Aluris Snake Venom – Free Trial Anti-Aging Cream


Aluris Snake Venom Review

Aluris Snake Venom is a brand new anti-aging skin cream that promises to specifically target wrinkles and under-eye cycles. Here’s our Aluris Snake Venom review.

What is Aluris Snake Venom?

Aluris Snake Venom is one of a long list of anti-aging skin cream products on the market today that make similar promises about being better than Botox at reducing wrinkles on your skin.

Aluris doesn’t just claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles: the cream also promises to reduce the appearance of lines and under-eye circles, among other visible signs of aging.

Oh, and contrary to what you might think from the name, Aluris doesn’t actually contain snake venom – it’s not poisonous. It simply contains a proprietary formula called Syn-Ake that many manufacturers pass off as being just like snake venom.

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How Does Aluris Snake Venom Work?

Aluris Snake Venom makes enormous promises about its effectiveness and abilities as a skin cream.

There’s one big problem: it doesn’t provide any evidence to back up these claims. In fact, the manufacturer has hardly listed any ingredients or methods of action for this skin cream.

Instead, customers are left to guess about how, exactly, Aluris is supposed to work.

Like many other poor-quality skin care products sold online today, Aluris uses something called the QuSome delivery system. This system involves using “proprietary Biosphere molecules” to deliver ingredients more effectively into your skin.

There’s little evidence that this delivery system works more effectively than any other moisturizer delivery system. It has never undergone major trials from reputable scientific organizations or testing groups, for example. In other words, the manufacturer’s promises are mostly just empty slogans with limited evidence.

Ultimately, the manufacturer of Aluris appears to be far more concerned with explaining the benefits of Aluris than by explaining anything about how the skin cream works or why it might work. That’s not something a legitimate skin cream manufacturer does.

Judging by the name of the skin cream, Aluris contains an ingredient called Syn-Ake. We’ve encountered this ingredient many times in other anti-aging supplements. It basically freezes your skin in place – just like snake venom! By freezing your skin, it reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Just like with Aluris’s QuSome delivery system, there’s little evidence that Syn-Ake works as advertised to reduce the effects of aging.

Aluris Snake Venom Pricing

Aluris Snake Venom has some shady pricing policies. The manufacturer prominently advertises a trial offer priced at around $5, although that trial could eventually leave you with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt.

All of the “free” trial information is hidden in the fine print at the bottom of the ordering page, where you’ll learn of the following fee structure tacked onto every order of Aluris:

— You pay $4.95 for shipping and handling on your trial today. Within 3 to 5 business days, a full-sized shipment of Aluris Snake Venom arrives at your address.

— That full-sized shipment comes with a pre-authorization charge on your credit card of $92.93. That amount goes through after your 14 day trial is complete. If you call and return your skin cream within that 14 day trial period, then you’ll receive a refund (minus shipping and handling charges and a re-stocking fee).

— Then, as if that $92.93 credit card charge wasn’t overpriced enough, a second charge of $92.93 will go through 14 to 16 days after that (30 days after you ordered your trial).The second charge is designed to cover a second full-sized shipment of Aluris that will be delivered to your address.

— You will continue being charged $92.93 every month and continue receiving a shipment of Aluris every month until you specifically call the company to cancel.

Getting a refund from the manufacturer of Aluris is notoriously difficult according to most customer reviews online. You can get in touch with customer service by calling 888-699-7983. If you don’t call customer service after ordering your free trial, then your autoship subscription at $92.93 per month will never be cancelled.

Who Makes Aluris?

Aluris lists its manufacturer as Aluris Skincare Stem CellActive, also doing business as Aluris Skincare.

That company mentions the following address:

Aluris Skincare Stem CellActive
3231-C Business Park Dr #207
Vista, CA 92081

Contact the company by phone or email at 888-947-3564 or [email protected]

Ultimately, Aluris Snake Venom is built on an identical template to dozens of other anti-aging skin care supplements we’ve seen online in recent years. All of these anti-aging skin care supplements charge the same ludicrously high prices without providing any justification for the prices. For all of these reasons, there’s little motivation to recommend Aluris Snake Venom to anyone looking for a good anti-aging skin cream.

