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Intelligex & Amped Review

We write nootropic supplement reviews on nearly every brain pill and smart drug we can find and lately we are finding there are so many out there that people find us looking for results and recommendations for which nootropics work and if you can trust the marketing claims behind all of these.

One that we have recently been asked about from multiple sources is Intelligex and Amped by FocusNutra. Here is our review, but you can see our #1 most recommend Nootropic supplement here first.

What is Intelligex & Amped?

Focus Nutra’s Intelligex is for mental performance and Amped is for boosting cognitive energy and both have been advertised as the most powerful brain enhancer ever discovered and bonafide study supplements.

While nootropic smart drugs have continued to rise in popularity and effectiveness, it is hard to know whether or not which supplements actually contain the active ingredients listed in the supplement facts and on the label.

However, much to our surprise and maybe yours, they do list their phone number and customer service support email +1(888)-255-1750, or email us at [email protected]

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How Does Intellgix & Amped Work?

The science and search for legitimate resources to validate the potency and results of using a little-known brain pill by the name of Intelligex are hard to come by.

The editorial that promoted Intelligex brought up references from Dr Raqif, Bradley Cooper in Limitless and The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) but did fail to link to the proper resources when mentioning.

They did mention a few ingredients (phosphatidylserine, bacopa and vinpocetine) found in Intelligex but it was difficult in locating a big enough image and picture that lists all of the dosages of each.

Should You Buy Intelligex Pills?

It is hard to give too hard of a recommendation one way or another with such limited information available about Intelligex and Amped nootropic products.

It is important to note and know that we could only find free trial versions at which appears to be the official site of Amped and Intelligex. In the fine print details it does mention that “you are ordering a 60 capsule bottle of FocusNutra with a 14 day trial offer that costs $4.99 for shipping and handling and on day 14 you will be charged for the full price of $99.99”

We want to open up the digital dialogue and ask current customers or on lookers to express your thoughts and findings below. We are an unbiased and personal due diligence crew who want to find the best, most credible information available on whether or not you should buy this new brain supplement.

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Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. Total SCAM!! Made me terrible sick and got jacked for $144 USD . Very rude 1-800 number DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  2. Ordered the free offer with a prepaid mastercard with 25 dollars.. received product. They cant bill me for it. Ripped them off. Used the rest of my prepaid funds right after on other purchases. Received my free bottle of false claims.

  3. Beware of this company, SCAM!!! Don’t click on anything on their site. DO NOT under any circumstances give them any info about you, especially not your Credit Card info.

  4. We are out $838.40 because of this scam and the fact my husband did not know what he was doing. I called the number I found on this page and got a fellow who gave stock answers, no refund, no return, no sympathy. Please do not deal with these people they are heartless!

  5. It’s a crook company. They wouldn’t mislead professionally people if they were sure they’re doing honest business. They hide their crookness behind the big letters and big names, and you cannot know about the fishing operation until after you read the reviews and you learn how to search like a detective about the conditions that are mentioned on another page, in tiny letters and long and boring jumbo mumbo law terms… Don’t fall for it. That won’t be smart… You would be their next prey..

  6. RUN AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT SCREAMING! What a ripoff, unless you want to pay full price. There is no “trial” to determine satisfaction because the “trial” offer begins when the product is ordered, not received. They then charge the full amount 14 days later and no product received by then. About impossible to have time to try, and this is clear once received, but not when ordered. This is such a scam and if you think it works, your “intelligence” is diminished!

    • absolutely agree with you as they just pulled the same scheme with me . they charged me 145.00 on the order on the 15 day for the same free trial.

    • Yes, I agree with you Rick… they got me today.. I got an additional $142.82 charge on top of my trial price of $7.86. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. I told them, their is a Day of Reckoning; that is my only satisfaction.

