Auralux Snake Venom


Auralux Snake Venom Review

Auralux Snake Venom is one of the most unique beauty products on the market today. At least, it has one of the most unique names on the market today.

Auralux Snake Venom – which is actually called Auralux Snake Venom Peptide Cream – claims to repair your skin on the cellular level and reverse the signs of aging.

How does Auralux Snake Venom work? Does it actually contain snake venom? How much younger will it make you look? In our Auralux Snake Venom review, we take an in-depth look at this exciting new skin care product.

Benefits of Auralux Snake Venom?

Auralux Snake Venom claims to offer a number of powerful benefits, including all of the following:

— Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

— Boost collagen production

Improve skin elasticity

Obviously, the last two benefits on that list are linked to the first two. Collagen and skin elasticity are the two most important factors related to the age of your skin. By the age of 50, our skin has lost as much as 60% of its natural collagen – which is why skin starts to look dry and wrinkled.

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How Does Auralux Snake Venom Work?

Auralux Snake Venom activates a number of different processes within your skin. On a broad level, it moisturizes your skin while also enhancing collagen production, elasticity, and other qualities that make your skin look younger, healthier, and more radiant than ever before.

Anyways, Auralux Snake Venom isn’t nearly as magical as it sounds: here are the mechanisms that go to work when you apply this product to your skin:

— First, Auralux Skin Care uses a proprietary “Phytoceramide Formula” which works effectively to target and eliminate the root causes of premature aging on the skin.

— Those root causes, as you may or may not know, are “lack of hydration” and the “loosening of skin epidermis.” In other words, your skin is becoming saggy and it’s not getting the hydration it needs.

— Auralux tackles these problems head-on by boosting collagen and elastin levels within your skin.

— It does this by putting the phytoceramide formula to work. Specifically, the phytoceramides work in combination with your body’s existing cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. The manufacturer of Auralux claims that these ingredients work together to reduce excess water loss, enhancing your skin’s natural defenses, and reducing the effects of UV exposure.

Obviously, these are some powerful benefits that can be enjoyed by men and women of all different ages. Some people start to notice fine lines start to appear in their late 20s and early 30s. Others notice sagging once they hit their 40s and 50s.

No matter how old you are or what type of aging your skin is experiencing, Auralux Snake Venom claims to be able to reduce many common age-related skin care problems.

How to Use Auralux Snake Venom

Auralux Snake Venom is extremely easy to use. In fact, some might even say it’s ridiculously easy to use. Just follow these simple three step instructions:

Auralux Snake Venom

How easy is that? Although Auralux is applied just like any other skin cream, its effects appear to be significantly more powerful.

Auralux has the added benefit of working on all different skin types. In clinical testing, it was proven to be effective on cracked skin, dry skin, problematic skin, aged skin, and even sun spots.

What are the Ingredients in Auralux Snake Venom?

Okay, a lot of you are reading this Auralux Snake Venom review just to read the ingredients. Does Auralux Snake Venom actually, you know, contain snake venom?

The truth is: it does! The formula within Auralux contains trace amounts of Temple Viper poison. The Temple Viper is a snake native to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Fortunately for you, this type of snake venom isn’t poisonous. In small amounts – like the amount contained within this skin cream – it’s actually been shown to be extremely beneficial for human skin. It’s been shown to relax muscles and reduce facial muscle movement, for example. Since our facial muscles are responsible for creating wrinkles on our skin, this can help dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines.

And don’t worry! This muscle relaxing effect is so subtle that you won’t notice it visibly working. So don’t expect to lose control of your smile after applying this product, because that’s very unlikely to happen.

Anyways, Auralux has more than just snake venom in it, including both synthetic and natural ingredients. Here’s what you’re putting into your skin with every application of Auralux Snake Venom:

— Ceramide Complex: Auralux contains a blend of essential ceramides. Ceramides are a family of lipid muscles which play a critical role in the suppleness of our skin. The ceramide complex in Auralux includes ceramide 1, 3, and 6-II. The ceramides bind to fatty acids and cholesterol in your skin to reduce moisture loss while also boosting suppleness.

— Phytosphingosine: This anti-bacterial lipid works in a similar way to the ceramide complex. It enhances your skin’s natural moisture retention and acts as a conditioning compound, preparing your skin molecules to absorb more water.

— Retinol Palmitate: This compound is thought to be a natural exfoliator. Just like an exfoliator, it sheds the upper dermal layers of your skin while promoting new skin growth underneath. Best of all, you can enjoy this exfoliation without harshly rubbing the surface of your skin.

— Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: This peptide-based compound will actually restructure your skin tissue. But don’t worry: it’s not as weird as it sounds. Palmitoyl oligopeptide does this simply to boost collagen production, elastin levels, and hyaluronic acid within the skin.

— Rosemary Extract: This is the first of two natural ingredients within Auralux Snake Venom. Rosemary extract acts as an astringent and contains a wide range of nutrients like iron and calcium. It’s also rich with antioxidants and reduces free radical damage.

— Balm mint extract: Balm mint soothes sensitive skin using a natural blend of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. In ancient times, civilizations would use balm mint extract to fresh the skin and reducing the aging effects of stress.

As you can see, Auralux contains a blend of natural ingredients alongside advanced synthetic formulas which are designed to deliver benefits directly to your skin.

Buying Auralux Snake Venom Online

Auralux Snake Venom cannot be found in any store. It’s barely even available online. In fact, the only place in the world you can buy Auralux Snake Venom is the official Auralux website. That website offers to send a trial bottle anywhere in the world for free – you just need to pay shipping and handling.

Of course, like all things on the internet, Auralux Snake Venom isn’t quite free. The shipping and handling is competitively priced, but you do get signed up for an autoship program as soon as you start your trial.

I’ll explain full pricing details for Auralux below.

How Much Does Auralux Snake Venom Cost?

If you want to order Auralux Snake Venom, then you’ll need to start with the trial offer. That trial costs just $4.95, which is the price of shipping and handling. Orders typically ship within hours and can arrive at your house within 3-5 days.

However, if you’re not careful, Auralux can cost you a lot more money than you’re prepared to spend. Here’s what you need to know about Auralux Skin Care’s pricing:

Trial offer: The moment you sign up for the “free” trial offer, your credit card will be charged $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. You receive a 30 day supply of Auralux in the mail 3-5 days later.

Autoship Program: After the trial is over, your credit card is immediately charged $89.97 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. That charge will appear on your credit card 14 days after you order the trial – not 14 days after you receive it. After that charge appears on your credit card, you’ll receive a 30 day supply of Auralux 3-5 days later.

Your credit card will continue to be charged $89.97 + $4.95 shipping every 30 days until you cancel the program.

Ultimately, this autoship program is great if you enjoy using Auralux and are noticing its skin care benefits. However, if you don’t like the trial and find that it didn’t work very well for you, then you need to make sure to cancel your subscription before the 14 day trial is over.

Fortunately, canceling is relatively easy: just call the number posted on the official Auralux website.

Oh, and if you think that shipping and handling price is too high, I’ve got a secret tip for you: when you visit the Auralux website, simply click the “back” button or close your browser window. The site should display a warning message alerting you to an exclusive $1.97 shipping offer. Boom. You just saved $3.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Auralux Skin Care?

Auralux Snake Venom is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This product may work particularly well if you’ve had trouble with other skin care products: due to the unique blend of ingredients within Auralux Snake Venom, its results tend to be slightly different from any other skin care supplement you’ve ever used.