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  1. Does anyone have a correct mailing address to send the products back to? I found four addresses, one in Wilmington, DE; one in Corona Delmar, CA; one in Vista, CA; and one in Scottsdale, AZ. My bank told me to send the product back with tracking, but I'm not sure where to send the unwanted products back.

  2. (UPDATE Very long but got a refund) I called the 844-793-3685 and spoke with a guy explained I bought the Aluris product on March 5th off an ad for $2.95 which did say 14 day trial. I recv'd on the 10th and called right away to cancel. He said I didn't call till March 25th according to notes on my acct. I argued with him and said I called the 10th to and cancelled. I then said on March 22 they charged me $92.93 and I had already cancelled. He just kept telling me what their notes showed 25th. I also said I see a charge of $4.40 on June 7th and he said when I called on March 25th the rep said next bottle will be 70% off and I accepted the offer. WHAT LIES!!! I told him I did not call on the 25th that I was out of town on business and I could prove it. The phone went silent, I said hello hello no answer. HE HUNG UP!!! Then I called right back got a lady named Cara explained issue all over again and she said the same thing about the 25th notes. I was livid by this point! I told her over and over again was out of town did not call that day notes are wrong. She explained that the charge on the 22nd for $92.93 was for the march bottle and it stated that amt in the ad. I told her I have picture of ad and it says nothing about that amt. I said you guys are running a racket and I am going to call the BBB, Attorney General and 2 of my friends who work in radio and tv. She said let me see what I can do. She came back and said if you send back the 2 bottles we will refund you $92.93. I said I am not paying for shipping. I told her you need to send back the full amt. I kept mentioning through out convo about BBB and other friends i spoke of. She put me on hold again. This time she came back and said my supervisor said we can refund $82.73 and you keep the bottles and we will cancel your acct. I took that offer because I was tired of arguing. She gave me a cancellation#, transaction# and said money will be in acct in 3-5 business days. I didn't care about the $4.40 charge I just let that go. She stayed calm the whole time lol while i was yelling. What scammers but at least I got most of my money back. I hope from this post I save anyone from having to go thru this by not even buying the trial product! It has been sitting on my table since i recv'd it. Kind of nervous about using it now. Can anyone reply back who has used the product and let me know how they like it, if you kept it?

    • I'm trying to get ahold of them because it's the only product that I actually saw noticable results . But I want the 70% discount . It would be well worth the price then .

  3. I got scammed too!!!. I tried to call the # on my statement but it is disconnected!! I notice here alot of you have different numbers to call. I guess I will try the ones you all post.
    So frustrating!!!

  4. Forced sales tactics. Utterly unprofessional, bunch of liers and poorest customer service. And yes, you have to be persistent to get your money back. I was offered 25%, then 35% then 50%, then 75% until I get the 100%. HOWEVER GOOD OF A PRODUCT THEY HAVE, WHICH IS NOT, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. THIS COMPANY JUST WANTED TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF YOU. If there's anything else that can be done with this company, let me know. Wait, how about BBB?!

  5. Me too..dang I feel lucky my charge was only 46.46.I too had called and cancelled BUT still got charged later..But I called my bank,,they took care of it right away,sending me a new debit card..Start with your Bank. Good luck

  6. I did this with the company Healthzone (on my bank statement), for the Cellology snake venom cream. Then 30 days later got charged $92.93. I called customer service number and continued to say I want a refund, she tried to get me to buy something else, continuing saying NO I WANT A REFUND.. she kept on trying to sell me a product. Then said something, which she didn't speak very good english, then said have a nice day and hung up. NO confirmation number. Then went to the bank disputed it (used my debit card) and bank refunded my money and today got a letter and in my account $92.93 was taken out, a reverse cc charge.. the bank says i authorized it… NO I DIDN'T…. getting ready to go try this again.. I have several bills coming out today and that was all the money i have until Friday! Hope this will work. and now can't find the original packing slip. that clearly states NOTHING about being charged for a so called “subscription”… I don't understand!! let you know when I get back!!! Oh i even emailed the company, nothing still nothing from 2 months ago.