  7. this is a total scam they bill you before your first bottle arrives THIS A JOKE I WANT THIS ON RECORD THAT I WANT NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY WEHN YOU ATTEMPT TO SEND IT BACK THE ZIP CODE IS INCORRECT AND THE POST OFFICE SAYS THEY CANT SEND IT BACK WITH THE WRONG ZIP CODE THIS PRODUCT NOR THE COMPANY IS WHAT REPUTABLE PEOPLE EXPECT… this is just a scam ,, this is a legal notice to cancel and to refund my money sherry ramsey

  8. I just experienced this company’s rip off. What a scam!! They told me I had 14 days to cancel beginning the day I ordered the $4.99 trial offer. Well, it’s the 15th day and I find a pending debit of $89.97 on my bank account! They said I should’ve cancelled sooner. I don’t even have the supplement yet!! I told them I will contest the debit with my bank and she said they will make sure they negativity affect my credit score! what a bunch of crooks! If your supliment can’t sell itself, it must not work!!!!

  9. This is a complete scam. Call 1-888-255-1750 and cancel. There is no free product for just $4.99 shipping. They will automatically bill you after 14 days and keeping on billing you. They provide no receipt for order and no way to quickly contact them to cancel. I find it hard to believe they haven’t been shut down. I’ll work on this.

  10. I’m still trying to get my free bottle of Intelligex but I can’t use my Debit card so they can charge me $99 after 14 days a rip off so I want my free trial bottle for $4.99 so I post this on Facebook YouTube Instagram

  11. It is a scam. What can be done to get your money back besides credit card.
    They do not want to give an RMA. They do not want to give an address. The product is made in Canada, they answer the Phone in S. Jose, CA, and they ship from Folcroft, PA 190032

    • I’m in Canada so even though the product is made in Canada.. they ship from the USA so I have to pay extra on the exchange rate. Boy…. am I Pi**ed.

  12. Keep searching! One day you might find a substance that will help you from falling for scams like this…

  13. Not shipping free!!!!(100$) fucking shit this company. If a dont have credit i call the police. They stole 485$!

    • Product and company a scam. Rebilling and overbilling under different company names once they have your card info. C/S is just to say no refunds even on unopened bottle, ingredients include cheap and in 1 case (cyano-) dangerous elements.
      Cops already preparing fraud case.

  14. I received my free months trial, been waiting for product to show up. I’ve been charge twice now and haven’t received any product. I’m in email with customer service trying to get a refund for the product witch was never shipped. They are already telling me I’m screwed for a refund. Let see how this turns out.

  15. So I still don’t get it is this really a scam or is this legit?

    Most of these comments are talking about cancellation… the selling company tells you off the bat, that you must try the product for a month before seeing any real difference and actual effects.

    can someone with a bit of credibility reply to this comment and tell us if this actually works or not.

    Thank you

    • Did you not read that the seller over bills you, you don’t necessarily even receive the product and you have little recourse in order to get a refund.
      Also, they multiple bill you.
      Why do you have a question?

  16. It’s totally arnack!!!! The value of this product is 20$ canadian for the Big bottle you charge me in my credit cart 137,47$ for the very small bottle !! ROBBER BAND !!!!
    This is theft!!!!!

  17. I got sucked in too. I wish I had seen this web site first. SCAM!!! Do not order from these assholes. No sense in me repeating what has already been said about this company. It’s all true! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE CON ARTISTS!!!
    I was under the impression that I was ordering a free trial of the product and only had to pay shipping and handling . That is what they advertised. However buried in the fine print is the rest of the story which you can read from other dissatisfied customers.

  18. This stuff works!! I feel so ignorant now, I mean smart. I will still keep feeding this company with my hard earned money.

  19. Absolutely a SCAM company. They even sent and charged me for a third product (Amped), which has completely different ingredients than the trial period bottle of Amped. Customer service is an absolute runaround. Stating repeatedly that there is “no need to return the product.” No need? I don’t intend to open or use the product, and I want to return it. “There is no need to return the product…” Stay well away from this company Focus Nutra. It is clearly a SCAM, with fake websites, false endorsements, inadequate if any terms and conditions, and absolutely no confirmations of order, and no address or even packaging other than the bottles themselves. SCAM company, and beware. Besides all of that, I truly hardly notice anything of an effect from the original Intelligex and Amped pills.

    • phone their 1 888 255 1750 number or 1 647 362 5655

      They will not refund your money but you can cancel.
      I contacted my credit card company and told them of this scam. They canceled my card and are sending me a new one so this company can not charge any more false orders.

  20. Don’t do it! I got more out of drinking a cup of coffee. Except coffee is $1.50, the $130 for one of the bottle is not cool.

