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Apex Vitality Review

Apex Vitality is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that sells a wide range of diet pills. Find out everything you need to know about Apex Vitality today in our review.

What is Apex Vitality?

Apex Vitality is an American health supplement manufacturer that distributes its products across North America. The company is best known for its diet pills, which include popular trending ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin.

Apex Vitality describes itself as a dietary supplement manufacturer catering towards health and fitness-conscious consumers. According to the company’s official website,

“Apex Vitality aims to assist consumers' pursuit of body and mind fitness by providing essential nutrients for achieving ideal results.”

The company also claims to use only pure extracts from natural sources. It describes its supplements as weight loss pills that support a variety of goals, including appetite suppression, metabolism boosting, and “general health maintenance.”

The company is based in Nampa, Idaho at the following address:

#3 – 17th Avenue South
Nampa, Idaho 83651

Apex Vitality also maintains an office in Montreal, Canada. Free shipping is available to addresses across all of the United States and Canada.

What Does Apex Vitality Sell?

The company currently sells five products, including:

Green Coffee Beans with GCA

This supplement contains 800mg of raw green coffee bean extract with a mysterious formula called “GCA”. GCA is apparently a strain of green coffee bean extract that has been standardized to maximize the weight loss benefits of the extract.

Apex Vitality claims that this supplement works by encouraging the body to burn glucose (i.e. sugar) and fat in the liver. It also promotes the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream, which reduces your glycemic load and theoretically reduces fat storage.

As evidence for the power of Green Coffee Beans with GCA, Apex Vitality cites a study performed by the University of Scranton and published in the January 2012 issue of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. That study can be found here.

That study exhibited some powerful benefits. Participants took either 700mg or 1050mg of GCA green coffee bean extract for 22 weeks. During those 22 weeks, participants experienced:

— Average Weight Loss Of 17 Pounds
— 10% Reduction In Total Body Weight
— 16% Overall Body Fat Reduction
— Natural Weight Loss With No Changes In Diet Or Exercise
— No Visible Side Effects

Apex Vitality does warn that “these results may not be typical and your actual results may vary.” It’s also important to note that the green coffee bean extract used in the study was a slightly different amount than the green coffee bean extract found in this supplement (800mg in each supplement compared to 700mg or 1050mg used in the study).

Garcinia Cambogia Plus with 75% HCA

Apex Vitality claims that this supplement can be used to block fat, reduce appetite, and support lean muscle mass growth. The supplement contains 75% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is thought to be the active ingredient in the popular weight loss fruit extract Garcinia cambogia, also known as tamarind.

The supplement comes in 500mg capsules. You take one capsule 30 to 60 minutes before each meal or 2 hours after each meal with an 8 ounce glass of water. The idea here is that by taking this supplement, you’ll end up eating less during meals and avoid snacking between meals.

The scientific benefits of Garcinia cambogia have been well-studied. Most evidence seems to point towards the fact that Garcinia cambogia has some appetite suppressant properties, although studies rarely demonstrate the fruit’s fat burning properties.

Ultra Lean 4 Top Weight Loss

As you may have guessed from the name, this supplement contains four of the most popular weight loss ingredients in the diet pill industry today. Those four ingredients include:

— Green Coffee Bean Extract
— Raspberry Ketone
— African Mango
— Green Tea

You’ll see these ingredients in diet pills sold all over the world. They’ve been making headlines over the last few years for their supposed ability to work as powerful weight loss cures.

Each ingredient appears to work in different ways in Ultra Lean. Apex Vitality claims that the green coffee bean extract suppresses your appetite, the raspberry ketones boost your metabolism, the African mango lowers your cholesterol, and the green tea functions as a powerful antioxidant.

Instead of taking a bunch of different weight loss pills, you can take all four popular ingredients in one convenient supplement.

Apex Vitality doesn’t actually describe how much of each supplement is included within each capsule of Ultra Lean, which makes it difficult to compare it to other supplements.

Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup is a tuberous root that has been shown to support weight loss and promote healthy blood sugar levels. It grows high in the Andes Mountains of South America and has been used for centuries in Peru. It was particularly popular among the ancient Inca peoples.

