ElectroAcupuncture – Pulsating Electrical Current Acupuncture?


ElectroAcupuncture is an acupuncture technique that involves applying small electric currents to acupuncture needles to healing. Acupuncture is a healing technique that was developed in China thousands of years ago.

ElectroAcupuncture was developed in the 1930’s when acupuncturists began using the Asian medicine technique to control pain. Electroacupuncture was later applied in clinical practice after several years of testing and experiments. According to acupuncturists, the qi in a person's body runs along certain meridians.

There are specific points on the body that correspond to these meridians. Activation of these points can help alleviate pain or illness present in the body. The use of small electric currents in conjunction with the acupuncture needles can help relieve chronic pains in the body.

How Is Electropuncture Performed?

The acupuncture needles are inserted as in traditional treatment. However, a small electrode is attached to the needles. A gentle vibration results from the electrodes which stimulate the qi running through the meridians.

The electric current substitutes the acupuncturist's hand maneuvering of the needles to stimulate the meridians. ElectroAcupuncture takes a shorter time than the traditional acupuncture treatment due to the continued and stronger stimulus.

Electroacupuncture is used in the treatment of various disorders including neurological diseases, paralysis, chronic pain, and spasms. It is also employed in holistic sports as a treatment of injuries.

Electroacupuncture can also be combined with the traditional acupuncture technique to promote the flow of qi and blood in the body. The combination of these techniques can also help relieve pain, prevent blood clotting, and warm the muscles in the body.

Health Benefits Of ElectroAcupuncture

1. Relieve Arthritis

A study found out that electroacupuncture can help relieve patients with hip osteoarthritis. According to the study, electroacupuncture is more effective in reducing joint pain than the prescription pain relievers or the anti-inflammatory medications. The traditional healing techniques had fewer side effects than the prescription pain medications.

2. Relieve Postsurgical Pain

A study was conducted to find out the effects of electroacupuncture on patients who had undergone heart surgery. The patients received electroacupuncture on the day before the surgical procedure.

After the surgery, patients who had received electroacupuncture experienced less pain than those who did not get the traditional healing technique. The group also required less medication than the group that had not received electroacupuncture.

3. Improve Blood Flow

Raynaud’s syndrome causes the fingers and the toes to feel numb and cold due to poor blood flow. The problem is caused by the narrowing of the small arteries that supply blood to the skin.

As a result, vasospasm limits the supply of blood to the extremities. Patients that have been diagnosed with this symptom have reported an improvement after receiving a series of electroacupuncture.

4. Repair Damaged Nerves

The traditional healing technique can be used to treat patients with peripheral nerve damage. Electroacupuncture can also help patients with musculoskeletal system diseases.

5. Fertility Problems And Hormonal Imbalances

Some studies support the use of electroacupuncture in the management of fertility problems and hormonal imbalances. The traditional healing technique can help alleviate the various types of pain such as the menstrual cramps and irregularities.

Possible Side Effects of ElectroAcupuncture

According to data from randomized controlled studies, electroacupuncture is not likely to cause side effects when it is performed by a qualified professional. The likelihood of adverse reactions increases when the healing technique is conducted by an unqualified individual.

Some of the most common side effects include injuries to the central nervous system, infections, injuries to tissues, and irritation around the stimulation sites. According to large-scale practitioner surveys, the adverse effects are estimated to occur in around ten percent of the patients.

It is important to note that the likelihood of the side effects, the severity, and the total number of the adverse effects is subject to individual variation. In other words, one patient may complain of mild bruising and anxiety while another patient may complain of a slight headache and nausea. The following is a comprehensive list of the possible side effects that may occur after receiving an electroacupuncture.


The skin is likely to bruise within several days after an electroacupuncture session. The bruising may be seen in multiple areas of the skin. The bruising occurs when the needle-induced stimulation breaks the blood vessels near the skin surface.

The injury to these blood vessels makes the red blood vessels leak, causing the purplish-red patches. The bruises may be sensitive and painful to touch. Severe bruising can be relieved with an immediate use of an ice pack.