    • I didnt even get the product myself. Icancelled my order right away once it said i would be charged for more products every mon th and they sent an email saying i could get the product for half price, 6 weeks later still havent received the product, only thing i received from them was a non exsistant tracking number

  21. Friend bought them and gave me a the other 2 bottles I find it makes me slightly more level headed but also a bit drowsy I also notice abdominal pain if I take if for more then 3-4 days in a row I believe it has minor affects that are potentially helpful but it’s obviously over hyped so everyone has dumb beliefs that there about to become superman

  22. Reading this review site in this product was the funniest shit ever. People falling for cut and pasted CNN slogans and supposed endorsments by people like Stephen Hawking or Denzel Washington when the company clearly doesnt list a single ingredient (even just to say they had a proprietary blend of noopeps) is too much to believe. I came to this site merely hoping to finally see an ingredient list (I honestly ought it would be simple plant flavones) and left with some funny laughs. Damn easy way to make easy money on you people.

    The best part was the people asking to cancel the subscription on this site. Seriously could not believe it.

    People, if a supplement company isnt standing firmly behind the science involved in the supplement they are selling (actual ingredient profile, diagrams showing mechanisms of action, and listing at least one actual scientific study (pubmed, ncbi) then its clearly a scam relying on impulse purchasing advertising power.

    This goes for any supplement or supplement company no matter how well known or trusted… Ask yourself why someone selling a product based off science veer away from the “proof is in the pudding” demonstration of tests and supplement info?

    Because they dont want you actually examining the merit of their claims.

  23. I tried Intelligex 2 days and no effects at all. BUT with Amped, I was on a high from 5 pm to 1 am studying with no efforts. I think it was very powerful with Amped. I will try more days and give you more feedbacks. All the ingredients are details on the bottle.

  24. Thanks everyone for the effort into replying to this product. I believe the medical technology is out there but not through these scam artists. If it quacks like a duck…it’s probably a recording. Thanks for the feedback. I won’t be spending my hard earned money on this quack!

  25. I think if it were really that great the big pharmas would close these online companies down and buy the formula and sell it at an exorbitant cost. So give it up people it is not 4.99 but 122.00 or something like that just forget about it.

  26. Solution to improve memory, concentration, and focus: Wet cupping on the head
    Traditional therapy that has been practised for over a thousand years. Stop believing this nonsense! Also try certain fish oils.

  27. I just got these pills today in the mail. I’m reading a lot of people saying that their credit cards have been charged. If you call the credit card companies. They tell you that if you didn’t authorize that money (99.00) they can’t take that money out. I only authorized for 4.95 cents.
    Call your credit card companies

    • In fine print under your 4.99 order it says you will be charged every month for a new one month bottle. When you submit your order you also submit to the fine print. you need to call 1-888-255-1750 to cancel. I called and canceled 10 minutes after I placed order and they said “ok, we’ll cancel your order, but I have two options for you. You can still receive your free trial for $79.99 or we can send you 3 bottles for 15.99 each.” I said “So your free trial at 4.99 is not really free? Now you want to give me the free trial at 79.99? Just cancel everything. I don’t want the free trial.” So they said they canceled my order. Let’s hope they really did and no charges are going to be seen on my credit card.

  28. ill start by stating your trail will run out before you even get to test these pills to see if they work for you, so if your thinking about trying it you will be charged 200-300 dollars for the trial it is not free, there is days i feel like i might feel its effects, maybe the amped energy giving me a little more pep in my step could just be a placebo kinda effect because im taking them i just think its working not enough improvement to say yes it works so far all i know is i paid 260 dollars for sugar pills dont waste your hard earned money on this read the terms and conditions they were put there to screw you over because they know people dont read it this company is just hungry for money its not about helping people its about the dollar….. stick to red bull or monster energy drinks, its cheaper and at least you can enjoy it

  29. I tried Intelligex and Amped energy in January 2016. I found they did not work for me. I think it is a waste of money. For $120 a bottle the product should be stronger. Found Intelligex did a little for me with focus but didn’t last long and Amped didn’t do anything for me. I would take in the afternoon when tired and nothing. I tried lots of energy pills and Amped is week. Found Zantrex 3 is really good for $35-$45 and can get from Walmart or Superstore.