The Auralux trial is incredibly cheap: it costs just $4.95 and that’s it. That’s the only charge that will appear on your credit card after you order your trial. However, if you don’t like the trial, you’ll need to contact Auralux directly in order to cancel your subscription, otherwise you’ll automatically receive another 30-day shipment of Auralux for $95.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while boosting skin hydration, Auralux Snake Venom Naturally Advanced Skin Care may be the skin care supplement you’ve always been looking for.

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  1. My name is Brenda McKeon-Pisciotta, I do not want any more snake venom cream. Just take out money for trial offer, It burns my skin. If this persists, I will be in contact with better business bureau and whoever, so do not mess around with me.

  2. I canceled my free trial literally 5 minutes after placing the order because looking through the receipt of sale after placing the initial order they were charging me for things I didn’t want or click on. The rep was rude, refused to cancel, refused to refund, refused to stop the shipment and actually hung up on me. Five months and almost $500.00 dollars later I received one months refund in the amount of $92.93. NOT OKAY! I tried to cancel not even 5 minutes into the 14 day trial and they downright refused! This has been a nightmare and I am still working on trying to receive a refund in full! I have reported to the BBB scam act, will also file with the FTC and pursuit illegal electronic fund transfers. This company needs to be shut down and I would jump aboard a class action law suit any day of the week!

  3. I am having the same problem except that I used a credit card and my credit card company is sticking up for this company in the dispute. I am also livid. I would like to know if anyone would know anything about starting a class action lawsuit against these people. They not only sell crap, rip people off, give false “proof” to credit card companies, but also seem to have these same companies on their side. Who is on our side? I say let’s all sue. It is probably the only way to stop them from ripping off more people.

  4. Just use your prepaid card for you not to be billed any futher after yoy pay for the shipping and handling!


    • I guess I’m a sucker also.. I have been trying to cancel for weeks. I have had 2 charges to my account for 93.05. My credit card company is trying to dispute it but they saying I may be screwed. The fine print is so fine one can’t see it. My husband looked everywhere. My credit card company said there are 100s of these scams going and your basically signing a life time contract. I’m not going to stop fighting this. Gosh I can’t even cancel my card. They said they’ll just keep billing. So John are you getting billed after cancelling?

      • I was also tried ordering these company and yet they have there terms and conditions stated on the website when you ordered the product they just gave you 14 days trial to try out the product but if you fail calling them back they will charged your credit card and debit card for full price of the product.

  6. I am working with my bank and its fraud department to get my money back. If I hadn’t done it I would not be getting a full refund back. The bank fraud department was really insistent on the company returning it. Just goes to show that nothing is really free.

    • Zubron, honey no. Its 100% without question a scam. Most banks will even tell you, “Oh we know all about the Arrulux scam or the Snake venom scam”.. Its foreign companies operating out of the usa , mainly Asian. They squeeze Ponds $2 cold cream in their jars, boom $89!!! PEOPLE DONT BE SO NAIVE!!!!


      • My credit card company told me to return the unopened pkg. after I called to cancel and met with resistance. I did so and have not heard anything since. Only cost me the shipping charge and nothing to return it unopened as my post office advised me. A learning experience for sure. Been over a month now so I think all is fine.

  8. This is a total scam. They lock you to trial the merchandize and only pay for the shipment. They then to charge unauthorized charges to your credit card. They keep of attempting to with one stupid e-mail a month and all they say is they will give you a discount. THEY STEEL YOUR MONEY. DO NOT BY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

  9. What a huge scam…They lock you in buy convincing you with the trial fee not knowing soon after they deliver to your home, unauthorized charges to your credit card will be made. When you attempt, because that is what it will be, an ATTEMPT to get your monies back, they’ll try to sell you more lies just so they’ll still benefit off of you financially. You will never get your refund back rather they’ll offer you other deals so that they can give you a refund of half of what you’ve paid. These people are fraudulent! They are rogues! They steal your monies without apologies! DO NOT DO IT! BE VERY CAREFUL because they’ve other companies that uses different names yet they’re under the same franchise…You are better off going to the store and buying Prep H…Believe works.. I ordered the snake venom as a skeptic, never opened to use it yet they still refused to to refund me monies that were stolen from my credit card..$4.95 trial cost me $100…

  10. If you do not cancel within the 30 days of your free trial you are stuck with close to 200.00 in creams that do not work!! I was able to get my autoship canceled but they refused to give me a RMA number to return the product I just received. The “customer care” is anything but that! Three ladies I tried speaking with all hung up on me stating that I will not be charged anymore and unfortunately I cannot return the product I just received because of their “terms and conditions.” I would encourage anyone reading this to NOT buy into the “free trial”. The product does not work as advertised and the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced!!

    • The same thing happened to me, total scam! Product is like water, does not work! They said I should have read my terms and conditions and refused to refund me money. You have to cancel before they ship or NO refund! They even tried to keep me as s customer as reduce my price from $100 to $20. No one would do that for a product that works! Not to mention any good company would back their product.

  11. hi everybody, I just want to tell everybody that i ordered the product for my mom but she is out of US so i called the two customer service for PRIMA and PREMIERA and i got the two accounts canceled. They were educated and they understood, hopefully I will have not the future charges. I offered to return because i cannot use it and they said that it is not needed.

    • Leyda! What number did you sue for Prima? I cannot find a number to cancel. I cancelled Premiera okay, but I can’t find a number for Prima! Help!

  12. This is the biggest SCAM. I didn’t order anything, next thing I know my credit card is being charged $92.53 for this product and $89.95 for something called Skin Pro. I called the numbers on my statement and they are very rude and nasty people. Told me I ordered the stuff. Still trying to get my money back.

  13. Am I the only one who finds it rather humorous that the sellers of this credit-card scam are re-introducing the concept of snake oil?


    • Well said!!! Theres a sucka born every minute! These people are shocked and surprised when they find out that its not FREE and they were scammed! Too funny.

  15. I would like to try this skin care product risk free for 30 days for free. If it actually would work then you would gain my business. Thus, making you $29.99 (as seen an offered on satalite) per month. Send me your 30 day supply postage free. Will I get a response or is this Auralux-snake-venom cream another hoax? I am very reluntant to order as many other women have responded that it does not work and also they had a very difficult time canceling the auto preauthorized shipment. Ending up with their bank accounts being minus xxxx each month.

  16. This company is a total scam. They took an unauthorized $92.53 out of my account. I called to cancel immediately. I requested to speak to a supervisor and am still waiting for a call back. Beware!!!!

  17. does not cancel if you call in the 14 days .still will take out full price of 89.53 plus 92.34 $. told them i had bad reaction and didn’t want product. no refunds giving was all they said and still keep my money. had to change bank cards to stop money from coming out of my account.very rude people when i was dealing with them . ITS A COMPANY THAT YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF !!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!

  18. I order free trial snake venom peptide cream & vibrant stem cell. Charged shipping $4.99 & $5.99. Noted that within 14 days if not happy with product could cancel by calling customer service: 844-807-9731. This number has specific hours and not 24/7 as shown on packing slip. No info or instructions came with. On 2nd packing slip was different customer service number: 855-298-4478 again showing available 24/7. I called that number at 8:30 pm PST. Spoke to customer service rep & canceled both products. Rep said she could offer 50%, then 75% off future products. I declined all. Got a cancellation number for each of the two products. Don’t like the fact that they charge $89.97, but if you want to cancel they then offer up to 75% reduction if you keep saying “cancel it”, which is then anout $28 to $29 dollars. I hope the 855-298-4478 number can help others having difficulty with this company.

