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Baby Teva is a company that develops natural remedies to protect the skin and other aspects of the bodies of both mothers and babies, depending on the needs. The company is continually expanding, bringing forth the essential oils that are delicate enough for every type of skin.

What Is Baby Teva?

A baby’s skin is gentle and delicate, and it needs to be treated with remedies that are appropriate for that level of sensitivity. Unfortunately, while there are many formulas that have minimal chemicals, the natural ingredients involved can be scarce, since it’s difficult to balance how a baby’s skin will react. Rather than forming the research on your own, allow Baby Teva to make a difference.

Baby Teva exclusively offers natural and safe products for consumers that are pregnant or recently given birth. The company has been in business for over a decade, helping to match up with the needs and demands of motherhood. While the company offers treatments for skin and other issues, it doesn’t offer formula, so consumers will still need to seek out a reputable company for the nourishment they allow their babies to consume.

The company was originally founded in the late 90’s, after mother Bila Harel realized that there were no natural remedies that could meet the needs of her newborn. With her knowledge of essential oils and her involvement as a doula, she developed a line of mixtures that any mother would trust to apply to herself or the baby. Over the last 18 years, the company has become the main source of natural remedies in Israel, expanding their clientele to United States consumers as well.

Products From Baby Teva

Baby Teva offers plenty of holistic products, helping to treat both mom and baby from the very beginning. All the products fall into one of two categories – treatment and care. The company continually expands the different formulas to ensure that every aspect of mom and baby are healthy and nourished.

Read on below to find out information about some of the formulas offered.

Beautiful Belly

While pregnant, one of the most dreaded issues to come across is stretchmarks. There are many remedies that the industry offers to trick the body into preventing stretchmarks. Luckily, the Beautiful Belly features grapeseed oil, French lavender oil, orange essential oil, petitgrain essential oil. Massage the stretchmark oil whenever skin becomes dry for just $13.00.

Tummy Tamer

Colic is a common issue with newborns, and there are many ways that this issue can be remedies with foods, the Tummy Tamer massage oil helps to remedy the issue. The massage oil gives moms and dads the ability to gently rub their baby’s belly to relieve and release the gas. Right now, the remedy is not sold within the United States, but it’s coming soon.

Mood Boost Spray

With all the new hormones in a pregnant or post-natal body, combine with the stress of raising a little human, it’s easy for mothers to become overwhelmed and upset. While depression is a real diagnosis that occurs in severe cases after birth, a day of just feeling upset and overwhelmed can be treated with the Mood Boost Spray. Spritz it around any room to get a calming effect from the lavender, bergamot, coriander, and other essential oils.

This is one of the many products from Baby Teva that is not yet available in the United States, but it soon will be.

An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention offer a collection of multiple essential oils to help improve the functioning of the immune system. The treatment is meant for adults, and it can be applied around the collar or on a pillow to get the aromatherapy benefits with each breath. The lemongrass and tea tree oil remedy is available for $22.00.

Baby Love

After the baby is born, it’s important to spend time bonding and nourishing their skin. The Baby Love formula is a massage oil that is made just for babies, using grapeseed oil and French lavender essential oil to wind down for a nap. The remedy is available for $17.00, and is delicate enough to avoid irritation.

Contacting The Creators of Baby Teva

When a company promises to treat consumers during pregnancy and once the child is born, any parent will want to know exactly what they’re getting. The customer service team is based out of Israel, and they offer both a phone number and an email address for consumers to communicate as needed.

Call +972-03-529-0910 for a live representative. However, for consumers that don’t want to make an international call, the team can also be reached via email at [email protected]

Baby Teva Summary Review

Baby Teva helps parents to make the safest choice for their skin and that of their children. With the use of essential oils, which have been utilized for thousands of years, mothers and fathers have the power to reduce colic, support dryness, and even prevent stretchmarks.

What you put on your body is just important as what’s put in it, and the Baby Teva brand ensures that anyone can get the coverage and support that they need to remain healthy.

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