  30. Hahaha what do you expect, obviously idiots are the ones being scammed. They are purchasing so called smart drugs. It’s the easiest way for a company to target “dumb” people. I want to start a company too selling ropes to people with depression.

  31. This isn’t an actual pill review, just the customer service review.

    I knew it was sketchy but thought hey if its only 10 bucks for 2 bottles and then I can cancel, why not? Then I realized they might request the bottles back and I won’t have time to send them in time before they bill me the full price. I called the place the same day (sounded like a pretty tight room cause I heard at least 1 other voice pretty clearly doing sales over the phone), and told them I wasn’t satisfied with the reviews and didn’t know if the product was right for me.

    I said I would be willing to accept the $10 shipping fees if I received my trial bottles, but that I am not comfortable being on a recurring billing list and that I wouldn’t be able to send the pills back in time. The guy said he’ll sell me both bottles at a cost of $39 for each and it will be a one time fee. I told him thats a very fair deal, but that I would like to just leave one of the bottles because I thought they were initially 5$ each and if that was the best deal they can offer me, I will stick to just one bottle. He told me he got a better offer for me, basically $19 for each bottle so a total of $40 + the $10 shipping fees and my credit card is removed from future billings. I found that fair, so we settled down on that, confirmed my new purchase with my CCV and will be waiting on the shipment. I think I got off pretty easy, just hope they don’t try to screw me by actually charging me the full price or something.

  32. I have a brain injury and I am not on adderal 13 years later. Adderal has increased I guess you would say my intelligence

    befoe adderal:
    -low motivation
    -people did not hear from me for days weeks months
    -could not do a lot of the basic life things everyday only when I had to
    -lots of other things

    total opposite major improvement etc.

    the point:
    smart drugs excist in a small way not like this so called drug. so I believe in the future this will be a real thing. anyone thinking to buy I would wait a year until more information is out. Before you put something in your body you should do max research

  33. The product is terrible. I felt less focused, had less energy, and actually a bit ill. I was fast asleep every day I took it by 9pm when I usually stay up until midnight. I want to send the pills in for diagnostics to see what they actually had me put in my body. On top of that they are crooks and sneak into the fine print that after 14 days they will charge you. 14 days from the time you requested it!!!! That means by the time you get it a week later you have 1 week to have it back in their hands to not have your credit card charged. If the products did even 1% of what they claim to do I would be happy to pay more than that for them. Instead they made me feel so awful I want the company investigated.

    • I just got scammed by this company. This product made me feel tense and gave me headaches and then a worse one when they billed $128 on my card. I called them after my credit company blocked any future billing. Called The company and very rude–can’t believe this garbage is $133 a bottle!
      DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! The credit card companies have been overrun with complaints about them the last 6 months!

  34. im happy i did my research and didnt buy this crap hahaha.. the sad part is i was extremely interested in it. if someone actually invented something like this and it actually worked…. id be there number 1 customer. some people take steroids for muscle growth…. i would rather take a drug that increases my brain function. you almost had me intelligex.

    • Christian,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Great job taking a closer look before actually purchasing. While a pill may never be able to make you smarter, there are nootropics out there that can help you focus and clear your mind so that you can think smarter. There is a clear difference. Just need to do yourself some research and find a solution that works for you.

      I suggest taking a look at our Nootropic Smart Drugs Guide

      — Supplement Police

      • I have a brain injury since 13 from A Car accident. doctors wanted me on stimulents(concerta) for the longest time but I would not agree to that(personal reasons and I don’t like my brain chemestiry being alterd)

        After watching limitless I googled the movie and ended up on the topic about smart drugs and than to adderal.

        I am not taking Adderall I just started taking it and it has helped me a lot:

        -Increased motivation(before I would spend days alone because of lack of mental energy)
        -no switching topics rapidly
        -been able to handle my finances better

        My point is that I believe in the future drugs like that will exist since Adderall and other stimulants work(but of course people who take those have pre-existing conditions)

        I don’t believe this hype but if I was to consider this drug I would wait at least a year for wide spread media coverage/information etc.

  35. I want to cancel my order I don’t want my credit card to be charged anymore! They took 3 different payments totaling $370 in a month!!!!

