BeautyRx – Dr. Schultz’s Anti-Aging Glycolic Acid Peels?


Much like all aspects of pop culture, beauty trends are often short lived. However, there are some aspects of the beauty industry that are consistently on the rise. Among these is the anti-aging market. Currently estimated to be worth 125.7 billion dollars globally, the anti-aging market does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Skin awareness is one of the main reasons as to why this industry is booming. As seen with the rise of health and fitness due to the obesity problem, the awareness of skin cancer, and sun damage are no longer being ignored. Consumers are anticipated to become even more aware of the importance of skincare in the coming years. The success of this market lies in the target population. Though older consumers are still key to marketing efforts, anti-aging is now appealing to younger consumers.

Due to the new market demands, ant-aging products have shifted their usage. Not only do they target wrinkles and fine lines, but they also target issues such as elasticity, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark circles, and hyper-pigmentation. Skin care sales have skyrocketed and the anti-aging market is expanding to incorporate a diverse number of consumer needs.

As the constant demand for new beauty products increases, new products are being introduced to the market rapidly as new scientific innovations are driving the industry into the future. These new innovations such as natural products, multifunctional ingredients, UV absorption, and dynamic trends are creating a market that has never been explored.

One of the innovations to smooth and younger looking skin is the glycolic acid peels. This peels can be done at home, or performed by a dermatologist or aesthetician. Chemical peels use a specific chemical solution to improve the skin. The outer layers of the skin are removed, smoothing the skin by removing the damaged, rough and try skin. Beneficial for anyone, the peels particularly benefit those with acne, uneven skin tone, and visible wrinkles. BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz is a company that has developed a groundbreaking formula that uses a glycolic exfoliating skincare regimen that is easy to use and rewarding for all skin types and needs.

About BeautyRx

BeautyRx was created by Dr. Neal. B. Schultz, a leading dermatologist who has maintained a thriving practice for over 30 years. Seeing over 10,000 patients per year, his experience and dedication allowed him to come to a dermatological discovery: “It’s Not Just About Wrinkles”. This breakthrough describes his discovery that wrinkles amount to about 5% or less of what is seen on the face, and that the 95% is much more important. The 95% accounts for skin issues such as roughness, a dull appearance, sunspots, and large pores. Because these issues contribute the most to the aging process, Dr. Schultz developed BeautyRx to address the 95% as well as the imperfect fine lines.

In developing the BeautyRx glycolic formulation of the Progressive Peel, Dr. Schultz used feedback from over 50,000 of his in-office glycolic peels that he performed from his patient visits. The unique formula has been pH-adjusted and buffered to enable effective daily exfoliation without causing irritation, or redness. Paired with the Progressive Technique, the Progressive Peel offers the results of a professional visit, right at home.

Benefits of BeautyRx

There are hundreds of thousands of beauty and skin care products on the market today, making it harder and harder for consumers to pick out the best companies and the best products to use for their skin needs. Because Dr. Schultz knows these struggles and has helped clients work through the confusion as a dermatologist for years, when he decided to start his own skin care line, he decided to make it so beneficial that it would erase any confusion about its products. Because of the devotion Dr. Schultz has for providing the best of the best for his customers, he has created a skin care line based on numerous benefits.

The biggest benefit that comes with using BeautyRx is that, unlike other anti-aging skin care products, BeautyRx doesn’t just focus on the wrinkles. While many women will agree that wrinkles are the biggest problem with their skin, in truth these wrinkles only make up about 5% of their skin, leaving the other 95% ignored. The truth is that while wrinkles are a problem, the tone and texture of the skin when it starts showing signs of aging. Unfortunately, most products on the market today keep their focus on wrinkles, ignoring tone and texture. BeautyRx, however, focuses on the tone and texture first, helping repair dull skin, pores, and sun spots, while also reducing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

The second benefit that comes with BeautyRx is that it uses glycolic in a way that isn’t well-utilized in the skin care industry. Dr. Schultz experimented with and tried different types of chemicals for his exfoliants and peels, but he always came back to glycolic due to the superior results it supports. Because of how much thought has been put into the use of this chemical, users of BeautyRx can rest assured that they are getting the best of the best when it comes to their skin care needs.

Finally, going hand in hand with the first benefit, BeautyRx offers a comprehensive skin care collection. Most people don’t suffer from just one type of skin problem, but rather multiple ones that build up to cause a snowball effect on the skin. Because all these problems can’t be solved by just offering one product solution, BeautyRx offers collections. These collections are all built around the glycolic exfoliants created by Dr. Schultz, but include products for all sorts of skin types and skin care needs. Because of this commitment to detail, BeautyRx is able to offer solutions to all its customers, no matter what their needs.

BeautyRx Products

As mentioned above, the foundation of all the BeautyRx products is found in the glycolic acid peels. However, even though these peels are hugely important to BeautyRx, there are a number of other products offered by the company. These products range from eye creams to dermsticks, offering customers solutions to all their skin care needs. In addition to these single products, BeautyRx also offers collections and gift sets, which can be used to treat a wide range of skin care problems.

However, it truly is the glycolic acid peel, as well as the progressive peel, which make up the foundation of BeautyRx. For those interested in completely transforming their skin, these two peels are what will make all the difference.

A more complete breakdown of these two products can be found below. For additional products sold by BeautyRx, their website ( can be visited.

Glycolic Acid Peel

The basis of the BeautyRx products is the use of glycolic acid to cosmetically improve the skin. The Glycolic exfoliation successfully removes the dead skin cells and restore the appearance of the skin to a radiant, even skin tone. It prevents the occurrence of acne breakouts, and minimizes the appearance of pores. As mentioned previously, the BeautyRx glycolic exfoliants are pH-adjusted and buffered to guarantee that they are not only effective, but gentle on the skin. For optimal results, it is recommended that patients use the glycolic exfoliation daily to maintain great looking skin.

Glycolic exfoliation is safe and appropriate for all skin types. Patients with oily skin and very dry skin often benefit the most, as the dead cells clog pores, and glycolic allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin better by removing the dead skin. For those with normal skin, glycolic creates a smooth texture and a youthful look. Although safe for all skin types, dermatologists recommend that those with sensitive skin pair the glycolic peel with a moisturizer to avoid over-dryness.

In order to most effectively use the glycolic exfoliation, as well as using the product nightly after a cleanser and toner, Dr. Schultz recommends that beginning with a lower strength exfoliant and working up to a higher strength over time is beneficial in allowing the skin to adjust to the changes. BeautyRx developed the Progressive Peel which is a 6 -week regimen that enables maximum exfoliation without the risk of irritation.

The Progressive Peel

The Progressive Peel was designed to work into the existing skincare regimen by replacing any exfoliates that the patient currently uses. As mentioned previously, it is a 6 – week regimen, a starting kit to work up to a higher strength glycolic exfoliation. It is recommended that the Progressive Peel be used nightly, only replacing prior exfoliates, keeping all other aspects of the skincare routine intact. It is gentle enough to be left on overnight, and washed off with cleansing products in the morning. In order for optimal results, the Progressive Peel should be used from the beginning, without skipping weeks, or reverting back to old products.

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