  7. I called synbeauty after receiving our cc bill with a charge for $92.93. I called the number on the cc bill and spoke to Zoey. Don't you just love the way they take western names but their accent tells us they are not speaking from the USofA, Grrr Zoey would not authorize a cancellation but repeatedly offered to cxl and give me a reduced charge of 35%, then offered a reduced charge of 50%. I would not agree to a reduced charged and she would not give me a cancellation number. She tried to intimidate me from calling the cc company by telling me that I would probably not win my dispute regarding the charge of $92.93 and should take her offer of 50%. I did not order rhis cream from their website but from an ad on FB using Dr Oz as a rep. How dumb can I be? In my defense I thought I was just ordering a trial sample. I am willing to contact an attorney to start a class action suit. If they gave their customers a refund instead of arguing and trying to bait us I could let it go.

    • This happened to me as well, I was charged the “trial” price, I did not cancel within 14 days and 2 weeks later had 2 different charges, 1 from nuvolexa and 1 from aluris, totalling just shy of $200. A month later got another shipment and charged almost $200 again. Before I received a third shipment I called to cancel and they tried to get me to stay at a reduced price. I refused the offer and canceled. Couple days later a third shipment came and I returned it the next day UNOPENED. NEVER got credit on my card and when I called they REFUSED to give refund, said if I had read their policy I would have seen that they do not give refund. Of course both times I called I talked to foreigners. A company that will not give refunds for unopened, unused product is not a good company, this is not a good policy, you DO NOT want to do business with this company. Foreigners taking advantage of americans, taking American dollar, doing bad business. This is not how we do business in america!!!

  8. I called them the first time and she gave me a cancellation code for a refund but I did not see it on my credit card. Following month the charged me twice $92.93 and I immediately called my credit card company to cancel my card and I disputed both those charges. I fell for it again and all for vanity … stupid am I. Never again!

  9. I spent over an hour yesterday, speaking to at least two foreign people at this Scam company.
    They did finally agree to refund the 3 charges on my cc totaling $273. They said they would confirm in an email, I have not received one as of yet. after reading the above posts, I am on the phone with
    my cc company, reporting fraudulent charges. This is crazy, and I feel like a fool for falling for this
    trial shipment. The last person I spoke to at the Aluris Co., said “he agreed with me that the company is a scam,” I suggested he find a new job with an integral company. My cc company is filing fraudulent claim against this company. They changed my cc number so they cannot bill me again. BTW, the cream was like thick white water, total scam!

  10. I called and cancelled as soon as I saw the $92.93 charge come out of my bank account. Then I received TWO more jars and another $88 out of my bank account. I just got off the phone and was told I didn't cancel soon enough. Now I have to spend another $50 at my bank so they will stop payment if they try to send me more product. I can't believe I fell for this.

    • Yes. This is Cindy from the March 2 post. They actually charged me for two sets of items and the total overall was $356! I got most of it back on my own. I have all but $92.93 of that credited back and now my credit card company is getting the final $92.93. This has taken me over three hours between calls to them and documentation to the bank to resolve!

  11. I also had all the problems stated above. Total run around by rep I spoke with. After asking for a supervisor and getting no one on phone I called my bank and the bank rep called the number I had called. Bank rep did a conference call and added me after she spoke the the supervisor. I did end up paying shipping on the 2 “free” items LOL. My bank rep entered the whole conversation into my acct file. I did get a refund while on the phone for all the junk products I did not order. All is well documented at bank, but I will be watching my acct. My banker said if they ship or charge anything else they will go after them! My problem started with not being able to get a screen that said what I order and the charges. I only (not knowing) got other products ordered. When will we learn there are businesses and people out there who just want our limited dollars. ashamed on them. I believe in karma!!!

  12. As with all of the above comments, this company is a scam. Did not know I was receiving monthly orders when I bought the trial size, which by the way was purchased through a pass through from Facebook via my phone where I thought I was getting a different product. Kick myself for doing this since I've never done it before and pride myself on not falling to scams. Anyhow… I just got off the phone with them for the 5th time. Called 844-441-5941. The first time they cancelled my order. Realizing that's not enough, I called back to have this 2nd unsolicited order that I received refunded. After I was hung up on three times, I called back and started the discussion with, “I have been hung up on three times, My good friend is the Assistant Attorney General for my state (which is true), I want a refund and I want it now unless you want a class action lawsuit from my state.” I am being fully refunded, have a transaction ID # for it and should see the refund in 2-5 business days. I will also call my credit card company to cancel the charges. Point is, keep calling back if they hang up, tell them you want a full refund, back up your statements by letting them know you mean business and you won't take no for an answer. It sucks that we all have to waste our time doing this. Thank you to this site for this forum!

