BariMelts: Quick Dissolving Bariatric Patient MultiVitamins?


One of the biggest problems that many people who undergo bariatric weight loss surgery face is ensuring that their body is still getting enough vitamins and minerals. Because of the major changes that these type of patients face, it’s often difficult for them to continue consuming all the needed nutrients. These patients have to be very careful with their diet. Bariatric surgery changes your body drastically, you have to change your lifestyle accordingly as well to ensure that the results of the surgery are stable and you don’t revert back to your previous weight. So while most people understand that their diet has to change and the type of food and the amount of food they consume has to change as well, the problem is that many forget about vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

The solution is supplements which are designed to help you get all those necessary nutrients you are missing out on. But most of the supplements out there aren’t designed for sensitive stomachs of patients who just underwent bariatric surgery; they often end up harming you in the long run. To help with this problem, BariMelts developed their own unique type of vitamin supplements which melt in your mouth thus eliminating the stress that most other supplements put on your gut when you are forced to digest often chalky huge pills.

What Is BariMelts?

The main idea of BariMelts is to be gentle on your new system after bariatric surgery and still deliver all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. The CEO of BariMelts is Dr. Jose Rocca who has a PhD in Pharmaceutics from the University of Texas in Austin. Dr. Jose Rocca is a proud owner of over eight different types of patents, some of which are utilized in proprietary melt-in-your-mouth technology we see in BariMelts. There are seven other team members who are responsible for all the BariMelts products and the research which was put into these products.

BariMelts Bariatric Patient MultiVitamin Products And Bundles

BariMelts offers 13 different supplements and 3 different bundled packages. Almost all of the products utilize the melt in your mouth technology to help your gut absorb all necessary nutrients with ease without putting any unnecessary stress on your post bariatric surgery system.

BariMelts ADEK

The BariMelts ADEK supplement was developed to ensure that your body gets the most necessary vitamins that most post-bariatric patients are deficient in after surgery. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery states that 70% to 100% of patients who have been through weight loss surgery become deficient in vitamins A and D. The BariMelts ADEK formula contains just the right types of vitamins and supporting ingredients which allow for increased absorption of these necessary vitamins and produce the exceptionally delicious strawberry taste which these supplement melts are infused with.

BariMelts B1

The key focus of BariMelts B1 supplement is to support your nervous system and reduce stress levels. The ASMBS guidelines suggest that nearly 50% of all weight loss patients are deficient in vitamin B1. This supplement doesn’t contain many other vitamins; its sole component is B1 vitamin. There are some supporting ingredients which give it its unique mocha flavor and allow your body to absorb as much of B1 as possible.

BariMelts B12 Plus

Another vital vitamin is B12 after you go through weight loss surgery. The key focus for this vitamin is to get your mental functions on track. Biotin, Folate (as folic acid), B12, and B6 are the key player in this supplement. All of them are designed to function together to improve your mood and give you mental clarity. There are additional flavoring agents which give this supplement its unique cherry flavor.

BariMelts Biotin

Many people who go through weight loss surgery often end up with skin related issues. BariMelts Biotin supplement is designed to help you get healthy skin and promote normal cell growth as well as support the health of your nails and hair. It comes in smooth strawberry flavor.

BariMelts Calcium Citrate

If you ever been through weight loss surgery, you will know that besides the recommended D3 vitamin you will also need to take calcium supplements to ensure your bone health is in order. BariMlets offers this supplement to help you get your bone health to an optimal level by including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3 in the formula. All of these ingredients will get your muscle health where it should be as well as help you develop stronger bones. Smooth berry is the flavor of choice in this supplement.

BariMelts D3

If you already have plenty of calcium in your body and don’t need any additional calcium supplements, then BariMelts D3 supplement is perfect to help you absorb some of that natural calcium and help you develop stronger bones and teeth. BariMelts decided to infuse this supplement with Smooth Apple Flavor.

BariMelts Digestive Enzymes

Of course one of the key aspects of your body that you should focus the most on post-bariatric surgery is your digestive health. BariMlets Digestive Enzymes supplement helps you get just the right amount of enzymes into your system to help you support healthier digestion. Tackling fats, carbs, fibers, and proteins without this supplement can often be very difficult, especially post weight loss surgery. Soothing Orange is the flavor of choice for this supplement.

BariMelts Iron + Vitamin C

Because most patients produce less gastric acid after weight loss surgery, iron deficiency often becomes a problem. This supplement is designed to help you fix the iron deficiency and with the addition of vitamin C, it will ensure that you absorb as much iron as possible. This is another supplement flavored with Soothing Orange.

BariMelts Melatonin

Sleep is vital for proper surgery recovery and in general to help you recover from daily activities and mental stress. Melatonin helps you fall asleep quicker and get a higher quality of sleep. BariMelts utilized the flavor of mint and its soothing taste to help you achieve the highest quality of sleep through the use of this melatonin supplement.

BariMelts Multivitamin

Sometimes we need more than just one specific vitamin. In many cases, post weight loss patients end up deficient in multiple vitamins. BariMlets offers a supplement that contains the most essential minerals and vitamins packed into one melt in your mouth formula to help reduce stress on your new system. Fruit is the flavor chose for these supplements.

BariMelts Probiotic

Getting your gut’s microbiome back to its proper shape is absolutely vital for anyone who has gone through barometric surgery. Nothing helps you accomplish this then probiotic supplements. BariMlets offers this supplement in Soothing Cherry Flavor.

BariMelts Protein Shake Mix

Changing your diet is absolutely vital after you complete your weight loss surgery. Because many patients develop malabsorption issues, BariMelts offers a protein-based shake to help you get all the necessary protein into your body. It is packed with various necessary nutrients and vitamins.

BariMelts Protein Shake Mix Box

This is a smaller packaging of the protein shake mix offered by BariMelts.

BariMelts Bundles

Different weight loss surgeries result in different types of deficiencies. BariMlets is fully aware of this and has created specific bundles which are designed to support various bariatric surgery types. Gastric Bypass Bundle (3-Month), Gastric Sleeve Bundle (3-Month), and Lap-Band Bundle (3-Month) are the bundles that you are able to choose from. Each bundle is designed to last three whole months. All of these bundles include the BariMelts Multivitamin with an addition of other specific supplements that you might need.

BariMelts Conclusion

Because of the in-depth research that this company has put forward into developing the right type of products and recognizing which nutrients and vitamins are most commonly needed by patients who have been through bariatric surgery, it is hard not to recommend them. BartiMelts has many positive reviews across multiple online retailers. They truly offer top-notch supplements which are designed to be very light on your stomach, something that is absolutely necessary for bariatric patients.

The only drawback we have is the pricing. While we understand that these products are tailored for specific situations, we aren’t sure if it’s worth paying up to 50% more just to take advantage of the melt-in-your-mouth formula. On the other hand, for those who are sensitive to regular supplements, and bariatric patients certainly will be, this is an excellent choice.


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