Dr. Schultz Beauty RX – Advanced Dermstick For Pores & Peel Skincare?


Finding the right skincare brand for your skin type and beauty needs is nearly impossible. These days, the majority of brands on the market sell similar products that just don’t get the job done. You’re ultimately left paying a great deal of money for options that fail to provide you with a smoother, healthier, clearer, and ageless skin surface. The good news is that there alternative and non-mainstream brands that are becoming more popular day by day.

With that, this review would like to introduce you to BeautyRx by Dr. Shultz. This brand has become a well-known secret in the beauty industry and before launching, Dr. Shultz’s in-office products accounted for 100,000 patient visits, over 50,000 in-office glycolic peels, and over 10 years of patient trials. When you choose this brand, you can certain count on the product to work well for you.

What is BeautyRx by Dr. Shultz?

Dr. Shultz’s Beauty Rx brand is a revolutionary, innovative, and comprehensive approach to skincare. The brand is renowned for its wide-ranging formulas that are able to clear blemishes, reverse signs of aging, promote supple and healthy skin, and to treat an array of other skin issues and conditions.

BeautyRx has evolved from an office brand to one of the most successful skincare companies in the beauty industry. Every product is formulated through extensive research, testing, and clinical trials. With that, you can feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your skin and its needs when you opt for Dr. Shultz’s products.

About Dr. Shultz

It is always useful to understand the developer behind the products that you use on your skin during your daily skincare routine. In this case, BeautyRx was developed by Neal B. Shultz, a medical doctor and leading board-certified dermatologist. His years of experience extends over 30 years during his practice, he received Top Doctors awards for his excellent service, knowledge, and performance. His patients have had all of their skincare needs adequately addressed through Dr. Shultz’s service and products. Now, you too can benefit from everything that Dr. Shultz has to offer through his comprehensive and powerful skincare line.

Why Choose Dr. Shultz’s BeautyRx

With so many skincare brands on the market, you may be wondering why you should add BeautyRx to your daily skincare routine. Here is what makes this brand unique and an excellent approach to your beauty and skincare needs:

A Comprehensive Line of Products

Beauty Rx offers you the opportunity to choose form a comprehensive collection of products. All that the brand offers is built around Dr. Shultz’s glycolic exfoliators that are leading the industry. Further, regardless of your skin type, age, and beauty needs, you can expect the formulas to provide you with an easy-to-use solution that will work well for you. All of the products are clinically proven to deliver so that you can apply and move on with your day.

Approachability and Accountability

Next, the brand believes in two principles: approachability and accountability. That is to say, when you visit the site, you’ll notice that there are many videos, posts, and informational posts that give Dr. Shultz’s the ability to directly connect with those who are looking for answers to their questions. This is a significantly different method that most skincare companies implement and it is one of the main reasons that this brand is so successful. There are over 550 skincare episodes that cover almost everything that you can imagine about skincare. Further, there is an internet-based live Q and A session by Dr. Shultz.

Featured in the Media

With such a high-quality brand, it is almost guaranteed that it will be featured in the media Dr. Shultz’s BeautyRx has been praised by Allure. More, and Self. By receiving such positive feedback from legitimate publications, the brand has solidified its place in the beauty industry and stands as an excellent solution for women everywhere who are looking to experience optimal results.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to be had when you add BeautyRx to your beauty routine. The brand’s products are designed with the upmost care and quality standards are always implemented. Further, with the accountability and approachability offered, you can have all of your issues and concerns addressed.

The Star Formula: It’s Not Just About Wrinkles

While the brand offers many excellent and high-performance products and they are based upon the premise that launched the brand into the successful skincare enterprise that it is today. The brand takes the approach that “It’s Not Just About Wrinkles.”

As the brand explains, the product takes a wholly unique approach to wrinkles. Dissimilar to most brands, it believes that wrinkles account for only 5% of what you see on your face – meaning, most of how your skin looks is because of issues beneath the skin. Further, other influential factors regarding the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are dull skin, roughness, and large pores. If you address these issues, then the wrinkles will star to fade away. Those who use the brand’s products have reported a 95% improvement in the tone and texture of their skin.

The Dr. Shultz Beauty Rx Method: Glycolic Acid

Another very unique quality to the brand is that it uses glycolic acid in a majority of its products. For those who are unaware, Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator and while the word “chemical” can be alarming, it is best to hear out this review first.