    • Yes, the same thing happened to me. They hung up on me twice, after saying that they couldn't locate my order in their computer. I called back several times and indicated I will be calling the BBB, Better Business Bureau. Then I received a 50% refund on the product and they promised to cancel autoship. They offered me a $20 locked in price for all future orders If I wanted to continue using their product. I DON'T THINK SO!!! I have NOT noticed any extraordinary results.

  13. I called 888-610-6186 and got a refund – you must be willing to keep on saying that you want a refund. They keep on increasing how much credit they will give you if you persist. Make sure that you say at no point did you say that they were authorized to process another payment. Their excuse to process the payment is that the bottles sent were just a trial….persistence is the name of the game with this company. Waiting on my refund to appear on my card…will re post here if I do not receive it!

  14. I just passed 14 day trial and there was 2 authorized amounts in my bank account.. after i reported to the bank, closed the card, one transaction was cancelled and one was posted in my account.. what should i do now to get my money back? The amount is $98.05. Please help..

  15. This is a scam. The ad I ordered my “free” sample from did not mention any additional charges after 14 days, nor did it mention sending additional products for additional S&H and charges. I have notified my credit card company to deny any charges to these two companies and I have notified the company of same. I too spoke with someone who could barely speak English and who told me that since I had filed a formal complaint, that there was nothing they could do for me. The product is crap and these people should be prosecuted for this scam. If they continue to try to charge me or if my credit card pays them, I will be filing a grievance through my personal attorney. This makes me so angry. How can these people look at themselves in the mirror everyday after they have scammed so many innocent people? Shame on them.

  16. After reading these letters, which I really appreciate,I will know how to approach these people. I ordered the “free trail items”…just pay postage. When I put in my credit card and “purchased” the “free” trail offers s & h there was another item that cost $39.99 with s & h on my receipt. I tried to call them but due to the fact being around 2 am (being a night person”) and it was Saturday I could not reach anyone. I sent an email & told them I didn't order it, did not want it, & wasn't going to pay for it. Monday morning I called the bank & they cancelled my card & issued me another card. The items came today. I am going to call the number the nice folks who have shared with us for it is not the number I called & I might have better luck in reaching someone (even if they are sitting in India or some foreign country reading a script over & over) I may need a RA to return these items. That would be nice for I'd have proof of returning. Maybe if all of us do this, they will stop some of these “free” ads

  17. I just called and was on the phone for 20 minutes fighting with them . BUT I GOT MY REFUND AND GOT IT CANCELLED. THE NUMBER I CALLED IS 844-441-5941

    • I just had the same experience, something needs to be done about this company! After fighting on the phone with someone who did not speak English very well for about 20 minutes hanging up and getting called back, threatening to call my lawyer and the Better Business Bureau I think I finally got my refund. I guess we'll see. I'm in for a class action lawsuit.

  18. DO NOT be fooled into “trying” Aluris. I was and my face became red like sun burn. I called and was told to “Continue” to apply it !” I told them I do not want anymore of this cream, they told me, if I cancel now, I have to return the cream. Now I have to call before March 2, 2016 and cancel. They would NOT take NO for an answer. THIS IS A SCAM !! Please learn from my lesson !!

