Besame – Luxury Vintage Cosmetic Line With Latin Roots?


Find that Classic Look with Besame Cosmetics

If you have been to a drugstore or cosmetic store lately to pick up a new lipstick, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of non-traditional colors out there. Blue, green, purple, and black are all shades that have recently found their way in to trendy cosmetics.

In fact, there are so many new brands coming out with these flashy, bright and vibrant colors that it can be hard to find the true, classy, timeless shades that your heart desires. To solve this problem, it may be time take a page from the Besame’s classic beauty style book.

Became cosmetics is dedicated to the beauty standards that have stood true against the test of time. Their face powders, mascara, and lipsticks are all formulated to accurately replicate the cosmetics of yesteryear. The classic pin-up girl look, or the vampy look of the 1920’s golden era are all styles that you can work into your own daily makeup routine with minimal effort.

The assortment of color options, package design, and even the selection of fragrances have all been designed to channel the feeling of being a starlet and using the finest cosmetics that you would have access to during that era.

Timeless Beauty

Besame’s goal as a cosmetic goal is simple, as they aim to provide the modern woman of today with the classic cosmetics the women have been using for decades. There was a reason that women back in the 20’s – 50’s looked so glamorous and delicate, the secret was in their make-up.

When Besame was founded in 2004, their goal was to bring back the look of glamor and intrigue that was the icon look of women in Hollywood and create product that could be used today.

The colors of their lipsticks, and face powders are exact replicas of the same products that were available so long ago. This is made possible by the company’s commitment to historical and scientific research, putting in long hours studying film and art, and making sure that their products are beautifully designed.

Dedicated To Style

It started with the ideas of a young girl, and came to fruition when that young girl became a woman. Besame’s founder is Gabriela Hernandez, a woman that spent her childhood years in Buenos Aires admiring her grandmother’s elaborate and elegant beauty regimen.

When Gabriela immigrated to the United States, she focused on art and history and achieved her goal of earning a college degree from the Art Center in Pasadena, CA – not far from the nostalgic area of Hollywood. It was there that she fully realized her passion for the nostalgia and glamor that was born during the golden era, and was shown to her when her watchful eye studied the way her grandmother applied her make-up.

From here, Gabriela would continue to research, study, and explore the history, science, and art that went into creating cosmetics that modern women would treasure.

For Modern Women That Want Classic Styles

What is more iconic, beautiful, classic, and altogether alluring than full, pouty red lips? The makeup of today has stopped focusing on how make-up can make a woman feel feminine and attractive and has instead placed focused on extreme colors and styles. However, there are some women out there that still strive to achieve the less pronounced, yet still evocative, classic pin-up look. Classy, charming, and even a little whimsical, the right shade of red lipstick can make you feel like you are on top of the world. Using natural oils, extracts and waxes, Besame Cosmetics has created a lipstick that evokes feeling of timeless beauty. All of the products, including the lipsticks, are completely cruelty free and were designed to be worn comfortably all day long.

Besame currently offers lipsticks and lipliners that come in classic red, nude, and pink shades. They are categorized by decade so the you can achieve the look of any era between 1920 and 1970. In addition they have also formulated face powders that are made to be blended together to achieve the desired shade, and mascara is packaged in cakes and creams instead of the tubes that we use today that frequently dry out. As a bonus, Besame has also created a full fragrance line that replicates the scent trends of ages passed.

Besame Cosmetics Summary

Besame Cosmetics is your one-stop make-up shop to satisfy all of your beauty needs. You can even find accessories such as make-up bags, brushes, and brush holders to help you store and travel with your treasured assortment of vintage cosmetics.

If you have had a hard time finding the right red lipstick to create your very own signature look, your search is over. Try Besame Cosmetics and rediscover the magic that made women so glamorous and intriguing.

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