    • With all the problems with this company, anyone interested in class action lawsuit? My credit card company is assisting with this, because without this being cancelled I will have to close my credit card

      • I most definitely interested in a class action suit. When I received product there was no phone number or any way for me to contact this company to cancel these two products that I ordered. I was charged 89.95 for one product and 92.93 for the other and never received a following shipment. I want to do whatever I need to expose and close down this company. I also had to cancel my credit card. Plus, this stuff did nothing for my skin.

      • Got completely ripped off. Didn’t even see a button for terms and conditions. My bank can’t do a thing. Lost almost $200.00 for junk that didn’t work. Had cancel debit card and go thru hassle of opening another one.

  19. Can someone that actually used it tell me what you experienced? I just used it today for the first time and now i’m scared. I didn’t have a problem with cancellation because i did that as soon as they mentioned auto ship. But they did send two products and one wasn’t the “vibrant skin” stem cell active. It was something else called “skinology” (snake venom peptide cream, syn-ake) i only found out that i wasn’t supposed to receive that when i called to ask how do i use it? Which product goes on first? And why aren’t there any directions? That’s when i read out to the representative what i received and she said i’ll send you the right one, no charge. It took little over a week to receive. So i used both tonight but i felt no tingling, no tightening, nothing. Not that i want to but i would like to know has anyone gotten any good or no so good results in a day, five days, a week or 14 days? Supplement police can you tell me who is the manufacturer and are there various false, fake and phony companies selling these products? Because when i looked up “auralux” i found the bottle i have but i also found other bottles with the same claims on the good of it but the products were called something totally different yet the name of the products weren’t the same. Please tell me if it’s been anyone that used the products and it caused something terrible. Also, do you know if that particular snake venom is really non poisonous? Please help me with details.

    • I love it. I’m 62 and was still breaking out from rosacea. The combo of these two has stopped it completely. Too old to know whether less wrinkles but definitely better skin. I had rx retin a and metro gel. Neither worked. Love whatever it is but it is very expensive and very difficult to cancel

  20. Please cancel my order, no more cream sent to me!! If i am interested in the future i will contact you. Thank you. Do nottake any money from my account. Alma poteet

  21. I wanted to know if there a number I can call to speak with a live person. They seem to take me from one web page after another without giving me a comtact number. I’ve given all my info so why can’t I hv the same? I’d just like a number.

  22. I have to say that I am a fairly sceptical consumer, espically when it comes to skin care. The ad seemed legitimate enough, however the endorsement by Dr. Oz was a red flag. He has stated many times that he does NOT endorse products… so I started looking for product reviews online. I have to say that I found very little about them, favorable or negitive. I then went looking for other places to purchase it. Their website showed some little emblems like “HSN”, etc. But I still could find nothing. I finally gave up and ordered. What the heck…I’m only loosing about $10.00 by ordering the “Trial” of 2 products?
    Decided to do more research today and found this website…and by the way, wish I found you first!!
    I only ordered yesterday, but I called my credit card co. immediately and canceled my card today!!
    Better to be safe than sorry. I don’t think they are to be trusted. Don’t wait to see what happens. Just cancel your card. Confirm your last transactions. I’ll have a new card # within 3-5 days which will prevent them from charging anything more due to any misunderstandings on anyones part.
    Thanks for this website!
    Good luck!

  23. I had not thought read reviews before ordering these products (AURALUX & VIBRANT SKIN). Today received both “trial”, I called (888-947-3564) and strangely
    I was treated kindly, although they tried to convince me to try the product first, I told them I’m “scare” for reading negative reviews online and wanted to avoid future complications, the customer service representative (Kelly) proceeded with the cancellation without problem. I told her if I’m “Happy” with the trial I will call back to continue with the membership program. She gave me my two cancelation confirmation numbers (C6237XX-C6237XX). I hope not to have surprises later, and that the product actually works, so I can happily call to buy.

    Is very important to read EVERYTHING when i placed the order, printed the following information:
    “By placing an order, you will pay S & H to receive a 30 day supply. You will also be automatically enrolled in our membership program. The program will charge you $85.98 on the 14th day of your order date for a monthly supply and every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by calling 888-947-3564. If you cancel before the 14th day of your order date, you pay the S&H of your 30 day supply. If you cancel after the 14th day of your order date, you shall pay for the 30 day supply plus any future supplies without refund.”

  24. I seen ur add on satellite.
    An u were offering it for $29:99.
    I would like to try it risk free for 30 money back grantee

  25. At the time I ordered the Snake Venom Cream & the Stem Cell Cream, I clicked on the link to read the “terms & conditions”, so I was aware of the auto-shipping program they enroll you in & the charges that would be made to my account if I didn’t cancel before the 14 Day trial period ended. My products arrived a few days ago & after reading some of these posts I thought it would be prudent to act even quicker. I called the 888–947–3564 phone number and was transferred quickly to a customer service representative. I asked her, “How are you today? Has your day gone well, so far?”. She went off script to answer my questions and I could hear a smile in her voice.
    I then explained that I had called to cancel my trial period & auto shipments for their products. She did offer to drop the price by half, and then all the way down to 75% off, if I continue the program. I told her that still wasn’t within my budget at this time and please continue with the cancellation. She did and told me I would receive a confirmation by email. I also ask if I could have the confirmation number to write down which she gave me. It was a very pleasant experience and after business was taken care of, we wished each other a good day.
    Because I was expecting the worst cancellation experience based on these reviews, I wanted to approach this rep with an attitude that showed I didn’t blame her for the company’s policy or sales tactics. I think that’s what helped make this such an easy transaction.

    • I’m total agreed.
      I received the products today and called right away, I work for call-center company and I know how we like to be treated, so I was polite and she did the cancelation hassle free.

      Now I hope not to have surprises in my bank, who also warned them not to process payments to this company for any reason.

  26. I just called customer service and they were very nice. I told her i cant afford the product and they took 50% off. I cant say if cream works i just started it june 1st. I will see in 30 days.

  27. Here’s what is in their small print about the ‘transformations’ :

    “The depictions on this page are fictitious and indicative of potential results. ”

    Doesn’t that say enough?

  28. Do NOT order this product without reading the small print -they will debit your account without approval. I have a financial mess on my hands now.

  29. I got in a horrible mess because I was so nieve to think people were honest. I ordered 2 samples of cream from 2 different companies, looked at my credit card bill were 5 (five) bills transactions for different amounts, it came to over $500.00 I was devastated but Discover has always been a card that will fight for you and so far they’ve gotten 3 credits off and are working on the last 2. It’s horrible what bad people will do to honest people for dollar.

  30. would be very careful of their “deals”. received two shipment before the 1st 30 days were up. No where on the trial did I see that I would be charged automatically and NEVER did I see the outrageous prices…….AND THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF UPOPENED PACKAGES. Hope my credit card company will help

  31. I have NEVER dealt with a worse company in my life. NO customer service at all. They are rude, cut you off when you are trying to ask questions or explain things. It states you have a 14 day trial on the cream before you are charged for the “free” sample they sent you. BUT how in the world do you “TRY” it for 14 days when this starts the day you place your order. I live in Alaska, so shipments arrive later. I had this product no more than 4 days when my bank alerted me they were trying to charge my account 182.48 for 2 products. I thought I stopped the transaction nut the bank was unable to refund my money due the policy of the 14 day trial starting the day you place your order. They were within the law by doing it. BUT it is not good business practice nor is it how a trial period should go. BUT they knew what they were doing by doing it like this. They get at least 182.00 from every customer at least once. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY OR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE…SCAM!!! TOTAL SCAM. DON’T FALL FOR IT LIKE HUNDREDS OF US HAVE….