  19. I went online to order the $4.95 bottle and the $5.99 bottle to try since Dr. Oz was quoted saying how wonderful this product was. I inputted my card information and before I got to the end there was two other products added plus a rush shipping fee as well. In the end of it all I had been charged $100.75 for the initial $10.94 I thought I was being charged. I immediately called my bank and told them to cancel and they told me it was too late that I had been charged. They cancelled my card that was used and said when I see the charges posted to my account we can dispute them. I couldn't find a contact number on the order website, I had to go onto their website to find the numbers and I read all the reviews that were on the site as well. When I reached their representative I told her I wanted to cancel the complete order including the two trial bottles and was told I couldn't that their system wouldn't allow them to do that. I kept asking to talk to someone else who could cancel my order. She just kept repeating that she understands and that there's nothing she could do that the order was already filled and was on it's way. I said that I only ordered it less than ten minutes earlier that that couldn't be possible we went back and forth for over 15 minutes, finally I said I was calling the better business bureau and an attorney and I hung up. Immediately while I was on another line calling another customer service number she had called me from the number I called her from, saying that she was cancelling my order minus the $10.94 I initially had wanted in the first place and that no future products will be sent out and no future charges will be applied either. I got a quick confirmation code and a separate confirmation billing number too. Whether she is telling the truth I won't know until I see it posted to my account. I wish I never would have saw this ad or heard Dr. Oz's statements regarding this product. I will stay on top of this transaction until I see my credit of the amount I was stated that was to be reversed truly has been. I think there should be a class action suit brought against this company. What a rip off company.

  20. This is definitely a scam ive been calling every number on this website and all saying its not their product I'm furious very misleading all the way

    • I got mine today and these bottles are full size not trial but I did just that I canceled my card and now they can not m take any money except the shipping they already too . This tme the tables are turned on them . I got 2 big bottles for shipping cost lol its sad that theses people are still out there doing this it's a shame they are not stopped .

  21. Carol don't panic just keep on trying call 1844-441-5941 and make sure you tell them you want it cancelled or you will get a lawyer and go to the bank and cancelled your card right away. Do it right away.And make sure you get a cancellation number.. It just happen to me and I was furious cause I didn't see the FINE PRINT as they say.There has to be a way to report this or even sue them for others who are in debt with them

  22. Hi ladies I just order this Aluris product like maybe a week ago without looking at the fine prints as they say. I couldn't find it. Then I saw all the bad review . I received it 2 days ago and today I cancelled it. They will try their best but be strong , they will be nice at first and if they give u a hard time u tell them that u r going to sue them and u will call yr LAWYER LADIES CALL THIS NUMBER 1844-441-5941 AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE. THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO SUE THEM OR REPORT THEM. EVERYONE ALSO DONT LET THE 14 DAYS TRIAL PASSED

  23. Just called customer service at 844-441-5941 and was able to cancel any future orders and got a cancellation number. Just to be sure I am also contacting my bank to let them know that no other charges from this company is authorized. Hope this helps others with this problem.

  24. I received my trial order of this cream within the 5 days it was promised. However when I opened the package I noticed that there was no list of ingredients, nor any information enclosed. I went back online and tried to find out any information I possibly could about this product and there was none except that this product contains some kind of man made snake venom. Then I ran across all the terrible reviews and and became concerned, especially about the recurring charges that will be applied to my credit card. When ordering the “free” sample I did not see any information about auto shipping and billing. I'm sure it was there but was hidden somewhere and I overlooked that part of the deal. So I called the customer service number that was printed on the packing slip that came with my free trial. I spoke, actually barely got a word in is more how I would describe it, with a customer service representative. I explained my situation, that I did not wish to keep this cream as I had no idea what it contained, and that I did not want to to be automatically billed for another order within 2 weeks, nor anytime after that. He glossed over everything I said and would not take no for an answer. I continued to try and make him understand that I did not want this product now nor any more shipments of it in the future. Again I was constantly interrupted. My last chance of trying to make him see that I still planned on canceling my order even though I did not try the cream, he started talking and told me I could possibly get a discount and to try the cream.. and as I was starting my next sentence he said thank you for calling and hung up. Was very upset at this so I tried calling again, was put on hold, then hung up on. I called again and did actually speak with someone briefly that I could not understand. I told her my situation and that of what the last representative I spoke to and immediately she said my cancellation number.. which I could not understand as it was so very loud on her end with other people talking, and the fact that she didn't speak English very well. I didn't leave that conversation feeling like I accomplished anything because I still do not know if I have the correct number due to not being able to understand her. So I cancelled my credit card which is not how this should have ended. If you are someone who is considering a free trial of face cream, or really anything advertised online PLEASE SEARCH FOR AND READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE ORDERING. Nothing is free… especially anything that is supposed to work miracles. If your like me, in your mid 40's or older and really starting to notice some changes in your skin, feeling desperate to look youthful again, please do not fall into this trap. I imagine I lost another year off my face just by worrying about this situation all last night!

