AcuBand – Acupressure Headache Pain Relief Head Pads System?


AcuBand is an accessory that helps consumers relieve headaches using the science behind acupressure on certain locations on the head, which are meant to relieve pain. The product is available as part of a promotion that allows consumers to get two AcuBands for the price of one.

What Is AcuBand?

Headaches are one of the most frustrating types of pain that someone experiences for many reasons. Usually, a headache is unpredictable, which means that consumers cannot take preventative medication, change their diet, or exercise to stop a headache from settling in.

Most of the time, maintaining hydration is the smartest way that someone can prevent pain, but this discomfort can come from many different sources. For natural relief, the AcuBand may be the best solution.

AcuBand contains absolutely no medication or chemicals to sedate the user or to treat the pain artificially. However, even by wearing the product for just a few moments, consumers will finally experience the relief of pain through acupressure, which should not be confused with acupuncture. Even though the accessory is meant to be worn on the head, the balance of the product also provides support for the neck, to maintain the relief.

Though most natural remedies involve requiring the user to take it easy and rest, the AcuBand requires no such behavior. Instead, anyone can simply line up the headband, and continue with the other responsibilities of their day. By choosing this device instead, consumers can forgo pain medication, much of which is known for causing liver damage over time.

How Does The AcuBand Work?

As said above, the reason that the AcuBand is effective is due to the use of acupressure. Acupressure is a holistic type of pain relief, which involves putting pressure on the right points on the body to signal the brain to stop the pain that the head is enduring. The science behind the treatment is simple, though many people choose chemicals instead because of the change in the body.

The use of acupressure is helpful in many body issues, alleviating everything from pain, to nausea, to anxiety. However, it is entirely up to the user to line up the accessory properly to get the complete relief.

Using The AcuBand

The only time that the AcuBand needs to be worn is when the user wants to get relief from their headache. When the discomfort starts, the user will need to secure the AcuBand around their head, lining up with the temples and the forehead, though the included directions will be more specific.

After the AcuBand is lined up, the user needs to tighten the straps for the right size around the head to get the customized fit. It will not take long for the effects of acupressure to kick in, though some people notice that about five minutes in place is enough.

If the individual is dealing with a severe migraine, or an otherwise uncomfortable headache, they may want to speak with their doctor about other options.

Pricing For The AcuBand

The total cost of the AcuBand is $19.99, plus the $7.99 shipping and handling fee. However, there is still a promotion on the website right now, allowing consumers to get a second AcuBand for a family member or other loved one to get the sleep that they deserve as well. The only requirement of the consumer is to cover the cost of shipping the second AcuBand, which is the same as the first order ($7.99).

Even though the product is clinically tested, some consumers might need something different to help them with their sleep. The company offers a 60-day return policy to get a full refund for anyone that does not get the desired benefits.

Contacting The Creators Of AcuBand

The only downside about the AcuBand device is that the website does not offer much information. The customer service team will be able to give more information to the user, and they can be contacted by calling 973-287-5126.

The department is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 8:00pm EST, and on weekends from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

AcuBand Review Summary

AcuBand is the solution for consumers that hate to use their pain medication, due to the impact it has on their sensitive stomach, their alertness, or any other reason. The point of the device is to remove the need to take medication to get through their headache, even if the cause is clear.

Rather than pouring more acetaminophen into the body, use the holistic solution that AcuBand offers.

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