Bite Beauty Multistick – 18 Shade Lipstick For Eyes & Lips?


The Multi-Stick by Bite Beauty – A ReviewThe MultiStick is a makeup “bullet” by Bite Beauty, which is able to give you a rich burst of color on your cheeks, lips, and eyelids for a coordinated look. The stick applies to your skin with the smoothness of cream, but with the staying power of powder.

What is the MultiStick?

Women are constantly looking for the next way that they can condense their makeup routine. Even the simplest regimen involves the use of different colors and products to help create a flattering canvas on your face. You probably have an entire bag of products that you rely on, but what if you could just use one item for everything? That’s what the Multi-Stick does for you.

The Multi-Stick by Bite Beauty is a formula that is safe for each area of your face that you normally adorn with different colors. The creator of the product noticed that there were many ways that women used lipstick to help with their makeup for the day, aside from their lips. However, the greasy texture of different lipsticks can severely clog your pores when you apply it elsewhere. This formula is breathable and offers quiet a variety of colors. Choose from any of the 18 different options, which are:

• Almond

• Anise

• Biscotti

• Blondie

• Brioche

• Cashew

• Cerise

• Cocoa

• Crème

• Caramel

• Gelato

• Honeywheat

• Lotus

• Macaroon

• Mascarpone

• Mochi

• Nectar

• Papaya

• Praline

With so many color options, it’s easy to make your look appear completely coordinated. You can mix up the different color schemes for a more balanced look, or you can stick with the same color throughout your makeup application. This is the beauty tool with no rules, letting you minimize the application process down to just one product. Even though you might not throw everything else away, you will probably want to take advantage of all the ways that the Multi-Stick can be used.

How Does the MultiStick Work?

You may be surprised to find out how simple the formula for the Multi-Stick really is. Each “bullet” features 35% powder in the mix, which helps to give you a long-lasting finish. However, the texture feels creamy to the touch during application, which is incredibly pleasing to the touch. Sugarcane-derived squalene is also included in the silicon-free formula, which is the reason for the Multi-Stick’s staying power.

All of the ingredients that go into the Multi-Stick are natural and organic, nourishing your face as you use it. The included ingredients are also food-grade, which make it safe for if you lick your lips while you wear it.

Applying the Multi-Stick

The application of the MultiStick will directly correlate with which way you are using it. The stick can be used on your eyes, cheeks, or lips, transitioning easily to give a beautiful finish.

To apply it to your eyes, you want to “create a wash of color” for your makeup design. You can choose to use your fingertips, or you can get a little more precision by utilizing an eyeshadow brush.

For your lips, you can also use your fingertips, or run the stick right across your lips. You can also use a lip brush, if you want a little more precision.

Your cheeks are fairly similar in application. To find the natural apples of your cheeks, give a big smile and apply the product in this area. You can use your fingertips or a blush brush, but you will need to smoothly blend the product for the subtlest look possible.

If you regularly use the MultiStick for your makeup, Bite Beauty recommends that you also order the Agave Lip Mask. This mask stays on, and requires no washing. The main reason the company recommends this product is due to its ability to help keep in moisture.

Pricing for the Multi-Stick

Even though there are many different color options, all of the Multi-Sticks are priced the same – $24.00. You probably spend more than this when you purchase the makeup items separately, so this high price that is actually fairly low for what you’re getting.

You cannot order the MultiStick from Bite Beauty directly. Instead, you can make your purchase in a Sephora store or on their website.

Contacting the Makers of the Multi-Stick: Bite Beauty

This product is just one of the many interesting options you will find from Bite Beauty. Since there is such a large variety of these products, you may find it helpful to speak with a customer service representative via phone or email.

As with any company, the most direct route is to call Bite Beauty. Their phone number is 1-416-961-1234, but no hours of operation are listed, so you may be guessing the best time when you call. Even if you can’t reach a representative, you have the option of emailing the company at [email protected].


The Multi-Stick is an incredibly innovative formula, which somehow balances the texture and ingredients that are safe for your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. However, unlike other products that claim to do one or two of these tasks, you won’t end up with the dry skin that is typical after the product settles. This high-quality product is only authorized to be sold at Sephora, which is a major testament to the performance of the Multi-Stick. If you want to find the best option for your complexion and personality, today is the day to order a few different colors.

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