  25. I called 1-877-347-3241 which was the number listed on my statement next to their 4.95 charge. I spoke with a lady named Joyce whom can i just say was very persistent and even offered me an extended trial period, half off prices, and then told me if i wasnt satisfied with that i would be responsible for shipping the trial bottle back at my expense and pay a restocking fee. She told me to call back anytime by the 27th of this month to cancel. I explained to her that i was calling now to cancel. She was very adamant that she wasnt cancelling the order. I then threatened with my attorney and hung up. She immediately called me back 4 times from this number 1-920-924-6620 (from Fond Du Lac, WI) and left me a voicemail stating that there was no need to get an attorney they were immediately cancelling any future shipments and i would be notified by email. Its a crying shame you have to obtain an attorney for mediocre companies like this taking advantage of people

  26. I'm almost in tears after reading these. I ordered a free trial about 2 hours ago but like an idiot, I found these reviews AFTER I made the order! When I read these, I immediately called the customer service. I think I called like 2 or 3 numbers. Everyone I spoke to said they could do nothing about it and couldn't cancel. I kept pushing saying that's ridiculous and I want to cancel immediately. I talked to a male representative. I wish I remembered his name. He was just so awful I told him like 10 times that my order must be cancelled and he kept saying “just take advantage of your free trial ma'am” OVER AND OVER!!! I was getting so frustrated. Finally I told him I was going to have to get my bank involved. There was a long pause and he then said that he cancelled me from any further products and gave me a cancellation number. I'm still scared and not sure if I can trust that since it took him so long to just cancel. I wrote down the cancellation number and told him “but I want to cancel the trial as well” and he proceeded to yell at me saying “I cancelled the membership, what else do you want!?” Not only is this company a huge scam, but their representatives are so incredibly rude and offer you NO HELP AT ALL and they will push you to keep your trial!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They need legal action against them!!! I'm calling my bank today to see what else I can do

      Call this number 844-441-5941
      This was the phone number that was in my bank statement next to the $4.95 shipping charge.
      They had me hold for about 10 minutes before they answered. But it was very easy to cancel. Good luck ladies. I also called my bank to let them be on alert that any more charges from this company are Not Approved.

  27. I'm being charged almost $200 a month for both products that I don't want. This is bullshit!!!~!

    • Oh no. I just called neuology and asked to cancel auto refill. She SWORE there was not a program.
      To help you… Meaningful beauty kept doing that to me with $90 vitamins! Called my CC company. They took it from there and the charges were removed.
      Hope that helps.

  28. Can we all pls file a class action law suit???? This is the biggest beauty cream scam ever! I am being charged monthly for this crap and they have no customer service. Not only that concern, the address on the shipped item is not listed when doing a google search. Any company that does not have a legit website or any way to trace a transaction is a scam! These ppl need to go to jail and not be able to take advantage of people.
    Can anyone help? I'm not sure what to do since there is no contact number. I emailed after I saw the charge but no one contacted me. Geezzzzz this is just awful!
    Any advice or help is much appreciated!

  29. I did order the snake venom product and had no problem getting it in the mail however, I am scared now that they will charge my account for the $100. I tried calling and couldn't get through to them. I am wishing to cancel my account before any money is taken out of my account.

  30. I also made a mistake of ordering this free trial Aluris snake venom and at the end of completing my order they said that my order will not be completed if I didn't include the Nuvolexa so I don't have any choice but to include it. After charging me the postal fee of $10.94 and transaction has been completed I have not receive any confirmation through email which most of the company normally does. I got scared specially when I read all the reviews about the product & the company so I immediately cancel my order through email. First I sent an email to [email protected] & it bounce back saying recipient not found. Then I google & found another carrier [email protected] but they said they don't have that product (Alluris & Nuvolexa) on their list and just this morning I got the free sample product. I don't know what to do if I'll just return the product to sender without trying it & call their office later for order cancellation.