According to some studies, electroacupuncture can be used to manage dizziness. Interestingly, some individuals may experience dizziness after receiving a session of electropuncture. It is unknown why some people feel dizzy after undergoing the traditional healing technique.

Experts suggest that dizziness is caused by a reaction that results from the stimulation of certain nerves around the head or neck region. Lightheadedness and Nausea may also accompany dizziness. The dizziness can be alleviated by changing the position of the head or body during the treatment session. When the head is positioned at a downward angle, the dizziness may be caused by a change in blood flow.

Individuals with an existing medical condition have an increased risk of dizziness. Staying hydrated can also help prevent the likelihood of dizziness. The patient should ensure that they are seated in a comfortable position during the treatment session to reduce the risk of experiencing dizziness.


According to reports, some individuals may faint during an electroacupuncture treatment session. The reasons for fainting may include an awkward position of the head or body during treatment and emotional swindles.

Medical reports indicate that most fainting episodes occur as a result of the acupuncture needles. Some patients have a phobia of needles, and upon seeing the needles, they become lightheaded, dizzy, and end up losing consciousness.

Individuals who have an aversion to the sight of needles are advised to avoid needle-based electroacupuncture. Persons who have existing medical conditions are likely to faint during an electroacupuncture session. Pregnant women are also likely to faint.


Though electroacupuncture is used as an alternative treatment for anxiety, the treatment may induce anxiety disorders and stress in some individuals. Electroacupuncture may exacerbate anxiety disorders in some patients.

However, the particular cause may be individualized. An upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system during an electroacupuncture session may be one of the causes of anxiety during an electroacupuncture session.

An activation of the sympathetic nervous system activates the fight-or-flight response system leading to anxiety and stress. The alterations in neurobiology as mediated by the nerve signaling may also lead to stress during an electroacupuncture session. The acupuncture needles cause a change of the nerve signals that are transmitted to the brain leading to a difference in production of catecholamine and peptides hormones.


Electroacupuncture may cause a profound feeling of relaxation that may result in drowsiness as a side effect. Drowsiness can occur as a consequence of the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system that is associated with the activity of the vagus nerve.


Though electroacupuncture is used to treat headaches and migraines, some patients are likely to experience headaches as a side effect of the healing technique. The cause of headaches during an electroacupuncture session is not well understood. However, it is thought that the headaches may be caused by the direct stimulation of the head.

The headaches are likely to occur when the needles are inserted deeply with excessive pressure. Stimulation of highly-sensitive areas of the head may also cause headaches. The headaches may result from the continued tension in the highly-sensitive areas such as the scalp, cheeks, forehead, and lips.


Reports suggest that infections are the most common side effects of acupuncture. An infection may be caused by the use of one needle for more than one session. Improper needle sterilization and poor sanitation may also cause infections. It is important for the acupuncturists to observe needle sterility and maintenance of a clean environment for the patients.


A small percentage of patients may experience nausea as an adverse effect after receiving a session of an electroacupuncture. Patients with a phobia of needles may complain of nausea upon seeing the acupuncture needles.

Top ElectroAcupuncture Products

1. Electro Acupuncture Device ITO ES 130

The new electropuncture machine was introduced to replace the popular IC-1107+. The device is sturdy, lightweight, and compact. It features a low/high switch that is used to facilitate the utilization of the acupuncture needles. The machine has an overall review of 3.4 stars out of a possible five stars on Amazon. The electro-acupuncture Device ITO ES 130 is sold at $600.

2. The Acu Machine

According to the manufacturers, the Acu Machine is the worldwide bestselling and improved electroacupuncture device. The device is designed with six channels, five waveforms, and an acupoint detection. It also comes with a three-year warranty. The device has an overall rating of 3.0 stars out of a possible five stars on Amazon. The Acu Machine is sold at $112.77 on Amazon.

ElectroAcupuncture Conclusion

Electroacupuncture is the best stimulation technique that can be used to manage a variety of disorders. However, the stimulation technique is associated with several side effects such as anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, and bruising.

It is advisable to receive an electroacupuncture from a qualified acupuncturist to reduce the likelihood of the side effects.

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