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Ulta Beauty Review

Ulta Beauty is a United States based retail store that specializes in beauty products. Considered the largest beauty retailer in the country, ULTA is considered a premier beauty destination for hair and skin care products, makeup, perfumes and colognes, as well as salon and skin services.

About ULTA Beauty

ULTA has been in business for over 25 years and now has its own label for beauty and cosmetic products. It offers over 20,000 products in its stores and online store. These products represent some of the 500 brands that ULTA sells.

ULTA Products

Because Ulta Beauty has such a vast array of products, it’s near impossible to list every single item sold on its website or in its stores. However, for those who want to get a general idea of ULTA offers, below is a list of the types of products it provides.


— Face: Foundations, Powders, Concealers, BB & CC Creams, Primes, Blushes, Contouring, Bronzer, Highlighters, Shine Control, Makeup Remover.

— Eye: Eye Palettes, Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Primer and Base, Brows, Eye Lashes, Eye Makeup Remover.

— Lips: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Lip Stain, Treatments, Balms, Sets, Palettes.

— Brushes and Tools: Brush Sets, Makeup Brushes, Sponges, Applicators, Brush Cleaner, Brow and Lash Tools, Mirrors, Sharpeners.

The makeup section also sells bags and cases, travel cases, gifts, and ULTAs own collects.


— Nail Polish

— Gel Manicure

— Nail Appliques

— Nail Care: Removers, Top and Base Coats, Cuticle Care, Treatments.

— Tools: Clippers, Files, LED Lights.

— Nail Sets: Nail Polish, Manicure, Pedicure

In the nail section, customers can also find gift sets, as well as the ULTA Collection.


— Cleansers

— Moisturizers

— Treatment and Serums

— Exfoliators and Masks

— Toner

— Eye Care

— Lip Care

— Sun Care: Sunscreen, Self-Tanning, Self-Bronzing, After Sun Care, Sets.

— Body and Hand Care

— Supplements

— Mother and Baby: Baby/Child, Post-Partum, Pregnancy

— Tools

Customers looking to improve their skin care regiment or to purchase gifts for friends and family will also find travel sets, gifts, and beauty products in bulk in this section. The ULTA Collection also has an abundance of options for interested customers.

Hair Care

— Salon Professional: Shampoo, Dry Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Styling Products, Travel, Sets

— Styling Tools: Dryers, Flat Irons, Curling Irons, Specialty Irons, Hot Rollers, Hi-Tech Tools.

— Brushes and Combs

— Accessories: Hair Extensions, Elastics, Headbands, Clips and Bobby Pins, Styling Accessories

— Kid’s Haircare

ULTA Beauty also has its own salons in the majority of its stores. To learn more about these salons, read below.


— Women’s Fragrance: Perfume, Rollerballs and Purse Sprays, Lotion and Gel, Mist, Deodorant, Shower Gel, Powder.

— Men’s Fragrance: Cologne, Aftershave, Deodorant, Shower Gel.

The fragrance section of ULTA is also the perfect place to purchase candles and gift sets. ULTA also sells its fragrance products in bulk sizes.

Bath and Body

— Cleansers: Scrubs and Exfoliants, Shower Gel, Soap.

— Moisturizers: Butters and Creams, Lotions, Oil

— Treatment

— Hair Removal: Cream, Shave, Wax.

— Bath and Spa: Bubble Bath and Oil, Salts, Spa Essentials.

— Sun Care: Sunscreen, Self-Tanning, Self-Bronzing, After Sun Care, Sets.

— Teeth Whitening

— Tools and Accessories

ULTA also has its own collection of bath and body products, as well as sets for travel and for gift giving.


— Skin Care: Cleansers, Moisturizers, Shaving, Groom, Facial Treatments.

— Men’s Fragrance: Cologne, Aftershave, Deodorant, Shower Gel.

— Hair Care: Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling.

Men selections also come in travel size options, as well as sets for gifts.