  32. I tried every number on this site and the one I one on the jar itself, and every time I received this message. “We unable to complete your call please try again.” Finally found this # and it works: 1-844-396-4108! Good luck!

  33. By far the stupidest thing I ve ever ordered. If you order from them, be prepared to get a new bank card

  34. Ugh. Just got off the phone with my bank after seeing an unauthorized debit of 79.95 on my account. The lovely person at Wells Fargo went back through my account for a couple of weeks (in which I have kept no money until yesterday–then boom, it was gone) and found that seven different companies, presumably stemming from this one trial order, had gotten my credit card information and had attempted to charge it SEVEN TIMES FOR NEARLY A THOUSAND DOLLARS. This for products I never received, like vitamins for incontinence!!! The bank reported it as fraud, and I will get my money back, but be careful, people.

  35. I just checked my email for confirmation number did not received. I called the company back and ask for
    my cancelation number I got it. 888-947-3564
    Thanks for the heads!

  36. I just received this cream in the mail, no instructions nothing, I paid $4.95 for shipping and handing. After reading all these reviews I immediately called the number. Spoke to a customer service Rep. I told her to cancel any future order. She than tried to telle how to use the product and would extend my trial I told her absolutely not! She said I will get a conformation email. I will be following up on that
    Thanks for everyone’s opinion


  38. Do not buy this product it is worthless and does not work and they will keep charging you even after u tell them your not satisfied with the product they have took money out of my account twice and refuse to put it back in this company is a scam and just take your money for a product that is awful please be aware of them

  39. I feel horrible for all of you! However take some personal RESPONSIBILITY! ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS read the terms. There will always be a link called terms that spells out the SCAM they areally playing. This is a very common one. Some charge a $25.95 restocking fee. Even though non of it can be restocked.

  40. Just ordered and turned around and cancelled…the lady said I would not receive my cream but would be charged the $4.95….after asking her why, she said because I had just ordered it….whatever…I told her that is fine ($4.95)…did not want to get into that after 30 days I would be sent more at the regular price, and I had to ask for a confirmation number…she did give it to me. Now it’s wait and see. Thanks to all of you for these warnings….kinda scared me, never been scammed before…Canceling my card also.

  41. Wow! These guys are just like the Snake Oil Salesman of years gone by. You better read the small print or you are going to get bit! It goes from a sample for just the cost of shipping ($4.95) to $90++ if you don’t cancel within 15 days of order placement. Sleazy tactics at best.

  42. They are a Scam they send a Free Trial, then 30 days later, send a product I don’t want and did not ask for.
    And changed $ 87.53 for the Free trail FULL Price and send A product you don’t want. that is a Fraudulent con.

    IN the Package I received with the Product I didn’t ask for or want… the letter you send dose not let the Customer know how much the Product is and you continue to say its a trail.
    they are a Complete SCAM… its miss leading and they have these unethical rules for a product they say is a free trail….. yet you charge… your a Scam.
    I hope they get bit by the snake and they all suffer HAHA
    Ashley Howitt

  43. What a Joke, used the sample they sent me ,used it every day until empty, never saw one bit of difference. Another scam on the internet. I think it is Oil of Ola cream.

  44. I work for a Financial Institution. Sadly, this is something we see every day. Unfortunately, I have to decline several disputes for this reason of this, it is a DISPUTE. When I pull the Terms and Conditions of the Merchant, it does show you willingly provided your card number to the merchant. This is how these merchants work to scam you. Key thought: “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.”

  45. I received it in the mail within 2-3 days and cancelled it. Then they tried to give me discount for me and my family. I told them no thank you and that I just want to cancel. So they gave me a confirmation and said if there was any problem to call back and give them the confirmation number. The number is (844)-807-9731. I now use 100 organic coconut oil and avocado oil and I get better results then any store bought or company cream. It will take awhile to get use to it but honestly it works great.

    • Thank you for this info…I just ordered and cancelled within 30 mins. after reading that this is a scam, but I actually had to ask for a confirmation number, she did give me one. She also, ask why and I told her I thought this was a one time free trial and I did not want this as a continuing product she tried to get me to wait until I tried the product and I said no…so she cancelled my order but said the $4.95 would not be refunded, and would not receive the free trail product…okay whats up with that?

  46. This product was ordered for me by a friend. When he found out about the automatic charge after 14 days and tried to cancel they wouldn’t do it or stop the shipment because it was past the 14 days. He called his credit card company and reported the card “lost.” They cancelled the card and issued him a new one with a different number. Problem solved! I recommend this option when you can’t get the desired results through the proper protocol. At least you can stop the bleeding…It’s unfortunate that honest people have to resort to this tactic but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

  47. This is a scam with this product. What a terrible shame for this company to rob people in this hard time. They never say this product will be autoship. They trap you by ordering this product , which was suppose to be a trial and then they bill your credit card with an enormous amount of money for this product. This is surely a scam. People beware dont get fool by this company.

  48. Beware of these scammers. They will charge you a fortune for their “free” trial version of a product that is completely ineffective. DO NOT ORDER THEIR TRIAL PRODUCT, IT IS A SCAM!!!

  49. kdbug, call your credit card company and tell them you do not want any other charges to be made to your card from that company and that you’ve spoken with them etc. THEN ALL OF YOU with bad experience go to the Better Business Bureau web site it sounds like the company is not responding to this government authority either but the more complaints sent to them AND to the Department of Justice for the State of California (where this business is) and/ or your own state. it’s their job to look into these matters, and protect the general public from this kind of thing. There are way too many “free trials” going on now days on the internet, TV and radio and it needs to stop.

  50. Beware of this product’s offer. I have been hit twice. Once on this product, second time was on a similiar product. This was charged to my debit card. Being watchful, I accessed my account online and discovered charges for shipping only for the product, as advertised. Two days later, the products were charged again, only the second charge was for $160. My bank is refunding the amount of the unauthorized charges and is starting an investigation into these fraudlent activities.

    • Dr. Oz did not endorse this product and you can read his statement at his website. The picture used on this product’s site has been used on other sites oh course all of the products are likely from this same company. I really cannot believe so many people believe this hype and don’t take 5 minutes to check it out.


  52. There is no way you are going to beat these con thing you can do is order the trial product and the following day call you provider and cancel your credit card and order a new for me.

  53. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!! Beware. After the trial samples u get, they will send u new jars at full price with NO REFUNDS EVER. And they send them out fast! I’m stuck with 3 sets of this crap. Better read ALL the fine print!!

  54. I thought I was just buying a trial sample, but it turns out I was charged another $85.98 without my permission. I didn’t know about this charge until it showed up on my credit charge and then the customer service rep told me that my 14 day trial was up and she could not refund that price. She offered me a $40 refund – but when I told her I’d reject the charge through my credit card company, she told me that wouldn’t help! She said that they win 99.9% of the charge-backs! So evidently this happens often! Don’t buy this product!

  55. Ordered my “free” trial almost two weeks ago. Received it in the mail 4 days later. Noticed on my bank statement $89 I called to cancel, because I actually do not like the product. It just burns my skin and does nothing. I was talking to the operator, and she told me that they charge you 14 days the after you order. So basically it’s like 10 days trial. I was very upset about that. You cannot tell the difference in such short amount of time. Hello 10 days??? Wow wow thank you! I told her I wanted to cancel it burns and dries my skin. She said to put another cream on top. Very nice. Why in the world do I have to put another cream on top ? If it’s a $90 cream and should do its work!!!! She told me also, that she can offer25% off just to give more time for me to try. Anyways, somehow we got disconnected I called back and another operator picked up. Now she offered me $50 off and refunded $30 back to my account.i didn’t really wanted to stay, but thought I’d give it a little more time. But now reading all these comments, makes me want to call back and completely cancel. I do believe this product is a SCAM. It’s probably some cheap product by another company, they just changed the jar and a name….

