Powr3d Dumbbell Water Bottle – Weight-Shaped Protein Shaker?


POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle is a fun, portable, reusable drinking bottle. It is available on the company website.

What is POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle?

It is very important to stay hydrated. Luckily, most people have gotten that memo. Many of us leave the house only if armed with a trusty water bottle or sport drink. We send our kids off to participate in school sports or other after school activities armed with a water bottle. When we travel, we take a cooler full of drinks.

In recent years, it is estimated that the average American consumes approximately 180 disposable water bottles per year, but only recycles one quarter of those. About 6 billion pounds of plastic bottles get thrown into garbage landfills every year. And though lots of plastic bottles have the recycle label, most companies use only about 7% recycled plastic in their bottles.

Nearly 92% of plastic bottles (including soda and water) is thrown away every year, and that number is steadily growing. At least one way to eliminate some of the waste is to use a reusable water bottle. There are many on the market.

POWR3D dumbbell water bottle is such a bottle!! Shaped like a dumbbell, it is a fun way to stay hydrated during a workout. It also pairs nicely with the company’s ProPump liquid protein. You can use the water bottle to make the perfect protein drink that requires no mixing, just a little shake. It is not recommended for mixing powdered protein products as the shape of the bottle may make it hard to clean up any clumps that may form.

POWR3 Dumbbell Bottle offers the following benefits:

  • Handsome opaque grey color, allowing easy viewing of water level
  • Large 18.6-ounce capacity to fill with water, protein shake, or any drink you wish to take with you
  • Does not leak
  • Makes a great gift for anyone who goes to the gym or participates in sports
  • Made from high quality, BPA-free plastic
  • Great for the environment as it is reusable
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe

What a fun way for your teen to show up to football practice, lacrosse, basketball or wrestling practice armed with their own Dumbbell shaped water bottle. Its portability makes it perfect for the gym, a hike, a jog or to take on a bike.

Using POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle

To use your POWR3D Dumbbell water bottle, just fill it and go. It is portable and can be taken anywhere you go.

Pricing for POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle

To purchase your POWR3D Water Bottle, go to

http://www.powr3d.com/All_Products/powr3d_dumbbell_water_bottle.html where you can purchase this product for $7.99.

Contacting Customer Service for POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle

To reach a customer service representative, text 415-815-6135 for a response from 7:00 am until 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday thru Friday. You may also email [email protected] or complete the standard fill-in-the-blank form provided for your convenience at http://www.powr3d.com/Contact_Us

Powr3d Dumbbell Water Bottle Conclusion

Whether you are purchasing POWR3D Dumbbell Water Bottle for yourself or as a gift for a friend who spends a lot of time at the gym, this water bottle is a fun way to stay hydrated during any activity.

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