Pitbull Labs – Pre & Post-Workout Supplements For Muscle Growth?


In recent years, the sports supplement market has been flooded with thousands of cut-rate imported supplements from international manufacturers that are packed with artificial ingredients, synthetic fillers, and low-quality components. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a reputable and quality manufacturer of performance supplements that are both effective and reasonably priced.

Whether you’re seeking a protein supplement that assists with reaching your daily macronutrient intake, or a performance enhancing supplement that promotes faster muscle development and greater strength output, it’s important to find a supplier that delivers effective ingredients that are backed up by real clinical evidence.

It’s becoming increasingly more common for supplement manufacturers to hide the ingredients of their products behind “proprietary formulas” that don’t detail their actual composition.

Nutrition is the second most important element in the fitness lifestyle, following regular physical exercise. It’s impossible to achieve fitness success without providing your body with the raw fuel or components it needs to power and repair the body after intensive exercise. Fortunately, a new US-based sports supplement manufacturer is promising to shake up the status quo in the supplement industry with a refreshingly no-nonsense approach to supplement formulation.

Pitbull Labs is a new performance supplement manufacturer that has exploded onto the fitness scene with a no-BS philosophy and strong, slowly expanding range of effective and honest supplements.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the story behind Pitbull Labs and find out what makes them different from other supplement manufacturers, as well as examining their product range to help you decide whether they’re the right supplement company for you.

Who Are Pitbull Labs?

Pitbull Labs are a new sports performance supplement manufacturer that state their core philosophy as one that encompasses strength, confidence, and zest for life. The mission statement of the company references the confusing state of the industry and the increasing prevalence of proprietary formulas and empty promises.

Pitbull Labs claim to take a “No BS” approach to the formulation of their supplements, delivering formulas composed by professional physicians. The entire Pitbull Labs product line is manufactured from locally-sourced ingredients at a cGMP, pharmaceutical grade facility located in the United States.

One of the major advantages offered by the Pitbull Labs brand is the accreditation they possess from Nutravigilance, which is a third-party accreditation system devised by Supplement Safety Solutions.

Nutravigilance is an initiative provided by Supplement Safety Solutions that provides official endorsement of safety, quality, and effectiveness, offering a guarantee not found in any of the ineffective imported solutions that flood the market today.

Pitbull Labs present their product range as one that provides quality and excellence above and beyond that which is expected from the industry standard.

Are Pitbull Labs able to backup their claims of excellence with high-quality product formulas and composition, though? To find out, let’s take a look at the Pitbull Labs range:

The Pitbull Labs Range

The Pitbull Labs range is relatively small, but appears to consist of high quality products that are backed by a large amount of clinical science. The range, at this point in time, consists of two branched chain amino acid products and one protein supplement, but according to the company twitter, a preworkout blend is currently in the works.


The most popular and most frequently advertised product in the Pitbull Labs range is their BCAA blend. Branched chain amino acids are a highly popular and proven performance supplement that many supplement manufacturers provide in their product line. Pitbull Labs don’t stray too far from the standard 2:1:1 formula with their BCAA offering, but offer a distinct and unique advantage in that their BCAA ingredients are vegan-friendly, a rare find in the supplement market.

The Pitbull Labs BCAA blend also contains a number of accessory supplements that flesh out the formula and make it more attractive than many of the other BCAA supps out there. Pitbull Labs include glutamine and carnitine in their BCAA formula to increase recovery speed and burn fat, while added L-citrulline increases NO2 production and boosts vascularity.

Interestingly Pitbull Labs have chosen to include coconut water powder in their BCAA powder to improve electrolyte balance, a factor that is often overlooked in many common BCAA supplements. As far as BCAA supplement go, the Pitbull Labs offering is one of the more well-rounded and formulas available, and is cheaper than most other options.

Pitbull Labs also offer a stim-enhanced BCAA formula which contains caffeine in order to boost fat burning capacity and strength output. Both of the BCAA formulas are completely sugar free, making them great for fitness enthusiasts that are following a paleo or ketogenic diet.


Protein is an essential supplement for any fitness enthusiast, but not all protein supplements are created equal. Pitbull Labs offer 100% whey protein with a unique difference. Most protein supplements source their protein content from just 35%  whey protein concentrate, which is more expensive to manufacture but far more bioavailable. Pitbull Labs protein is composed of 80% whey protein concentrate, making it one of the most bioavailable protein supplements on the market.

The Verdict: Are Pitbull Labs Worth Buying?

Pitbull Labs may have a relatively limited product range at this point in time, but what they do, they do well. All three of the products in the Pitbull Labs range adhere to the core “no BS” philosophy of the brand and are backed up by honest and high-quality formulas.

If you’re looking for an upfront, simple, and effective supplement manufacturer that provides clean supplements manufactured in the US, you can’t go wrong with Pitbull Labs.

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