Yacon syrup acts as a sweetener. It has a low glycemic index and half the calories of sugar. It’s also 100% organic and gluten-free.

More importantly, the syrup has also exhibited powerful weight loss benefits. The syrup was heavily advertised by Dr. Oz after he launched a study showing that yacon syrup was able to significantly reduce the waistline and overall weight of participants without any change in their diet or exercise routine.

Apex Vitality’s yacon syrup supplement comes in an 8 ounce container (236.6mL).


Forskolin is a purported fat loss agent that claims to increase fat burning throughout the body. Apex Vitality claims the supplement contains 100% pure Forskolin.

Forskolin itself is extracted from a mint-like plant. Recent studies have shown Forskolin can treat irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, and even sexual health problems in men. Like the other supplements sold by Apex Vitality, Forskolin has also proven to be an effective weight loss compound.

One 12 week study on Forskolin showed that the herbal extract can produce a more powerful heartbeat and widen your blood vessels in order to lower your blood sugar. It also helps to release fatty acids stored in your adipose tissue, which is the fatty tissue found in stubborn fat deposits on your tummy, thighs, and butt, among other places.

How to Buy Apex Vitality Products

Oddly enough, all of the weight loss supplements sold by Apex Vitality cost exactly the same price: $82.98. Whether you’re buying the yacon syrup or the Forskolin supplement, you’re paying the same price.

That price includes free shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada.

You can order from ApexVitality.com by filling out the form directly on their homepage. Or, you can call the company to request your order by calling 1-844-APEX-VIT toll-free. That phone line is open between 9am and 6pm EST from Monday to Friday.

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  1. How do I cancel my subscription. They charged me 5.99 for free trail. Than 69.99 than 88.73 and now 103$ twice in one month!!!! This is bullshit. Don’t buy this product it’s a scam!!!

  2. This is a scam, they charged my account full price only after 14 days after I received the free sample. DO NOT GET HOOKED INTO THIS CHEAP SCAM!!!!!

  3. Anybody there has the number to call to cancel? I can’t find it anywhere. They charged my credit card twice already on less then one week. $75 and $65.

  4. Trief to cancel theirs no phone number ir everytime I click customer service Im always directed back to their website .Now I need to do is call the Better Busines Company

  5. Has anyone tried then ?
    I bought it yesterday,the trial bottle but I did not receive any email or confirmation!! However it tells me that I am subscribed already … Can we cancel that after try once ? Or just when they charge once at least after the 30 day trial ?

    • I just signed up for the free trial bottle a few days ago and they already charged my credit card with 2 charges! One charge for the shipping that I agreed on and one charge for some other product they sell. I already cancelled my credit card and you should too! The reason why you don’t receive the emails is because they are in the Spam/Junk folder in your email. I was planning on canceling immediately after I receive the “free” bottle. And the tracking number they sent me in the email was not found when I tried to track my package.

    • you must cancel your order !! i just cancelled mine cos they keep you billed after trial hope won’t happen to you!

  6. I find it very interesting that the Apex Vitality Company does not welcome comments and reviews that tell how their customers REALLY feel about their marketing practices and shipping policies. I have had a negative experience with this company and have searched for a place on their web site to write an appropriate review to warn others and cannot find one. I feel entrapped and robbed by this RIGID PARASITE of a company. They send you a 30 day supply and before you use it for those 30 days, so you can see IF their product works they slap you with a huge bill and are not interested in your complaints after that…..they laugh all the way to the bank because they GOT YOUR MONEY albeit through LEGAL DECEIT.

    • Was it that thing where you claim a bottle or the hair vitality for like $1.99-$4.99? and then they charge you more? I didn’t read your comment before I paid for a bottle, but if they are going to charge me more money than what I paid for it, then I don’t want it anymore…

      • They charge you the 4.95, but if you don’t call to cancel your SUBSCRIPTION, they will charge you full price after so many days for the next shipment. It will be on Soto ship until you cancel. Check your email for your confirmation number and their telephone number. DON’T FORGET TO CALL

          • it works !!!! The first week I lost 8LBS !! seriously and two waist sizes with further use. If you are unhappy with the charges, Call and they will do all they can to make it more affordable , but you MUST CALL!!!

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