readers)

Compatibility With Other Diets

If your current diet consists of eating a lot of meat, you may find it hard to transition into the plan laid out in this program. This is because the 12 Steps To Whole Foods program strives to make you eat only plant-based foods.

That said, if you are able to find a healthy balance and get what you need from your meat as well as eating the healthy plant-based foods in this program, you can definitely give it a try. People who follow a vegan diet will have the easiest transition as they are already used to eating only plant-based foods.

Return Policy

If you change your mind and do not want to try the system but have already purchased it, all you have to do is send the products back in their original condition (sealed and undamaged) and you will get all of your money back.

What Are Other Consumers Saying?

There are plenty of customer testimonials for this system and I have yet to find a negative one. Many people have experienced benefits such as stress relief, weight loss, and treatment of various symptoms and illnesses.

One consumer even reported that their husband was diagnosed with cancer and was told he only had a decade to live. The husband also had various other health problems such as bad allergies, high blood pressure, and asthma. After switching to the 12 Steps program, all of those problems went away. After just a month of following this program, he discovered that he had lost 40 pounds.

In addition to that, his breathing improved to the point where he did not need to use his inhaler anymore and his bad allergies dissipated. Even more amazingly, the cancer that the buyer’s husband had miraculously went away!

Many of the buyers confidently state that subscribing to this program did more for them than any medical treatment ever did.

12 Steps To Whole Foods Verdict

After everything I went over here, how are you not excited to try out this system? Reading those actual customer testimonials really solidified how highly I thought of this program especially after going through all of the facets of it for this review.

It is an incredibly thorough system that gives you way more content and value for a price that will not break the bank. If I were you, I would hurry now and get the system in one of the above forms before the limited time discount runs out!

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