  31. Stay completely away from this company, it is a scam for sure. All statements above are accurate and true. I only ordered the snake creme, however, a bottle of Nuvolexa was placed in the order without my request, charging me another $5.99. My bank called me the morning I ordered the product and told me it was a scam. They told me to call the company immediately and the bank would do its part to stop all future orders from the company. I called the 844-793-3685 several times making sure they understood that I was cancelling the order. Due to language differences and difficulties, I wasn't sure if it was understood that I was cancelling the order at all. I called several times thereafter, however, they send me the trial size after I specifically cancelled. In addition to the calls, I send several emails to the company stating immediate cancellation, giving the name of the representative that I spoke to. After receiving the product, I called again and was told to give them the order number which I did. I was asked for my name, which I did not give since they already had my name in their account. The representative then asked me for the reference number which I gave. My name was mentioned as well as a cancellation number of the product. I was told that the account was cancelled and that no other products would be send to me. I trust that this is true, however, I am sending back the product regardless of the money loss. I will make sure that all my friends hear of this company and their product is a scam. It is unfortunate that Dr. OZ is supporting these products.

    • Your situation is exactly like mine, only my bank didn't warn me! I bought into ad because of this product being associated with Dr. Oz. I also only ordered first cream for $4.95, but then received additional cream for $5.99. I was able to cancel, after being billed $101.00, then another charge of $88.00. I am going into my bank tomorrow to file my claim, and be refunded for these charges!

  32. This is a scam. I had to get my Bank involved. They charged me over $90 for NOTHING. They claim some kind of “contract”. In a three-way call with my Bank they finally agreed to refund the whole thing and remove me from any further obligations, lists, etc.
    BUT after everything seemed to be settled, THEY CALL ME AGAIN trying to cut a different deal. They called me 23 times. OUTRAGEOUS!

  33. I do not want my order sent to me, I already cancel my card and my lawyer will get involved if you try to send me anything or charge anything.

  34. After reading all those comments I am really scared of deduction account balance . I also ordered free trail and after these comments I don't want to try it anymore. I am requesting you please stop sending me this product.
    Thank you in advance.

  35. I ordered this product on 1/14/2016. I have never received the product. I want nothing more to do with your company. Please do not send any product to me ever. It's already been 7 days into a 14 day free trial. I have no product, so am unable to try it. I believe it to be a scam. How can I try a product for 14 days for free if after 7days I have received NOTHING.

    Strange offer to say the least. I am very disappointed in your advertisement.

    • i had the same problem with them. The original add was for a FREE sample nothing said anything about a 14 day free sample and then $100 charge on my credit card. You have to call and stop your membership. I called 844-793-3685 or 844-800-5348 from CA.

  36. Yes, I too made the mistake of ordering this “FREE” product and then received a bill for $100.64! This company is a scam!! I tried to put a notice on their website, but there was no place. I too will dispute the charge with my bank. Hopefully, the scammers can be stopped.

  37. Just got off the phone with the customer service rep from Aluris, and yes she was Sub-Par, and talking over me. This was my second attempt to get a refund, I had called yesterday, and another “sub-par” representative tried talking over me, but I finally got him to cancel my order, he also assured me of a confirmation email which I never received so I called again today. This time the rep tried to convince me that because of my age (which she did not know) that we both know how creams work! SERIOUSLY, this company needs to be stopped. The trial products arrived without instructions or ingredients on label. When we argued back and forth about me wanting a supervisor she tried to offer a 35% refund, then after more arguing she offered a 50% refund with shopping vouchers??? Im out $200 for not reading the fine print. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER — THIS IS A SCAM OF ALL SCAMS.

  38. I am within my 14 day trial period and i do not want this and need to know what my return process is immediately. I called your number on my order form and requested cancellation however I see you have run charges agains my account anyway. I have reported this to my bank and I have put a hold on the process. I will have my bank take actions against you.

  39. Unbelievable how stupid I am. 3 times already!!!
    Evryone beware of that “one letter off” when buying any creams. Its that one letter off you end up with some non returnable crap that looks and spells exacly like what you really wanted, yet that one letter off has you stuck on ordering crap you were missleaded into buying!!! Shame on me for not catching the creamer scammers!!


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