  56. 2 days ago I was able to contact customer service. I spoke with a women named April. I was told by April that my order would in fact be cancelled. I did receive a email from her with NO RMA# attached. (?) I called my credit card company and closed my account. The credit card company called the the snake oil
    number (844-395-4108) also. They said that I would be getting a credit per April so I felt better about getting things all straightened out. Its been 2 days and so far no credit. I also disputed the new charges on my card. We’ll see what happends next.

  57. Just received the snake venom peptide cream today. I ordered it on 4/2/16….so I have 8 days to “try” it??? They do not want you to have time to see or not see results, and I can only assume that’s because there are none. And that’s not a problem. After reading these horror stories, I knew I wasn’t going to wait around to be ripped off. I made the phone call that I dreaded and it went about as well as most here experienced. After a good 10 mins. of being so angry (I asked him why he was so angry. He just shut up and sat there silent for a few seconds…LOL.) After all the rude comments with me continuing to ask if I need a returned merchandise authorization number, all of a sudden with no warning he started reading out the number(very fast and without asking if I had a pen) and explaining what I needed to do to cancel. All the time he’s talking, I just keep telling him that I need that RMA # repeated. He finally repeated the number slowly and almost politely, then asked if there was anything more he could do for me. OMG…what a weird fella.

  58. Don’t do it!!!!!!!! It is a scam!!!!! They bill you over eighty dollars EACH TIME and tell you that you have done some thing wrong. The phone number I got thru on is
    844-395-4108. Spoke with customer service and was able to stop the auto shippment. Now I have to eat almost $200 because they didn’t say anything on the website about auto shippments and billing me hundreds of dollars. Word to the wise DON’T BUY THIS STUFF. Oh and another thing IT SMELLS REALLY BAD!

  59. Free means Free. It is not FREE by any stretch. This is a typical come on. Unless a person reads (most do not) the so call fine print also know as the ‘Terms/Conditions. If you do not abide by their terms not yours it will be very hard to get your money back. You get a 14 day trial for a product that can take up to 5/6 days to reach your address. One has already lost 7/8 days of the 14 day trial period. If you are not ‘quick’ to the draw this is when the fun begins. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE BILLED THE ACTUAL COST @$79.00 EVERY MONTH UNTIL YOU CANCEL. Trust me on this. Before they will actually cancel any subsquent order. You will receive one or two more AURALUX’S. The fun begins when you tell this company you did in fact cancel. They will have no record. Or it was lost. Despite the so called 47 comments made. this product like all others claimind the same should be on the retail shelves. Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. Why don’t they do this? That is a very good question? They can’t play membership ‘fees’ with any potential customer. I find it disturbing Dr Oz would endorse this product without first informing his many viewers of the potential of losing money. For shame Dr. Oz. PEOPLE READ THE TERMS BEFORE ORDERING.

  60. Thank-you for this information. Something told me his was a shifty deal. I did just call and actually spoke with someone who spoke English and was very pleasant. I advised them that I had a reaction because of my sensitive skin. She said my membership was cancelled and I should receive an email. I have not received it yet… If this stuff really worked as they claim and you could adjust the time frame of deliveries like every 8th weeks or whatever, I wouldn’t mind spending $100 every time but… Unless you are lathering it on, you can’t use a whole bottle in 30days. I pray they cancelled me because there is no way we can afford 100th bucks a month for a bottle of cream I can’t use!

    • If you still haven’t received an email confirming your cancellation, call your bank or credit card company and cancel your current card. They will issue you another which you’ll receive in about 7 days. If they charge you for a new card it’s only about $10…nothing compared to what this company is up to doing. They can try to charge the old number they have all day long and they won’t get a penny. Good Luck!!!

  61. I just called to cancel and they asked why and then they said it was already cancelled. The lady was very polite. We’ll see.

  62. here is how you do the free trial crap online. You get a pre-paid debit/credit card from Target. Load it with just enough money on it to purchase the shipping costs of the free trial. Then you get the products and don’t bother to cancel. There is no more money on your card and NOTHING they can do about it. :-)

  63. Hi. Iam from kabul afghanistan. How could I have auralux. If some one can buy it for me and couriet it ti my address. I will pay all the charges.
    I can not find it in our country

    09 Feb 2015 05:35:34 AM GMT ****0480 purchase Purchase AURALUX SERUM 877-3061802 CA USD 87.53 USD
    09 Feb 2015 05:07:08 AM GMT ****0480 purchase Purchase VIBRANT SKIN SERUM 8552984478 CA USD 85.98 USD

  65. This is a SCAM , I used ponds before and this cream smells PONDS all the way.

    I was billed for the products on the 9th FEB but has NOT received any thus far and its 29th March already…..
    Please put a stop to this…….. you are defeating the ends of justice…….

  66. I am a blogger I dont really sell stuff I do make stuff but dont always want to sell it, it’s not my thing but if I get a sepcial order I will. In my hobby research I came across this, glad to seee the real comments. But I use Body Tonique found this lady at a flea market. Got 2 bottles was amazed, she said she developed it through her dad needing care through cancer and she sells it now for like 415 a bottle but thats shipping too. she has a 3 pack for like $35 I get that one I go through it like mad I wont lie but I still hobby in natural oils, creams and beauty stuff. Im not a represedntative but if you order mention my name to her so she knows I am at least spreading the Word hey if it works it works if not I will tell ya for sure.

  67. I just cancelled this product after two days of using it. I don’t believe there is anything in this product that could possibly do anything to help your skin. I was aware of the return policy as I read reviews. I called right away and was automatically offered a 50% discount. I told them I was not interested and just wanted the address to send the product back. The customer service rep right away changed her personality once she could not get me to buy the product. Told me to do whatever I wanted with the rest of the product they did not want it back. That right there goes to show you that the product is not worth the $2.95 that I paid for shipping.

  68. Hello I order this product in Feb. and just got it today March 26…I called to cancel because I have thyroid cancer and my doctor said I can not use it being I will be be going to see a specialist in June to see if Chemo is nessary…I also take medication for life and other that contain ingredients that may clash with the snake cream…Don’t want to mess my chances..I called and the lady was kind and canceled my order….I took all the info.. down and will see if all goes book…If I do get a clean bill I would like to try this product,I always had dry skin and would work on my lines.. Sorry to hear all these negative comments…Clara M.

  69. I only heard 1 or 2 comments from people who used product. I’m sorry they had this horrible experience but I think we’ve all learned of these “scams”. I was hoping this one was not and was willing to pay just ABOUT any amount to look better. There are creams that can be applied to help some wrinkles disappear but usually sold by a plastic surgeon. I was hoping a cream had been developed that could be purchased that would at least help a little. I will call in the morning and cancel (but I’ve probably already been charged the first payment–oh well. Live & learn. ). I think I’ll make an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon & see him ASAP. I can’t stand looking in the mirror ANYMORE!!!!!!

  70. I am very sorry to read and hear all this bad comments about Auralux, I did learn my lesson long time ago,the grass is not always green on the other side, do not believe all that stuff about Free Trial,there is always something to catch and is all about business, I just bought the product using Ebay,paid $47.00 Dollars for it,not sure if is going to work but if it doesn’t I just Lost $47.00 Dollars,Good Luck to everyone.

