Amino Prime and Trig X2 – Quality Muscle Boosting Ingredients?


Amino Prime & Trig X2 Review – Why Buy?

Amino Prime and Trig X2 are two supplements typically taken in a stack to support muscle growth and development. Here’s our review of whether or not this stack works.

What Are Amino Prime and Trig X2?

Amino Prime and Trig X2 are described by some as a “miracle combination” of supplements used by celebrities to get a lean, ripped physique.

The supplements are designed to support muscle growth and development in different ways. Amino Prime is a preworkout designed to boost your energy before a workout, while Trig X2 promises to raise testosterone levels and support muscle growth after a workout.

Neither supplement is cheap: they’re priced between $76 and $96 each for just a one month supply. That makes them two of the priciest supplements we’ve reviewed.

As you’ll learn below, pricing isn’t the only bad thing about these supplements.

What is Amino Prime?

Amino Prime is a nitric oxide booster typically used as a preworkout. Unlike most nitric oxide boosters, Amino Prime promises to boost your levels of human growth hormone, leading to faster recoveries from every workout.

The supplement makes most of the same promises as other nutritional supplements, including increased lean muscle mass, reduced body fat, lowered recovery times, and better endurance.

To achieve these benefits, Amino Prime uses a proprietary formula called the Acid Stable Protease Blend. The makers of Amino Prime claim this allows the ingredients to be digested more efficiently: your protein gets broken down into peptides and amino acids, making it easier for your body to digest it.

Other ingredients in the formula include taurine, an amino acid, AAKG, another amino acid (and precursor to nitric oxide), beta alanine, and caffeine.

By taking three capsules of this formula 1.5 hours before you work out, you can boost your endurance and get better results at the gym.

What is Trig X2?

Trig X2 is advertised as a post-workout recovery supplement, but it seems to have a bit of an identity crisis: Trig X2 calls itself a post-workout recovery supplement, but most of its claimed benefits are stuff you like to see in a pre-workout formula, including higher energy levels, boosted metabolism, better fat burning, and better mental clarity and focus.

Trig X2 also claims to work by targeting nitric oxide levels in the body – which is something we typically see from a preworkout and not a post-workout.

But perhaps the two most worrying things about Trig X2 are that the manufacturer claims that it affects your testosterone levels and they don’t list any of their ingredients or other methods of action. Any time a supplement affects your testosterone levels, you should take a closer look at the ingredients. Without ingredient information, Trig X2 comes with a huge red flag attached to it.

How to Buy Amino Prime and Trig X2

Both Amino Prime and Trig X2 are available exclusively online through “free trials”. These trials, are you may have guessed by my quotation marks, are far from free. You’ll need to pay for shipping upfront before paying the full cost ($76 to $96) just 14 days later.

In other words, both manufacturers lure you in with promises of a free trial. Then, they take your credit card info so they can charge you $5 for shipping. And, just 10 or 14 days after ordering the supplement, your credit card will be charged $75.99 or $95.99 for the supplement you already received – and then you’ll continue being charged $75.99 or $95.99 every month until you cancel.

Basically, both Amino Prime and Trig X2 are available through a scam.

Should You Try Amino Prime & Trig X2 Stack to Gain Muscle Mass?

Neither of these supplements is backed by any scientific evidence. Amino Prime lists its ingredients but refuses to give us dosage information, so we can’t compare the supplement to any known studies on nitric oxide or amino acids. However, the amino acids inside Amino Prime can be purchased from Amazon for $10 to $20, if not cheaper: they’re nothing special.

Trig X2, on the other hand, doesn’t give us any information about its ingredients or dosages, but still promises to affect your testosterone levels in some way or another. All we know about this supplement is that it’s “guaranteed” to raise levels of testosterone – one of your body’s crucial hormones and not something you want to be messing with. We don’t know anything else about how it works or which ingredients it uses.

Making things worse is that the supplements are priced ludicrously high for what you’re getting: you pay either $75.99 or $95.99 for the supplements, and that’s only after you’ve been suckered into the free trial.

For all of these reasons, Amino Prime and Trig X2 appear to be scams designed to take your credit card info while giving you crappy, under-dosed supplements that have no effect on your body or muscles. You should probably avoid this stack.

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