  36. Its a scam! Ive been taking for over a month and iam still waiting lol. seriously these people need to be stopped for selling B.S in a bottle and charging vast sums for it.

  37. None of these comments have much to do with the drug itself. A waste of time reading about people being sucked into an ordering scam. I don’t care about that, just want to know if there is any benefit. If it works as claimed, you can sort out these disputes with ease, right?

  38. I am very disappointed with the comments. There is only 1 comment from someone who is actually trying this product. Does anyone have an actual review?

    • You should thank the people for leaving these comments. If the products worked they woudn’t feel scammed. They were terrible products and they charge you unexpectedly. Avoid at all costs.

    • Yes I tried it and the only thing I got out of it was anxiety, headaches and then $128 unauthorized payment from my credit card!
      I’d think it would be obvious that the product isn’t good if the company is scamming people!

  39. Everyone: If you play your cards right, you can just buy this from them for $39USD – No auto billing, no extra costs.

    Process: Place your order for the free trial. After a day or so, call in to cancel your order. The offshore calling center using VOIP phones with answer. They will ask why? And you will repeat that you want to cancel your order but you would be open to just purchasing the bottle being sent already for $39USD. If you must, tell them that you read bad reviews online and will call your credit card company etc blah blah. I guarantee they will settle and you, my friend, can give this trial a shot. My only ask is: Write us a review when you’re successful.
    PS – I’ll leave a review of the product once received.

    • Just did that, actually bargained with them to get both bottles (intelligex and amped) for $40 + shipping fees. They said they removed my card from future billings, but I’ll call after I get my pills to double check. Have you tried them yet? Phosphotydilserine and vinpocetine as key components seem promising

  40. Pure scam 100%. I just called them to return the unapproved withdrawals from my credit card, they would not budge or put me in touch with any one in a management position. These creatures are bottom feeding criminals nothing more. I have began a fraud/dispute case with my credit card company, I advise anyone else who has been duped by these scum bags to do the same. Once enough claims are made they will be black listed, investigated, and there is a better chance of us all getting something back. Lesson learned.

    • Unfortunately I was also dubbed. Only recourse with the credit card company is to tell them that you only received ONE bottle or they will also try and slither out of insuring you for fraud. They say there’s ‘fine print’ when you purchase and you agreed to the additional charges. I remember clearly clicking $5.99 as the total cost when I purchased. They also told me that this company has been around for awhile and they continue to operate. I was billed twice for over $100 and both amounts were quite different. They are criminals and the credit card company I dealt with was just as bad because they’ve done little to stop them despite the fact they’ve known what they’re up to for a very long time.

    • Have your credit card company call on a 3 way and they will offer you 50% refund and don’t accept that either. Tell them you have seen all the scam reviews and it was not stated in the terms. They just now agreed to give me $50 usd refund and the balance when I call with a tracking number of the junk I’m returning they will pay the rest of the $128 they scammed.

  41. This American company legally rips people off, especially Canadians!!! Read the fine print or they will extract unauthorized transactions from your account. Nothing can be done legally! Even customer service (i.e., fellow common folk) will use manipulative jargon to corner you legally during a recorded call to ensure their victory. However, I understand that the unauthorized transactions are a means to their employment and not supporting this activity will leave them more honest and poor. Focus Nutra Nootropic Supplements are taking advantage of common folk (i.e., Canadians) who are too busy making a living to be a have opposed to a have not. Focus Nutra Nootropic Supplements promote the opposite of their mission statement to make others more healthy by creating a distrustful/stressful environment that keeps everyone on high alert due to a fear of being ripped off.

  42. Uhmm.. sounds like a few of the people on here need some inteligex.. “a fool and their $ are soon parted..” i love how this is a blog about the scam and people are asking for their $ back and to cancel.. maybe a few on here bought some “Dumass”.. :)

  43. Love the people coming on here asking to cancel their subscription. People, this is a review website. NOT the acual people for the drug. Read the article. Stop posting about canceling. This site has nothing to do with the actual drug. If you think they are I see why you fell for the scam.

    I did my research before being dumb enough to fall for a scam. You should of too. Just saying.

    You wouldn’t walk onto a car lot and intantly buy a car. Look into it. Just Google the name of the supplier with scam beside it… that I taught you. Don’t be fooled again.