  71. Please be careful of this company they are a scam. I did not read the fine print, and generally when a company auto ships you get an email.

    They just keep on shipping and keep on charging.

    Horrible people bad company. I wish I can help the next person that falls for this scam.

  72. All these comments is what I thought it was….A SCAM!!!! When I ordered on line the only way I could get the Sample Auralux was to also order Sample Vibrant Skin for $4.99 and $4.95 S&H. I received them right away. I was suspicious when there was no information with it. Then I got my credit card bill and the S&H was on there PLUS $85.98 AND $87.53. I called my credit card company right away and closed my acc’t. By paying my bill totalling $183.45 on line they said it would cost $10.00. I told the lady I don’t care….I will pay in full and close my acc’t right now. Boy have I learned a lesson. I will never order anything on line or from the tv. The snake venom is worthless.

    • Patricia,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were scammed by them. That is exactly why we leave reviews like these. That way customers can come here to talk about their own experiences with the product. Many new companies are posting ads without ever letting customers comment on their own experiences. May be in stead of never purchasing again online, you just find a site like ours with user comments to see how the product is actually working for them.

      — Supplement Police

  73. I just got off the phone with Aurasucks and they cancelled my Auto order(s). They gave me transaction numbers for a $40.00 return on both (each) of the two items I tried. I also let them know I had cancelled my credit card so I will be getting a new card with a different pin number which totally cuts them off. I suggest everyone does the same to protect your money in the future.

  74. Ladies, be sure you read every single word on this promotion. If you don’t call to cancel the program within 14 days, they charge the complete price of the cream.
    Also they enter you in the program for the auto shop. READ……!

  75. I read most of the scary and horrible comments above and then called the company to cancel my trial – 888-947-3564. Oddly enough the customer service lady was extremely nice and offered to cancel immediately. I don’t know if they will honor this but at least my experience with them was not bad.

    • If it’s sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

      Followed the link to your site, Supplement Police, after reading an ad for Auralux to find out the price of this miraculous snake venom anti-anging cream after the s+h only trail charge.

      So glad that I did to avoid the horrendous recurring monthly payment and the bad treatment of this fly-by-night scamming company. Sorry for, and thank you for posting your bad experiences.

  76. These people are horrible people taking money out of my account wit out my consent and then their customer service reps are horrible. I will never do business again and I hope anyone else stays clear from this company. The products aren’t magical and for this kiND of price hell no

  77. Ordered product ,then read reveiws(da!on my part), cancelled right away under protest on their part,(rep. rude)sending trial size(maybe) but charged my bank card 4 times for shipping! 1/$4.99 skincareplus 2/$4.95 vibrant TR 3/$4.64 evine 4/$4.64 evine.Whats that CRAP! calling BBB! POISIONIOUS CO.!!!FANG this company!!!!!!!

  78. ordered product, cancelled after reading comments right away,under protest on their part(withRep)didnt want product even sent, wascharged shipping ……4 times 1-4.99 skincareplus, 2-4.95 vibrant skin tr,3-4.64 evine, 4-$4.64 evine, whats all that crap!!!Didnt get yet.calling B..B.B. Poisinous Company!!!!!!FANG this company#^&@#**!!

  79. The same thing happened to me! I agreed to a trial bottle then get overcharged and in the hole with my bank around $180.00. This IS A SCAM!!! I received 2 tiny bottles for this kind of money I never even authorized. Call and cancel immediately. Then call your bank and refute charges.

  80. Product seems to work great and the burning sensation is the normal reaction of this product. Simply order and follow the trial basis information and cancel on time if needed product us not cheap.

  81. I did try your Auralux Snake Venom Peptide Cream for my husband. I did on line from my cell phone. I read it said try for free and paid for shipping $4.95. only. Later on one of your representative call me about your product I told her didn’t want anymore. Now you charge from my account $87.53. Which I didn’t authorize you to charge on my account. I did authorize you to charge for shipping $4.95 only. I just call your representative she told me in 14 days I need to call to cancel and you won’t charge on my account I never see on line and never see how much your product prices. This is a big scams I ever see on line and with The Dr. Oz on commercial. Even on T.V. commercial will let you know after try the product consumer will get charge how much the full price. But your commercial on line didn’t have that to let the consumer know. Is this Scam for senior citizens who the most used your product? I need the answer. Please.

    • I agree with all comments. This Company is ruthless lies and are unbelievable. Never knew the price or would send automatically and two different products from what I originally thought was a sample and not automatic at least until you were given a price. This is a complete scam and a class action suit and an attorney should be hired after them. This company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau and FTC needs to be contacted stopped. No phone number available to cancel and never told price. Blank paper inside never gives phone number of company or their name on the shipping label to send anything back with a RMA number. My credit card company tracked them down and gave me their phone number and told me what to do – called phone number was =on hold 20 minutes Kept saying push 3 to not hold and get a call back which I did not push and finally some one got on phone and told me to send back two last ones only snake venom and stem cell active both received within 2 weeks of each other never knowing either were coming and I am to pay shipping back to them and also a $5.99 restocking fee for each to be deducted from a refund they promise and which I am yet to see. No jar was ever opened from last several months

  82. I ordered this product as well I looked closely for a terms and conditions and contracts did not see one. I believe this might be a reputable company but I was wrong, I looked on my banking acct and I was being charged 89 dollars and no way of taking the charges off. That’s a lot of money for a small bottle of something that didn’t work. For any future buyer’s DO NOT BUY RIP OFF

  83. After reading all these reviews on this product, I immediately contacted them @ 855-201-3475 to cancel any and every future, thought of, made up or unauthorized charges to my card.She asked “why?” and I told her that I had read too many bad reviews and wanted to stop a problem before it became a problem. I was told (after she got smart with me because apparently I repeated what she said and was told “I didn’t say THAT”), that if I was “unsatisfied” with the product I could cancel within my trial period.(it was in the “terms and conditions” of which she said was on the website) I expressed that I was not aware of any “trial period” so she told me my period was up Mar 8th (this call was Mar 4th), so I simply told her that at this time I wanted to cancel bcuz I was”unsatisfied”…bcuz it was burning my skin, she then tried to offer me MORE of the product for a lower price! I said “why on earth would I buy more of something that was burning my skin?” she asked me if I was using it properly then suggested that I should just endure the burning until I see if it works or not….WTH??!! … I cancelled, got a “cancel code #”, requested and email confirming my cancel request now I’m just waiting…..

  84. *****SCAM ALERT*****This is sales scam Plain and simple- just as they say above, you get reeled in with a $ 5.00 ” sample trial” then automatically charged $ 87.50 2 weeks later. I just called and disputed the charge. Just call them and cooly state over and over that you are disputing the charge and will not pay.
    They will tell you you signed the terms and conditions, do not get upset , do not hang up, just keep repeating that you refuse to pay and you are not authorizing any charges and will dispute this with your CCard company.
    I did finally get a full refund, it took about 5 minutes of haggling.
    Their cust serv. people must have to answer all like this all day long.What a sad way to operate a business.
    Only in America

  85. Sent and tried 3 differant products:
    Charges 4.95 +1.07+1.09
    Then $84.95, $89,95, $251.95
    After call my atty
    AND the Attorney general
    My bank
    I got back 85.00
    $259. The rest went to SH
    Lost 85.00, 4.95. And 31.00
    Products Recieved ZERO

  86. I found out a long time ago, if I want to try a product, I buy a prepaid visa gift card for 50.00 and use it to order the “trial” product…if they are legit, they will send it and charge the card for the 4.95 or however much the S & H charge is…and they won’t be able to charge your actual credit card…that is the only way I will “try” anything!

