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Healbe GoBe Review

The Healbe GoBe is a $300 fitness tracker unlike anything else in the world today. The tracker is worn on your wrist and measures your blood glucose – and movement – to determine your total calorie intake and expenditure.

Is the Healbe GoBe worth the price?

Does it actually accurately measure your calorie intake?

Find out today in our Healbe GoBe review.

Healbe GoBe

What is the Healbe GoBe?

The Healbe GoBe calls itself “the only way to automatically measure calorie intake” and claims to be a “100% automatic body manager.”

It’s a wearable fitness device designed to be worn on your wrist. The device tells you how many calories you burn and consume throughout the day. It measures your calorie burning just like an ordinary fitness tracker: assessing your movement whether you’re running, biking, or playing sports.

It also tracks heart rate, stress, hydration, and sleep patterns.

Basically, the Healbe GoBe does everything other fitness trackers do while also providing accurate calorie tracking.

Best of all, the Healbe GoBe claims to track all of these statistics with no estimates, no logging, and no hassles.

The secret is the Healbe Flow technology. This technology takes information from three different sensors on your wrist, including a pressure sensor, impedance sensor, and accelerometer. By reading the amount of glucose in your cells, GoBe can estimate calorie consumption and hydration, among other metrics.

The wearable device connects with your smartphone. The GoBe doesn’t have much of a display (just a series of LED indicators), so you’ll need a connected smartphone to learn most of the information.

The GoBe has a traditional sport watch strap. The face of the device points outward and is laid out with hundreds of small LED indicator dots. These dots can be used to spell out basic numbers and information about your activity. The face looks like a speaker when all the lights are off.

When worn on the wrist, the watch is slightly larger than most smartwatches or fitness trackers. Expect the face of the watch to stretch from one side of your wrist to the other.

Who Makes the Healbe GoBe?

Healbe was founded in 2012 by Artem Shipitsyn, George Mikaberidze, and Stanislav Povolotsky. According to the official Healbe website, Healbe.com, the company actually has roots going as far back as 1999:

“Healbe™ has its roots in 1999, when researchers at the Saint Petersburg-based Algorithm Innovation and Technological Consulting Center began work on a technology to measure blood glucose concentrations noninvasively.”

Over 15 years ago, researchers had a goal of tracking physiological stats without testing the blood or using needles. Now, in 2015, the Healbe GoBe is finally ready to be released.

In March 2015, Healbe launched an Indiegogo campaign called “Healbe GoBe: The Only Way to Automatically Measure Calorie Intake”.

The fundraiser had a goal of raising $100,000. By the time the fundraiser closed on April 15, 2014, Healbe had raised a total of $1.08 million.

The fitness tracker was originally scheduled for release in June 2014. Backers, however, have had to wait much longer for the project to be completed. As of now, the scheduled shipping date is March 2015.

How to Buy the Healbe GoBe

You can buy the Healbe GoBe from the official Healbe website at Healbe.com/Store. That site features two different versions of the GoBe, including the regular Healbe GoBe and the Healbe GoBe Black Limited Edition.

The original GoBe costs $299.99 and offers free shipping anywhere in the United States. You can get it shipped around the world, although you’ll need to pay extra international fees.

The Black Limited Edition GoBe replaces the silver face of the original GoBe with a sleek, black face.

The first shipments of the Healbe GoBe will be shipped out in March 2015. Healbe is reportedly releasing a total of 6,500 devices and 4,000 of those devices have already been sold to customers.

Healbe also signed an agreement with retail electronics company New Age Electronics, and some of the remaining 2,500 units will likely be headed to store shelves.

Customer Reviews for the Healbe GoBe

The first Healbe GoBe trackers will be shipped out in March 2015. As of yet, only a handful of tech websites have their hands on the tracker – making it difficult to see if the tracker actually works.

Due to the repeated delays, the Healbe GoBe has faced a wave of negative press over the last few months. Some have even called the Healbe Gobe an elaborate scam. Early versions of the GoBe were plagued with problems, including:

— Initial units that were shipped out were rumored to have warped due to heat, which caused the cover to fall off more easily

— The company missed its initial June 2014 deadline and then the November 2014 deadline

— In response to the delays, GoBe’s creators said “Previous delays (were due to) usual manufacturing issues. It’s the usual story when you manufacture something from metal,”

— There have been mixed reports about the features. Some of the reports claim that the Gobe can track carbs, fat, calories, and even blood alcohol levels, for example.

— Healbe claims its device will accurately measure total calorie intake and expenditure throughout the day. Until the device is released, it’s difficult to say whether or not that claim is true. Some people argue that accurate calorie tracking is impossible – but we’ll wait to see just how advanced the GoBe algorithm is.


Ultimately, the Healbe GoBe is one of the world’s most unique fitness devices. Many companies have released wearable fitness trackers which measure your movement and calorie burning. To date, Healbe is the only company which has released a fitness tracker which also measures your blood glucose, calorie expenditure, and other physiological metrics.

At $300, the price tag is a little higher than other fitness trackers. But the GoBe is also vastly more functional. If you’re looking for a wearable fitness device which tracks your calorie intake, calorie burning, heart rate, stress levels, hydration, and sleep status, then the Healbe GoBe is your only option.

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  1. I’ve been using Healbe for a month now and it works just fine. I mostly use the sleep tracking function – and i think it tracks sleep better than Fitbit does. In the next update Healbe will be able to track daysleep, which is important for people who work at nights.

  2. For anybody thinking about buying a GoBe, strongly consider something else. I am one of the original Indigogo backers for the GoBe project and I am utterly disgusted with the entire campaign. The communication from HealBe throughout the campaign has been atrocious, the customer service non-existent, and the actual GoBe..well, at this point it’s non-existent too. My suggestion, buy a good health/fitness tracker like FitBit or Jawbone and pair the device with your smartphone…you’ll save yourself the headache and frustration you would experience with the HealBe GoBe.

    • Paul,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s interesting that a company that is trying to get off the ground wouldn’t communicate better with its backers.

      It has a lot of buzz in the beginning. But I agree with you, I think the Fit Bit is the better option.

      — Supplement Police

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