AirTouch Rotating Brush

AirTouch Rotating Makeup Brush is a device that allows consumers to get a photo-ready appearance with their foundation when they get ready for the day. This applicator is only available online for consumers, but it comes with free shipping.

What Is The AirTouch Rotating Makeup Brush?

Learning to apply makeup in a natural way is difficult for many consumers. Even with a preference for either liquid or powder makeup, consumers need to blend it perfectly with their skin to make the most of it. Using the fingertips introduces new oils to the complexion, which can cause breakouts, while typically sponges and brushes are not consistent in their application. That is what the AirTouch Rotating Brush is for.

The AirTouch brush uses a battery-operated handle to eliminate the lines and buildup that makeup causes when it is applied. Rather than risking that inevitable line around the edge of the face, this brush ensures that no one will know that makeup is even on the user’s face. It is easy to use and keep clean, which balances the complexion and reduces the risk of clogging pores.

Using The Brush

The AirTouch device is meant for both powder and liquid makeup, though the application is a little different for each one.

While applying liquid makeup, consumers follow these steps:

  1. Dot the liquid onto the face.
  2. Turn on the brush.
  3. Glide the brush both up and down over each of the areas of the face. Avoid circular motion, but use light pressure.
  4. Continue until the makeup is blended evenly.

When the user wants to put on powder, the device does not need to be on at all. After lightly coating the brush, blend with the same pattern as with the liquid makeup until the skin is coated.

Both the handle and the brush should be cleaned consistently. Remove the handle from the brush, wiping it down with a damp cloth. Use mild soap and warm water to wash the makeup from the brush. Once both pieces are dry, reassemble the device and store for the next use.

Pricing For The AirTouch Rotating Brush

To buy the AirTouch brush, consumers only need to pay $39.99. There is no shipping fee needed, which means that the user only needs to consider the cost of the device.

Even with all the different details on how users can get the most from the brush, this device still comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that the individual is satisfied.

Contacting The Creators of the AirTouch Rotating Makeup Brush

The website offers the instructions and complete information on the brush on a PDF on the website, but there are always reasons to reach out to the customer service team. The best way to get ahold of someone is to call 855-663-5633.

AirTouch Rotating Makeup Brush Summary

The AirTouch Rotating Brush makes it easy for anyone to get ready in the morning without much time or effort needed. Even the most experience makeup user benefits from this fast trick to get ready in the morning, only needing them to decide what shade and type of foundation they want. With regular cleaning and fresh batteries, anyone can look airbrushed and immaculate when they head out the door each day.


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