  87. I read the fine print before ordering so I knew what was going to happen as of the 14th day, but when I was on day 11 and still didn’t receive the product I called customer service. The woman pushed the date back another week and luckily it was in my mailbox when I got home that day. I haven’t noticed any difference in the past 4 days and not really happy with how it feels on my face, but last night I was dizzy and experienced blurred vision which doesn’t happen to me, EVER. Has anyone experienced this? I am not saying with certainty that the product caused the dizziness and blurred vision but using it is the only thing in my routine that has been different. I tried to google reviews and side effects and oddly there aren’t any on the internet! Every link opened to either a sales pitch or a trial form.

  88. After reading these comments, I called right away to cancel my membership. I hope they actually do it! The women I spoke to was really rude. I hope I don’t have to deal with them again! Thank for the warning.

  89. I would like to try this facial cream but after reading all of the comments and finding nothing but ones, I’m not about to order it; I just don’t want the hassle…. and–if I were to order the trial and find that the cream works? I can’t afford to pay almost $100 a month for a facial cream, which I assume would be necessary for maintenance, and I doubt very many retired women can. So even if this company was on the up and up, which it doesn’t seem to be, they’ve priced themselves out of business anyway. Too bad.

  90. I have city bank credit card. They know of auralux scam and will credit lux charges that appear on your stmt except initial shipping chgs for samples. They are investigating the fraud. Try your card issuer for help and possible relief.

  91. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission !!!!!!!!!!! Do you think the celebrities endorsing this product are receiving some sort of ____?

  92. I did NOt agree to an autoship, I was NOT informed this was an autoship. I want my money refunded and I want you to take any of my information off your site immediately. I am contacting my bank first, then my lawyer.

    • This website is informational, they are not the snake venom company.
      I had the same problem as the above. Worst experience of my life.
      The cancellation number I got from their website is 888-947-3564, the phone number on my credit card is 844-395-4108. Good luck, I’m going to call them tomorrow to cancel and then get my credit card company involved.

  93. DO NOT DO THE TRIAL. THEY WILL CHARGE YOU $90 14 DAYS LATER IF IF YOU DON’T CANCEL!!! Read the terms before you agree. I thought it was a sample that you pay shipping for and if you like it you buy it. That is not the case. They will not refund my money so I am stuck with a product that just burns my face.

  94. Make sure you cancel both, As all the other comment, I hadn’t even had time to try the product. Check my account this morning as I do every day and found charges for 85.93 and 87.00. Called my bank and got the same information as previous commenters. Rebecca you are lucky you got anything back. This is the first time I have ordered free samples of any kind and will be my last

  95. I appreciate the product. But I was not willing to pay a monthly dollar amount for it. I will be contacting my lawyer and the better business bureau if I am not refunded and if I am charged again! Please contact me ASAP by email!

  96. I recently ordered both the Snake Venom and the StemCell Active. I was bothered by the receipts that came with the products because receipts did not show my cost or a customer sevice number. I was also surprised there was no accompaning product literature. Bottle just said to rub on face. Nothing about avoiding eyes or what to do if it got in your eyes, etc., like you’d think a product would, esp. one containing snake venom. All odd and inpersonal. This site was the most informative on the product that I could find and also alerted me to the fine print. Thank you! Called today to cancel. Recording said there could be a wait,, to press 3, and the next available rep would call me back. Within 5 minutes Kayla called me back. Was very nice. Because I called before 14 day trial ended, she offered me the products at a $30 reduced rate, and said I could choose to have future product sent every 45 days instead of every 30. I refused future product based on the vague delivery receipt and lack of literature. It makes me feel like they don’t care about people, just sales. Kaylan was nice about it. I hope her supervisors won’t yell at her for being decent. She gave me a cancellation reference number, so remember to get that if you choose to cancel. ABOUT PRODUCTS: 1st day I put Snake Venom on left side of face, and StemCell on right. Within hours, the StemCell side was wrinkle-free and uplifted. Crazy! The Snake Venom showed no difference. I asked 4 different people if they thought my 2 sides looked different. They immediately noticed and were astonished by the StemCell.

    • Angie why did we recieved two creams?? Do we have to choose which one suits Us?? Or need to use both??

      • Noo gurl! Its not effective like you and Angie think. It tightens for a little while, hour maybe by using glycerine and something close to egg whites. It will feel tightened up and squeeze the skin together because it dried, soon it will completely all flake off. You can find a million products just like it at Walgreens, under eye tightening cream etc…… Its just egg whites.

    • Martha,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, but please know that we are not the company that is selling this product. You should contact the manufacturer to see about canceling and stopping payment.

      I found their phone number online:

      Auralux Beauty | 3268 Governor Dr #214, San Diego, CA 92122 | 888-947-3564

      — Supplement Police

      • Thanks for this information. I was shocked when checking my credit card statement that I was automatically enrolled for future shipments. I was suspicious when the fine print was way too small to read.

      • This IS against the law… The home company is in California… the call center is in Montgomery Alabama. They lie on the phone… if you call and cancel
        the order…. they will tell you … you never called and will charge you $ 80 something dollars. I am filing a complaint with my state Attorney General. Consumer Fraud Dept.. Also… if you get charged and they dont refund … file a complaint with your bank… they can start a bank investigation for unlawful charges. Aside from all that… I think its PONDS CREAM..
        Then try to file against the product ingredients… I somehow think they will shut down and leave town before I get my money… .. ITS NOT SNAKE VENOM>.. ITS SNAKE OIL!!!! They have the most unprofessional rude phone people. They are ignorant of the law. The 14 day trial does not exist… you dont have the product for 14 days to try as advertised… they count the days they process and ship…. should be listed as a 5 day trial… by the time you get the product with the stormy weather around the country…. THIEVES

          • Joyce, apparently you’re not old enough to remember, but Pond’s facial cream was around back in the 50s– 60s maybe, and was absolutely nothing special. That’s what Jill is sayimg. As far as I know, Pond’s facial cream is no longer being manufactured…. at least I haven’t seen it for years.

          • Ponds is totally still being manufactured. They have a nice ‘rejuvenate’ line with lactic acid in it.

            Also sorry to all of you getting scammed. It’s a shame but always do your research first!

          • Because it IS PONDS CREAM!!! I cant understand why for the life of me people believing things like this and being shocked when its a fraud! Any hing and EVERYTHING advertised like this is run by con artists , like Gunthy Renker. They are so good at the con game. They sell hundreds of different types of products , all junk, all intended to hustle you.

      • Thank you Supplement Police! Without this information I would not have been able to call and cancel this ridiculous ripoff! This cream DOES NOT work at all. Not even a little bit. I paid the original Shipping Fee and then an additional $85.98 they had planned on taking out of my bank account each month! Never, ever again will I purchase anything of this nature online. There was NO indication that I was ordering on a 14-day trial offer. Scam, Scam, Scam.

        • Jerri,

          No Problem! That’s what we are here to try and avoid. We give our opinion but also publish the comments of real users that are trying the product themselves. That way everyone can see how a company acts AFTER the initial sale..

          Glad to hear that you stopped the payments. One other thing you can do is avoid the “free trials” or just remember that anytime you want to purchase a “free trial” online, use a pre-paid debit card. That way you know they can only charge so much to it.

          — Supplement Police

    • Please cancel any future orders for Auralux Stem Cell or Snake Venom.
      Very dissatisfied. Please confirm this request has been received and put in place.

