Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition

When it comes to the health and wellness market, there are a few companies that stand above the others. These companies have dedicated themselves for decades to not only promoting the health of their customers, but maintaining their wellbeing.

In an industry where new companies try to emerge every day, companies that have a long history of quality and effectiveness still lead, setting an example to those behind them.

Amway is a family company that was built on firm principles that are still upheld today. Over the years, the number of products sold by the company have grown, but their quality has always remained the same. The newest addition to the Amway product line is XS Energy and Sports Nutrition.

This unique brand offers products for those living active, exciting lifestyles. Through the Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition products, users will find everything they need to support their fitness lifestyle and reach their fitness goals.

About Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition

The Amway brand XS was expanded in 2015 to become Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition, a more comprehensive product line for those looking for superior nutritional supplements. This line features a wide range of products that work to support and maintain the body, from protein powders and bars to energy drinks. Everything about the brand is built around fueling an active lifestyle, helping those who want to be adventurous and need physical support.

XS Energy and Sports Nutrition is broken into three distinct categories, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they need. While a more detailed description of these categories can be found below, they include Hydrate, Energize, and Recharge lines. As their names suggest, these products address the most pertinent issues that face those living thriving, active lifestyles. Since the primary goal of XS Energy and Sports Nutrition is support these different lifestyles, the categories of these products directly reflect the driving intention of the product line.

Since its inception, Amway has allowed entrepreneurs across the country to conduct affiliate business by selling their products and earning a commission. This multi-level marketing approach hasn’t just helped spread the amazing products offered by the company, but has also helped thousands of people find work that fits into their lifestyles and their schedules.

Another goal of Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition was expand the products offered by Amway to break into the constantly growing sports and nutrition market. Not only will the addition of XS Energy and Sports Nutrition allow Amway representatives to continue to meet the needs of their customers, but will also draw in a completely new generation of entrepreneurs.

Products in the Amway XS Energy & Sports Nutrition Range

As mentioned briefly above, the XS Energy and Sports Nutrition line is broken down into three distinct categories. Each one meets a very specific need of those living active lifestyles, whether athletically or for active adults. A brief description of each XS Energy and Sports Nutrition category can be found below, with an additional description of their most prominent products.


These products are designed to not only quench immediate thirst, but also provide hydration for extended periods of time, making it easier for users to stay active longer. The XS Sports Twist Tubes and XS Cocowater Hydration Drink are two of the most popular products in this line.

The XS Sports Twist Tubes contain everything the body needs to stay hydrated in convenient, easy-to-carry sticks. The XS Cocowater delivers electrolytes, antioxidants, and a complex vitamin B blend to the body, hydrating and powering drinkers.


These products provide the body with the immediate boost it needs to power through the most intense workouts or adventures, offering long-lasting energy to users. While XS Energy and Sports Nutrition offers a wide range of energizing products, one of the favorites is the XS Smoothie Charge. A boost that can be mixed with smoothies or drinks, each packet contains caffeine, chlorella, ginseng, and green tea extract, all with zero calories.


Adventurers wouldn’t be able to accomplish all their goals if they didn’t have downtime to recover. These products allow users to recover faster so they can build lean muscle mass and get back to doing what the love sooner. While this category offers several protein bars, a favored item is the XS Sports Protein Crisps, a unique way to snack and recover.


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