Defender Razor – Best Shaving Razors For Comfort?


Defender Razor Review – Why Buy?

Being a guy is not easy – especially when you need to deal with the trials that come with shaving. Use the wrong product or forget to add cream and you are looking at razor bumps and irritation. Worse yet, you may also find yourself lacking that close shave that you are aiming for.

Rather than spend money on products, only to find that they do not work, the best thing to do is to read product reviews to get a sense of a product before you buy. The Defender Razor is a good place to start, for example. With its mass popularity and fair price, many are finding the Defender Razor to be a product that they can rely on.

Here is an overview of Defender Razor and what you can expect.

About Defender Razor

Defender Razor markets itself as “the world’s closest, most comfortable shave.” The brand has worked hard to revolutionize the world of shaving by offering potential customers great alternatives to expensive razors. The brand aims to achieve this goal without reducing the quality of their product and so far, it seems that such a goal is wholly attainable.

In addition to reducing prices, Defender Razor also aims to keep the prices of its products low by staying out of the razor monopoly. As other razor brands compete in the razor monopoly market, Defender Razor has stated that it will continue to try and break the cycle with its own innovative and high-quality products.

The company has also been an independent razor company for a total of 50 years. By manufacturing in-house and developing the products there too, the company has been able to attain widespread success. In fulfilling its goal of quality assurance and affordability, the brand constantly tests, improves, and designs new products to meet user needs and expectations. It is with these achievements that Defender Razor is able to bring you a line of high-quality products made from excellent materials.

Defender Razor Technology

Every razor brand has its own type of technology to set itself apart from its counterparts and to ensure that users are really getting the closest and best shave possible. Defender has three components to its razors: the blade, the handle, and the dual defender head.

The Blades:

Starting with the defender blades, these feature an unprecedented design, all at a fair value. Most of the blade heads have three blades that include independent suspension. The suspension allows the three blades to maintain contact with your skin as you shave. With the suspension in place, you can get that smooth and close shave with maximum comfort. The independent suspension also allows for a pivot action, which begins from the center of the blade. Pivot action allows you to control your shave at every angle for the best results.

Also, there is no pulling or tugging involved with the blades. The blades allow for a generous amount of space between the blades, thereby reducing the chance that you’ll suffer from the consequences of pulling. The main advantages of defender blades are that they have customized options for regular, sensitive, and extra sensitive skin. Moreover, you can easily clean the product after use because of the no-clog and easy rinse system employed.

The Defender Handle

When it comes to getting a close and quality shave, you not only rely on the blades, but also upon the handle. The handle has a soft touch and non-slip design. After performing extensive research on shaver blades, Defender Blade came up with a blade that will not slip under any circumstances. Another feature of the handle that you will notice are the reference holes. Each handle has five reference holes that allow for a superior grip and an excellent level of control. This type of feature is not found elsewhere.

You can also mount your handle on the shower using the shower mount. The elegant holder works on any smooth service.

Defender Dual Head

The Defender Dual head is a revolutionary technology that gives you the flexibility to shave against the grain, while avoiding change in grip of angle of the razor. The tiny shaving tool provides you with a fast and high-quality shave in hard to reach spots. You’ll also notice that the handle has an ergonomic design that fits snugly on your finger. The shave works in rolling strokes for maximum accuracy.

The blades for the dual head also include independent suspension for each of the three blades. With this system, you can ensure that the blade remains in contact with your skin at all times. In addition, there is also centered pivoting action that provides you with upmost control when shaving at any angle.

Price and Where to Buy

Defender Razor can be found at most retailers both offline and online. In addition to finding the razors at a fair rate, you can also purchase the cartages too.

If you do decide to purchase Defender Razor, then it is recommended that you do so on the company website. The website offers you discounts. For example, if you subscribe to blade shipments, you can receive 20 percent off the blades. In addition, ordering form the brand’s website enables you to take advantage of free shipping features. The blades usually arrive quickly and are packaged well to avoid damage.

To purchase the razor on the website, you will need to set up an account with the company. The account will allow you to make a payment and to track your shipment. You can also make changes if you need to.


Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality and unique shaving product, then Defender Razor is an optimal solution. The independent suspension, pivoting action, safety guards, anti-pulling features, and customizable blades all work together to make this product what it is. In addition, perhaps another beneficial feature to this product is that you are getting all of these features at a great price. You do not need to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on blades when you have Defender Razor.

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  1. Started with Harry’s. Love their humor in the instructions and the packaging is pretty. Wasn’t impressed with the razors. They did the job like the others but they also clogged like the others. I like the convenience of home shopping.

    Then I saw Defender pop up on my feed and the price was nice. Saw a few reviews and figured why not?

    Still have my Harry’s account, but keep pushing back the next shipment while I keep the Defender shipment coming. They don’t clog, love that the handle is on the mirror. Being married, the counter is already over flowing with stuff. My face feels soft and clean after one stroke. Love it.

  2. I love mine. I just received it this week. I’ve shaved my face and head with it and it works great. Switching from Harry’s to this. It works exactly as advertised! Effortless shave. Harry’s felt like it was pulling my face off.

  3. I have been testing razors for months now, everything from DE on up to Fusion ProGlide, including Harry’s, DSC, and Dorco. After finally settling on Fusion ProGlide, I thought I’d go back and try Defender. It is, without a doubt, the *worst* razor I have ever tried! Not only was there significant stubble after a 2 pass shave, I had nicks in several places. Everything about the razor is cheap. I threw it out right away.

  4. Defender Razor is a horrible company. They remove the bad reviews from their facebook page. Their blades wear out faster than any I have ever used and their customer support is rude!

    • I think this guy works for a competing razor company. I was curious about the defender razor and checking online and at every webpage that has a review of the defender razor this guy has the exact word for word comment at the bottom. Most people would have changed something from comment to comment. unless he just copied and pasted every time.

    • I love my Defender razor and I am sure this is a fake review!!
      Just for your knowledge companies can not remove bad reviews from facebook

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