Glycolic is a gentle and extremely effective exfoliator, when it is formulated correctly. The reason that it causes so many issues when it comes to other brands’ products is because they don’t formulate it correctly. Here, you can expect nothing but great results because contrary to the popular method of formulating the glycolic in a commercial lab, the brand does it differently and better. Here are a few of the main advantages of using products that feature Glycolic Acid:

Restores Your Skin Surface

First, the formula works restore and revitalize your skin surface by removing harmful impurities such as dead skin cells. Over time, you’ll notice your skin develop a radiant and beautiful glow, a firmer skin surface, and much less acne and clogged pores. Your skin will finally be able to breathe well and it will look healthier too.


Second, the glycolic acid does not irritate your skin. Beauty Rx makes sure to adjust the substance’s pH levels, which makes the product gentle on your skin. Further, there are different variations of glycolic acid formulas offered by the brand. For those of you who are just starting out, it may be best to go for a low glycolic acid formula and then work your way higher up the spectrum so that your skin can adjust first.

Safe to Use

Finally, the glycolic acid products are extremely safe to use. You don’t need to worry about adverse side effects or other issues when you work these products into your daily routine. You’ll appreciate how gorgeous and radiant your skin looks and the way that the formula works safely.

Overall, while glycolic acid may sound scary at first, it is actually one a safe and effective formula when you choose Dr. Shultz’s version through his BeautyRx skincare line.

Progressive Peel Products

Aside from featuring a glycolic acid product line, the brand also offers a Progressive Peel option. The Progressive Peel is ideal for those who are looking to add another layer to their daily skincare regimen. The peel also features glycolic acid, but it goes a step above and beyond by also replenishing your skin and absorbing skin-enhancing compounds. Here are the main benefits of using the peel regimen:

Fits into Your Existing Skincare Regimen

The Progressive Peel is meant to fit into your existing skincare regimen. If you’re starting out with your exfoliator, cleanse and toner, then you apply the peel right afterwards. By using the peel, you’ll be able to give your skin added layer of support for optimal results.

A Six Week Routine

The Progressive Peel is not an product that you need to continue using. The good news is that all you need to do is to use it for six weeks and at the end of the six weeks, you can go back to your regular routine and then switch back to it once you think you need it.

The Peel Bar

For those of you who have the opportunity, then it may be best to even go to the Peel Bar, which is available in some areas. The Peel Bar features licensed professionals who can apply a unique peel that is ideal for your specific skin and skincare needs. They’ll discuss how the peel works, when to apply it, and what you can expect with regular use. Further, once you find a product that works well for you, you can make a purchase. There are currently 12 locations and the brand is offering a 30% discount on its peel products.

Ultimately, the Progressive Peel is an excellent option for those who are looking to give their skin more support. Further, if you have any questions about the peel regimen then just visit the site and look through the links that are specific to the Progressive Peel.

Product Options

When you visit the Dr Shultz BeautyRx website, you’ll notice that the product options are nearly endless. Here is an overview of how the shop works so that you can go in and easily find what you’re looking for:

Filter by Skin Type

You can shop by skin type, which is the most advisable method. It is always best to opt for products that are specific to your skin type so that you can make the right decision for your skincare needs. The four skin types covered are combination, dry, normal, and oily.

A Resource for a Dubious Skin Type

If you are not sure what your skin type is, then the store has a resource below the skin type filter that says “not sure.” If you click on this link, you’ll be directed to another page what allows you to answer a number of questions so that the site will build your perfect skincare regimen. You can view the recommendations and determine which options are right for you.

Filter by Condition

Another option is to filter based upon skin condition. This filter features an array of skin conditions such as acne, anti-aging, dryness, dullness, fine lines, oiliness, and pores. With each of these options, you’re bound to find a product that works well for you and that is able to address your skincare needs and concerns.

Filter by Product

Finally, you can also filer by product. The main products that you can choose from are antioxidant, brightening, body, cleanser, exfoliator, eyes, gift set, kits, moisturizers, pore minimizers, toners, and treatments.

The comprehensive filter is one of your best resources when searching for a product. The endless options make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in a short period of time. Once you find a suitable product, you can click on it to view just what it does. Also, the site displays the price so that you can assess the cost.

Where to Buy Dr Schultz Beauty RX

If you are interested in purchasing from the Dr. Shultz Beauty Rx product line, then you can do so through the brand’s website. Every product that you purchase is also subject to a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason. Keep in mind that if you do the return, the shipping will be deducted. To start the return process, just visit the brand’s website and file the return form. Your money will be credited to your card. Also returns are only valid within 30 days of purchase.

Dr Schultz Beauty RX Summary

Overall, BeautyRx is a prime brand that offers you many different product options that are based upon proven trials, studies, and consumer feedback. When you work the brand’s products into your daily routine, you’ll notice stunning results. To order and to learn more, visit the brand’s website today.

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