Purchasing ULTA by Brand

ULTA understands brand loyalty. A lot of times, it can take months or years to find a brand that works exactly how a person wants. This is why ULTA doesn’t just sell by product type, it also sells by brand, so customers can find their favorites without any hassle.

While there are over 500 brands sold in ULTA Beauty stores and on their website, including ULTAs own brand, every month they feature specific brands that are either offering deals or releasing new products. For this month, those brands are:

— Benefit San Francisco
— BareMinerals
— Lancome Paris
— Urban Decay
— It Cosmetics by Jamie Kern
— Living Proof
— It Brushes for ULTA
— Mally
— Skyn Iceland
— Tarte

ULTA Services

As already mentioned, ULTA doesn’t limit itself to only being involved in products. Because the company is so focused on beauty and care for the hair and body, it has extended itself to offer beauty services at its locations.

The majority of ULTA stores will offer hair, skin, and brow services. This is done for the convenience of customers, who come to get one or more service done, and then can purchase what they need to maintain that look on their way out.

ULTA Beauty hopes that instead of running from salon to dermatologist to another salon, customers will chose to get everything done in one convenient location.

Hair Services

At ULTA Beauty locations, customers can work with certified hair professionals to get the look that they want. The services consist of one-on-one consultations, so the hair artisans can get a full idea of what their customers want, as well as getting to know the texture and feel of the hair.

After providing the cuts, trims, or colors that the customer wants, the professionals that work at ULTA will provide detailed at-home styling tips to make recreating the look easy. And, if the customer likes the products used during their session, the workers at the salon are more than willing to point out where in the store they can purchase the exact same products.

Skin Services

It can be hard to know the best way to care for skin. This is why ULTA has several skin therapists to provide the service for customers. These therapists have been trained by Dermalogica and know exactly what methods and treatments work best with each skin type.

During a session, skin therapists will map the face, to get a better understanding of the needs of their clients. They will then provide the service, from microdermabrasion to resurfacing. Afterwards, the therapists will recommend the best products for the clients to use to keep their skin looking bright and healthy.

Brow Services

Called the Benefit Brow Bar, the brow services offered by ULTA are done by licensed professionals who know how to get perfect arches and thick lashes. At the brow bar, customers can have their brow or lashes problems addressed and then leave with perfect eyes.

The services at the brow bar range from regular tweezing to waxing, as well as tinting and penciling. As with all the other spa services offered by ULTA, the brow professionals are more than happy to share what products they use so customers can recreate the looks for themselves back home.

ULTA Rewards Program

Beauty supplies are things that need constant updating and repurchasing, which is why ULTA has created its rewards program to offer return customers more perks and discounts every time they visit.

Membership for ULTA is completely free, but it gives members updates and access to new trends, beauty tips, and invitations to events held at ULTA locations. When members sign up to receive emails from ULTA, they’ll receive a free birthday present every year, as well as double the points during their birthday month. Being a member also means that certain products and purchases offer 2-5 times the number of bonus points.

Points earned through the ULTA Rewards Program can be redeemed to purchase any product in the store or online, meaning that buying the newest beauty product or perfume just became a lot less costly.

For those who know they’ll be spending a lot of time and money at ULTA, there’s good news. For those who spend more than $450 in a year, their memberships will go platinum, which means they’ll be earning more points and getting more discounts and rewards.

ULTA Charity

ULTA isn’t just about providing beauty and comfort to its customers, it also wants to give back to the community. This is why ULTA has been consistently involved in charitable giving throughout its 25 years of operating.

In the past seven years, ULTA has given over $10 million to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, one of the companies partners. ULTA is also involved in community programs that help with the education and life enhancement of women and girls throughout the country. The company works through donations, volunteering, and sponsoring.

Contacting ULTA

ULTA can be contacted on its website through its email form. However, for those who prefer speaking to someone in person, their phone number is 866-983-8582.

The address for the company is:

Ulta Beauty Guest Services
1000 Remington Blvd, Ste. 120
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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