The Beard Bro Review – Does It Work?

The Beard Bro is a shaping tool that helps men get the perfect line while trimming and maintaining their beard. This is our review.

What is the Beard Bro?

The Beard Bro is a shaping tool that helps men get the perfect line while trimming and maintaining their beard. Beard Bro uses a comb-like tool to help you balance out your facial hair on both sides and get a flawless curve from your sideburns to your mouth. The tool doesn’t require any special skill or trimming tools. You can use the tool with your existing trimming equipment.

With the Beard Bro, you eliminate your need to see a barber or to ask your spouse if both sides are even. You don’t have to guess that you’re looking good – you know it. You can use the Beard Bro to shape your beard into many different shapes, whether it's a full beard, pencil beard, goatee, it's versatile to do many shapes and styles.

Beard Bro also has a small line of beard oils, designed to keep your beard soft, shiny, and fragrant. Beards go through a lot in one day, and often end up with food particles throughout them. However, the Beard Bro has a comb on one side to help brush it out. Between regular brushing and the scented beard oils, your beard will look amazing.

How Does Beard Bro Work?

The Beard Bro doesn’t require much skill. The shape of the Beard Bro is what is responsible for the easy shaping of the beard. The tool is easy to use, and, even without instructions, it’s fairly self-explanatory. Though the kits do not come with clippers or a trimmer, you can use your own at home.

There are no gimmicks or special techniques that you need to use to get it to work. It is simply a well-designed tool that makes shaping your beard into a foolproof activity. The top of the tool has a curved and tapered line, allowing you to easily see which hairs are out of line. On the left side of the tool, you’ll find measurement markings, allowing you to make each side even. The tool has a comb on the bottom, which is beneficial for distributing the beard oil.

The Beard Bro has multiple oils that are designed to be used with your beard to maintain softness and shine. There are four different scents you can choose from: Bourbon, Pumpkin Spice, Cuban Cigar, and Rum.

Using Beard Bro

One of the best parts about the Beard Bro is how incredibly easy it is to maneuver and shape around. The website features a detailed step-by-step guide to trimming each part of your beard. Additionally, the Beard Bro’s website has instructional videos, making this tool difficult to mess up.

Shaping The Top Line

  1. Prepare your face just like you normally would for a comfortable shave and place The Beard Bro on your face with the contoured curve side following your cheek up toward the ear.
  2. Line up the side markings at the ear for symmetry and lightly shave over the guide and onto your skin with a razor or clippers to achieve the perfect line.
  3. Repeat the process on the other side of your face for a complete, matching look.

Shaping The Neck Line

1, Start with warm water and shaving cream like you normally would prepare for a comfortable shave.

  1. With the comb edge facing up and the handle towards your lips, lift your chin and gently slide The Beard Bro down until your neck stops it.
  2. Starting at the bottom edge of the guide tool, use a razor or clippers to shave the exposed neck hair and perfect the neckline.
  3. Repeat the process on the other side for a complete, matching look and shave the remaining V in the middle for a polished finish.

The only recommendation that the makers of Beard Bro make is that you use an either razor or clipper and use The Beard Bro’s contoured taper edge for precise lines and styling, if you have short beard hair.

Maintaining the Beard Bro is easy as well. Since it is made of plastic, all you need to do is periodically wash it with soap and warm water.

Pricing for Beard Bro

There are multiple components in this package that are absolutely necessary for keeping up with your beard, and each product falls into a different price range.

The most important part of any package is the beard shaper. Otherwise, there is no point to getting this package. If you just want to get the shaping tool alone, you will have to pay $19.99 plus tax. However, there are multiple kits that allow you to get more for your money, combining multiple products.

For instance, the beard trimmer can be combined with one of the beard oils offered, which ranges from $31.99 to $34.99, depending on the oil you combine it with. If you can’t choose which oil you want, you can get all four, plus the beard shaper, for $87.99.

Contacting Beard Bro

Getting ahold of someone at Beard Bro is relatively easy. You can speak with someone through postal mail, phone call, text, or through one of their social media profiles.

Postal Mail:

Beard Bro LLC.
108 Franklyn Ave.
Indialantic FL 32903

Call or Text: (407)715-1268

Social Media Profiles:



This tool is an essential item for any man that wants to maintain his beard in an attractive and shapely way. The Beard Bro is easy to use, and takes the guesswork out of trimming and styling.


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