The Coconut Cult – Probiotic Water & Coconut Yogurt Creams?


The Coconut Cult is a brand that offers coconut-based yogurts that are rich with probiotic support in a healthy and supportive way. Choose to either make an online purchase in a multipack, or a single quart from select locations in California and Arizona.

What Is The Coconut Cult?

Consumers nowadays are obsessed with instant gratification. They want a pill or a drink to solve everything, and even food needs to be fast. However, these methods of getting what you want will wreak havoc on the body over time. Eventually, everything will catch up with the digestive system, and that’s when it’s time for a cleansing.

Cleanses are normally incredibly invasive and can leave the user stuck in the bathroom for days on end. The safest and most appealing way to eliminate the bacteria that is damaging the gut is with a probiotic.

Swallowing a pill is a highly-concentrated version of a probiotic, which can be overwhelming for users that never have taken a formula like that before. With the Coconut Cult, balancing out the flora in the GI tract has never been so delicious.

The Coconut Cult focuses all its efforts on providing formulas that promote healthier bacteria in the body, which is found in yogurt. There are plenty of different foods that have probiotic cultures, but yogurt is one of the most common recipes in the food industry right now.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that can’t consume dairy, due to irritation in the stomach or voluntary restrictions in their diet. That’s why the creamy, fluffy texture of the Coconut Cult yogurts comes from coconut milk, making it safe for any diet.

To get the performance that consumers deserve, all the creamy texture comes from organic Thai coconuts exclusively. The yogurt includes both coconut water and the flesh of the food, which is helpful in improving the number of healthy probiotics in each quart that can’t be found anywhere else.

Too many companies ruin the health content found in yogurt, adding too much sugar and artificial ingredients to maintain the same support level. While these snacks can be incredibly appetizing, they won’t do much for the digestive system, which leaves consumers in the same predicament they were in before. Maintaining healthy digestion and a balanced body is necessary to creating a healthy environment for the gut and the rest of the body. By introducing the Coconut Cult to your diet, you can enjoy the deliciousness of yogurt, along with an amplified level of health.

Products By The Coconut Cult

All the different drinks for the Coconut Cult come with 19 strains of bacteria that will revolutionize the way that consumers approach their digestive health. The original cultures of the drinks were cultivated three decades ago, and the purification process has ensured that they provide the optimum level of support. All the super probiotics used go through rigorous tasking before being added to the coconut yogurts, offering:

  • L. Sporogenes
  • Subtilis
  • Peddiococcus
  • S. Boulardii

Select human strains of L. Acidophilus, L. Salivarius, L. Brevis, L. Casei Subspecies Casei, L. Fermentum, L. Gasseri, L. Helveticus, L. Plantarum, L. Reuteri, L. Casei Subspecies Rhamnosus, S. Thermophilus, E. Faecium, B. Longum, B. Bifidum, and B. Infantis

The strains come from Elemental Wizdom, so consumers can refer to their information to help understand additional details about the bacteria, if necessary.

Consumers have the option of choosing from the following flavors, which are offered in quart sizes:

  • Coconut cream yogurt, which includes coconuts, mangos, orange juice, and probiotics
  • Mango cream yogurt, which includes the same ingredients, but with more mangoes
  • Original coconut yogurt, with coconuts and probiotics

All the flavors offer an impressive fluffiness, providing a palate-pleasing texture with over 800 billion probiotics in each container.

Where To Buy the Coconut Cult

At the moment, the Coconut Cult products are mostly available through a local purchase, there are numerous locations throughout California and Arizona, which can be found in:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Culver City, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Venice, CA
  • Malibu, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ

Refer to the website for the select location in each of these cities.

To purchase online, choose from either:

The Starter Pack ($112.00), which allows you to choose from a variety pack with multiple different flavors, or just one flavor with four 16-ounce jars

The Probiotic Trial Pack ($72.00), which includes two jars of any combination of the flavors

Contacting The Coconut Cult

With multiple drinks to support the health of consumers, there may be other questions that need to be addressed before making a purchase. The company can be reached via phone or email.

Different areas of California will have different numbers for interested parties to contact. In Northern California, call (530) 205-6666. If you’re in Southern California, call (310) 500-7731. However, for electronic communications, send a message to [email protected].

The Coconut Cult Summary

The Coconut Cult comes in multiple flavors, but without the discomfort that digesting milk can often cause. The yogurts offer mild flavors that are the perfect standalone snack, or that can be combined in other recipes to add to their nutritional content.

For delicious and refreshing flavors, which also have a surprisingly high nutritional content, get your own quart of Coconut Cult yogurt now.

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