  44. Its a scam they charge you full price American for the bottle 14 days later if you don’t cancel. Also it does not work to what it says. So the 4.99 us cost me 89.00 us for the amp and the intelligex 4.99 us cost me 79.00 us in Canadian it was 246.00 It is a scam big money grab I hope they get caught and go bankrupt. Trial bottle was supposed to be 4.99 at least if you charge the person again you would have to send another bottle but they don’t .. Disgusting

    • Hi Byran! I got scammed too, but i didn’t even received the sample bottles just the bill for $262.85: 2 samples-$ 14.13 + 2 unauthorized orders. Byran can you please help me with the contact info for this scamers? I cannot find them anymore anywhere. Thank you!

    • SCAM…I’m on SSRI and upon receiving “the trial”, which I thought, was shipping and handling only, discovered I cannot take the drugs due to possible interactions.
      They would not allow me to send back the unopened trial bottles and charged me another $246 for a product I cannot use. Their “customer service” is terrible! This is fraud! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  45. Its a scam they charge you full price American for the bottle 14 days later if you don’t cancel. Also it does not work to what it says. So the 4.99 us cost me 89.00 us for the amp and the intelligex 4.99 us cost me 79.00 us in Canadian it was 246.00 It is a scam big money grab I hope they get caught and go bankrupt.

  46. This is bs, they say you only pay for shipping then screw you for an other $130 I cancelled my subscription, I should slap my own damn self for falling for this crap

  47. I’ve started taking the pills (Intelligex & Amped ) for over a week just under the 14 days. Other than daily headaches, I haven’t felt any better or focused. The amped energy pills haven’t given me any kind of energy either. Waste of time and money! Luckily I called and cancelled the pills. The girl on the phone told me that I won’t be billed or sent anymore, but tried to make a deal with me to keep both bottles for basically $80 ($39.99 each) instead of returning them (shipping). Not worth it. The only thing that cost me was shopping the pills to my home and back to them.

  48. Scam product using fake websites (including one claiming to be CBC canada – but isn’t. I guess they figure if you’re going to scam people, why not the easy marks (ie stupid people). 10 minutes of research to determine they are a FRAUD.

  49. I’m sorry, I’d like to cancel my subscription and or any future purchases of intelligex and amped and please withdraw my personal informations.
    How can I do to send you back your product and refund my money? please I’m very disappointed.

      • Lol really A if their that stupid to first fall for this scam then be on a review website asking them to cancel their order. They probably would just give their credit card info to who ever pretty easily.

  50. IT IS A SCAM! If you call and say the supplements don’t work, you either have to take out 28 pill of each bottle and pay shipping to send it back, or pay 89.95 for intelligence and 79.95 for the amped to keep them. Be warned!!!!!

  51. Hey guys,

    I’ve been taking Intelligex, and it’s…I hate to admit, but, working? I take anti-deppresants for anxiety. I also take this supplement and have been for he past 2weeks, solid. I feel a slight difference so far in perspective, how I look at myself and he world, I understand more and have a clearer head, it may be from the anti’s but let’s keep in mind that you have to keep taking them at the proper time everyday or they don’t work, and I wasn’t. I’m interested in finding out what’s coming next.

  52. Yeah I’d like to know too. The comments so far seem eerily similar. Almost as if big pharma came on here to dissuade customers from buying or something… None of them seem informative at all. Pretty generalized and vague to me. Also quite redundant an almost verbatim.

  53. I would like to also cancel my subscription. This is a scam. 14 day trial turns into hundreds of dollars in credit card fraud by Intelligex. Authorities have been contacted.

  54. I’d like to cancel my subscription and or any future purchases of intelligex and amped. After the first 14 day trial I would like to cancel my order and withdraw my personal information.

      • Total scam. False advertising- hey Steven Hawking takes these haha. They say free 30 day trial but buried in the fine print after 14 days they hit you with 224$ Pure snake oil. These parasites should be shut down and jailed. The product is nothing you cannot get at a health food store for a few dollars and there is no way to know what is actually in the pills. This is robbery plain and simple.

    • That’s an interesting review!! Lol saying you want to cancel on a review website is ridiculous. I’m guessing they didn’t work? Or you didn’t receive them yet?

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