      • Marie, this website is informational, they are not the snake venom company.
        I had the same problem as the above. Worst experience of my life.
        The cancellation number I got from their website is 888-947-3564, the phone number on my credit card is 844-395-4108. Good luck, I’m going to call them tomorrow to cancel and then get my credit card involved.




  98. This is a scam, regardless of what they claim for their products. Auralux charged me for products they’ve never sent.

  99. I didn’t get any instructions or anything with my free trial..but I just seen these comments and want to stop the charges .don’t have a number to cancel and didn’t see one one here at all.can some one send it to me please. thank you

    • There is not one positive remark on this product you people are all breaking the law and you have no costomer support I don’t know how you can sleep at night. I know you could refund my $90.00 if you wanted to but then you would make no money because everyone is returning this cream. Shame on you

      • I called and ordered this also. When I went to cancel, they suddenly offered me 50 % off the order price. The product has been doing some good but not $90 worth of good. Just so you know the number is 1-888-947-3564.

        • Omg i have tried ever # that everyone had on here i just keep getting recorcing saying please hold for representative. Why is there so many scams in the word, what is so hard about being honest
          One of these days its going to back fire on all these companies . I hope each and everyone of you get your money back . I just got my sample did not no they would take money out of your acount . Good luck everyone.

    • I have ordered this product and received it. I would like to cancel the AutoShip, that I was completely unaware of when I ordered the gift. Is it possible for you to please send me the phone number to cancel this?

    • Katina, I had the same problem as the above. Worst experience of my life.
      The cancellation number I got from their website is 888-947-3564, the phone number on my credit card is 844-395-4108.

      • Honestly if you want good results like they say this cream will do, you are better off using coconut oil or avocado oil. They have health benefits with it and it doesn’t cost a lot at all. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    • Yes I just called them and canceled my subscription before my 10 days were up and got a confirmation number. Thank God I used a card I’m not using anymore. I’m really sorry for all of your losses. I’m reading the fine print on a y thing I order on line from now on.
      The number I called is 1-888-947-3564. Good luck and make sure to get a confirmation number and right down the date and time you called.

      • The problem is some people do not read “small prints” I did, I received the product today I called right away. I got my cancelation confirmation number without any problem.

  100. this is totally crap website and company. I will tell everyone what happened to me a few weeks back, i got a survey to do Macy’s customer satisfaction and on completion a free Auralux free skin care i just have to pay shipping and handling. I got the product in mail and later on i got charged $87 which i didn’t authorise. I called my bank they said i need to call the merchant as well. Then i called Auralux skin care and they said we can refund you $15 but can not take back Auralux product back even if it is sealed, i was upset with that thw lasy said maximum she can do $30. For me it is unacceptable they charged themself $87 and refunding me $30.

  101. Based on my experience, I would avoid any dealings with this company. Ordered what I thought was a trial, received 2 small jars of product. Be sure to read the fine print – this is not a ‘sample’ program but a ‘trial’ program. If you do not respond to the company within 14 days of your order to cancel,you will automatically be billed the full price for both products. When I called to question the charge, I was informed that it was not for additional product as mentioned on the website, but for the ‘trial’ jars already sent. The product is nothing special and the small print details are very poor business.

    • Same here! I didn’t sign up or even read small print anywhere about an was supposed to be a FREE GIFT for answering a survey about Amazon..all I had to pay was S & H…but now was charged $85 after 14 days claiming I was supposed to cancel if I didn’t want it..there were no instructions in my package about that at all…when I called company, they claimed they don’t send
      trials….well my order said TRIAL!!! but it was supposed to be a free gift…this should be against the law!!!!

    • Same thing happened to me! Now I am bouncing checks and everything else. Out of pocket so far for a 10.00 sample 300.00!!!!!! I hope the scammers go straight to hell for doing this to innocent people!

      • I am in a financial mess from these people. I don’t have a phone # only the Receiving and shipping address. The phone Co. told me there is no such address. Do you have a phone # to Aurolux if that is who they are going by, I’d appreciate your help. I urgently need to give them a call. Thanks. Louise

        • Louise,

          I found their phone number online:

          Auralux Beauty | 3268 Governor Dr #214, San Diego, CA 92122 | 888-947-3564

          Hope that helps. Seems everyone is in need of a refund from them. Hopefully you can get a full refund.

          — Supplement Police

        • The phone # on my credit card statement is 877 306 1802, I’ve been calling for 2 days and it sounds busy. Good luck, I just google the auralux name an got a whole bunch of different complains. IT’S A RIP OFF.

    • I got the same run around about not getting refund because I didnt read the small print. As I explained I didnt see any small print. We argued back and forth and she agreed to give me $80 of the $200 back. I said I would just let the bank handle it as a disputed charge. I also said I would be immeduately calling the Better Business Bureau. $he immeduately agreed torefund the entire amount and said I would be flagged to prevent me from ordering in the future. Hats abd horns to that.

    • I had the same issues……no where on the site was the information explained. Now trying to give me 50% discounts.

  102. I’ve never been treated the way I was with this company. I called because I was charged for a sample when I wasn’t even buying this product. I was getting a cvs gift card. So I was charged $10 shipping plus another $180 for a bottle of face cream that does nothing except burn your face, not to mention it’s like an inch tall bottle. I called the company to try and fix this obvious mix up. Since I was getting a cvs gift card. The costomer service rep was actually yelling at me. They won’t refund the money I told them I don’t want it and would send it back. The woman that represents this company treated me worse than I’ve ever been treated. I didn’t get mad or raise my voice once. People in the next room could hear her yelling. Don’t waste your money here. Worst service of my life. It’s not even what I wanted in the first place. How does a gift card to a pharmacy end up being $200 in charges for a awful product.

    • I’m in total agreement with everyone. This is the WORST COMPANY/CUSTOMER “SERVICE”. EVER!!!

      I called just days after receiving the “trial” product and told them that I wanted to return it unopened and cancel any future shipments. They said that I hadn’t even been charged for the jar and that they couldn’t accept a return. I said that I didn’t want the product and they (she) said that I could give it to someone because they can’t take it back.

      I told her that I didn’t want to be charged for it, or any future orders so please cancel my “subscription?”…(I didn’t know that I really ever subscribe for anything)

      So…flash forward to today: I received ANOTHER JAR or the product. When I called to say that I hadn’t ordered it and that, in fact, I had canceled any relationship with them, she told me that she didn’t see that I had canceled! wha?!!

      She said that I could return it if I pay for return shipping and a $9 restocking fee. I was livid! I said why should I pay anything for something that you sent me without my permission?!

      She wouldn’t budge. She (Mindy) said that “the system” wouldn’t allow her to do anything more than that. I asked her how she would feel about paying shipping and $9 restocking fee for something she didn’t order. She said that her feelings were not important in this issue. UGH!

      Isn’t there some recourse?

      Anyone up for building a website warning people against this hokey company?
      What a bait and switch!

      Still angry!! REally angry. Being charged $200 for stuff I didn’t use/want/order!!

    • It burned my face as well really bad I had to go to my dr it made ne sick and they tried to get more money but it didnt work I changed my bank card right away and that pissed them off but I wont pay for something I didnt order, I just did the free trial and paid the 4 somthing for shipping and never ordered anything from them besides the trial, this product is horrible and ur right their staff are rude and dont care but excuse my language but I gave then hell and ofcourse changed my bbank card immediately so the joke is on them theyre not getting any of my money and I also reported them to the better business bureau..

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