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The NoNo Pro is a razor which uses unique painless hair removal technology to provide a no hair no pain hair removal experience. That’s why it’s called NoNo. Get it?

The NoNo Pro is the standard razor model. It comes in pink, silver, and black colors and promises to be the last razor you’ll ever need to own. It’s been on the market since 2004 and is currently sold online, over the phone, and at retail stores.


Does the NoNo Pro razor actually work? Should you believe the commercials you see on TV?

Let’s find out today in our NoNo Pro review.

How the NoNo Pro Claims to Work

The NoNo Pro works using a “thermodynamic wire to transmit heat to the hair.” This technology is called Thermicon.

Basically, heat energy is transferred to your hair in a gentle pulse of energy. The razor contains built-in safety mechanisms which have enabled the NoNo Pro to provide “professional hair removal” results in a safe and effective way.

Instead of tearing, pulling, or scraping, users simply glide the NoNo Pro over their skin. Red and blue lights along the top of the razor let you know if you’re using it correctly.

The NoNo Pro claims to use advanced thermodynamic physics to crystallize your hair, leaving the surface of your skin totally smooth and hair-free.

The unit is small and compact, and NoNo Pro advertises itself as a convenient cosmetic tool that can be used on the go, at the office, or in a travel bag.

How the NoNo Pro Actually Works

There are two ways to remove unwanted hair: you can cut the hair so short that it cannot be seen, or you destroy/remove the follicle. Cutting the hair short is a short-term solution, while zapping the follicle is a long-term solution (when you wax or undergo laser treatment, it removes/zaps the follicle).

The NoNo Pro misleads customers about the method of action for its razor: if you read between the lines, you realize that the NoNo Pro simply works like this: It singes the shaft of each hair, burning it down to just above the surface of your skin.

According to most customer reports, this leads to less-than-desirable results. First, you have to shave your body every few days. And second, you’re left with a rough stubble in the treated areas – even immediately after covering it with the NoNo Pro. Some have even reported burns and skin damage.

Buying NoNo Pro

NoNo Pro is one of the best-known “As Seen on TV” products on the market today. That’s why you can buy it in so many different places, including:

— By calling the toll-free number you see on TV
— Online
— In certain stores

Buying the NoNo Pro online is typically the cheapest option. Online, you’ll find a unique internet-only trial offer which is not available in stores. That trial offer simply breaks up your purchase into three payments of $89.95 USD (plus $14.95 shipping and handling).

How Much Does the NoNo Pro Cost?

There are three different versions of the NoNo Pro, including:

The 8800: This is the newest version of the NoNo Pro and it features a slim profile and even a nifty status screen. It’s available in pink, white, and black and retails for a price of $270.

Classic: The original NoNo Pro retails for a price of $249.95.

Plus: Identical to the Classic but with three additional hair treatment options and colors like pink, green, and black. Priced at $250.

Hair Pro: A sleeker, slimmer design for “hair professionals”. Comes in colors like pink, blue, chrome, and black. Retails for a price of $290 to $310 (price varies according to which color you choose).

As you can see, the NoNo Pro isn’t cheap. That price includes some bonus attachments, including a tip cleaning brush, a charger, a large buffer, a user manual CD, a paper user manual, and two different tips (narrow and wide).

If you sign up through the online trial offer, you can also break up your purchase into three separate payments.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy the NoNo Pro?

The No!No! Razor is an interesting concept backed by some glitzy marketing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to replicate its benefits in real-world testing. When used against the skin, the NoNo Pro creates a weird burning smell. That smell comes from the fact that the NoNo Pro singes your hair to “remove” it.

This process reduces the appearance of hair, but it doesn’t actually remove the follicle. Your skin is left feeling rough and stubbly – even when you run your hand over the area immediately after treatment.

Given those results, the high price tag, and the largely negative reviews online, it’s difficult to recommend the NoNo Pro as a hair removal solution.

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