Athos Training System – Live Muscle Activity Feedback For Athletes?


Wearable fitness tracking technology is becoming a ubiquitous aspect of the fitness and health lifestyle. Health conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts are now able to access a broad spectrum of high-tech wearable devices that monitor biometric data such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, cardiovascular performance, and even VO2 levels.

The applications of wearable biometric tech aren’t limited to the consumer demographic, however. Feature-rich high-resolution biometric sensors are beginning to creep into the world of professional sports, offering coaches and players the ability to enhance their training and their game through the application and integration of advanced biometric monitoring and feedback.

The benefits this technology provides to the professional athlete or sports player are easy to understand. High profile sports players operate and train their bodies like finely-tuned machines, pushing physical performance to the absolute limit. Having clinical-level data available for assessment provides coaches and players with a level of insight that allows them to identify otherwise unseen factors that can be improved upon.

One of the most advanced professional sports biometric sensor suites currently available on the market is the Athos Training System. Consisting of a fully integrated wearable technology platform and an advanced analytics and coaching system, the Athos Training System is a highly innovative solution that allows for groundbreaking new sports performance analysis.

In this article, we’ll check out the Athos Training System and find out how it works to help you determine whether it can help you improve your game both on and off the field.

What Is The Athos Training System?

The Athos Training System consists of a wearable smart apparel solution that is worn by athletes and professional sports players during training sessions. The solution is intended to provide accurate and interpretable real time feedback via a suite of biometric sensors. The Athos Training System boasts a number of features that make it stand out from other fitness tracker tech on the market, notably the integration of electromyography technology.

Their Athos Training System apparel uses a built-in EMG sensor to monitor, measure, and record the electrical activity generated in muscle tissue, which can be translated into highly accurate data that presents a clear image of the sequence in which muscle groups are activated. The apparel solution consists of a shirt and shorts that are woven with thousands of tiny biosensors that continuously gather information thousands of times every minute.

The data gathered by the Athos Training System apparel solution is then interpreted by an intelligent machine learning algorithm that presents users with an innovative way to view their form during exercise. While the Athos Training System was designed with professional athletes in mind, it offers a competitive advantage to anybody conducting regular physical exercise, from pro sports players to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

The Athos Solution

The Athos apparel set, consisting of a shirt and short, are manufactured from a textile that is 24% lycra and 76% nylon, which delivers compression wear advantage in addition to monitoring muscular activity. The material of the Athos apparel set is machine washable, but as it contains delicate biometric sensors, it’s probably best to wash it gently by hand. The Athos shirt and shorts both hold a removable intelligent core system that houses the central processing unit and bluetooth antenna, which connects the apparel to the Athos App.

The Athos App is the powerhouse of the Athos Training System, and provides users with a way to view and interpret the data the smart apparel collects. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, provides users with a real-time live view of all of the major muscle groups in their body. This view allows users to monitor their form at all times, presenting a clear image of the muscles that are being activated in any given exercise.

Instead of merely presenting complex data, the Athos app provides users with data in an actionable format. Muscle groups that are currently active are highlighted using a color-coded system that shows how much of the muscle fiber is active- muscle groups lit up orange denotes moderate effort, while red denotes maximum effort.

The Athos app also allows users to view a post set analysis and post workout analysis, which provides a concise summary of muscle exertion rate, peak heart rate, average heart rate, sets, reps, and total Athos score, which grades the exertion of the user against a proprietary measurement algorithm.

The Athos Training Platform

The wearable biometric monitoring apparel offered by Athos is supported but the extensive Athos Training Center, an online web-based training system that provides advanced analytic insight on the data collected by Athos apparel. The Athos Training Center offers performance enhancement in three key areas, athlete management.

The athlete management system offered but the Athos Training Center makes it possible to track and manage training load, removing the uncertainty and guesswork in managing sports players. By providing detailed assessments of total body physique and recovery speed, the Training Center helps players get back on the field faster and avoid injury.

The Training Center also provides coaching staff with the ability to identify key metrics that can be used to enhance the performance of their players and develop customized training programs. The web-based portal through which the Athos Training Center is accessed provides a concise and easy to interpret representation of the data for an entire team at a glance, and provides coaches with the ability to drill down into a vast amount of highly specific biometric data to gain deep insights into the physiology and performance of their players.

Athos Training System Review Summary

The Athos Training System is the mod advanced wearable biometric tracking system available on the market, and is the only solution that provides a level of insight that can benefit both professional sports players, athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for an advanced coaching solution for an entire team, or simply seeking a high-tech fitness tracker that will allow you to develop a deeper muscle/mind connection, the Athos Training System is the best option available.

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