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Nitric oxide is a chemical compound with a chemical formula of NO. This colorless gas is one of the many oxides of nitrogen and is also a free radical. So why are we telling you all of this? Well, as it turns out, nitric oxide plays a huge role in your health. To be a bit more specific, nitric oxide has a huge impact on your blood flow, which subsequently has a big impact on the health of your heart, arteries, brain, and many other parts of your body.

Nitric oxide is capable of signaling your arteries to open wider. When your arteries open wider, the blood flow is increased and your blood pressure is instantly improved. Introduction of nitric oxide and its effect on your blood circulation can be seen in real time. It takes minutes for your blood flow to improve and most people can experience feeling significantly better within a short period of time after taking nitric oxide supplements.

What Is Patriot Health Alliance ActivOX?

Over time, the levels of nitric oxide in your body slowly diminish because of a variety of different reasons. ActivOX is a supplement which is designed with a unique formula in mind tailored for a single purpose: to restore the healthy levels of nitric oxide in your body. When you are going through your 20s and 30s, your body naturally has higher levels of nitric oxide than during all others stages of life. In part, this increased level of nitric oxide is the reason why you were so energetic and upbeat in your early years. ActivOX aims to restore those same NO levels that you had throughout your 20s and 30s and give you that energy back, as well as other benefits.

Why Is Healthy Blood Flow Important?

All doctors are aware that a healthy blood flow can be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy body. Your blood flow plays a gigantic role in your overall wellbeing. All of your body organs depend on a healthy blood flow. Blood is needed to perform every single action. None of your body parts can function without blood. Your brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and everything else highly depends on a correct flow of blood.

Obviously, your blood pressure is highly dependent on your blood flow. If the flow is unrestricted and unhindered then your pressure should be healthy and stable. There are many things you can do to improve your blood pressure, but without a proper level of nitric oxide in your body your blood pressure may never get to a healthy level.

Excellent blood flow is also responsible for the amount of energy that you get. When your arteries are fully open and functioning at the right level, blood is able to deliver every last drop of energy to your body parts, which results in your ability to function longer and more effectively without crashing. Think about the time when you were younger, how much energy you had to run around, and how long you could keep it going. All of this is because of the increased levels of nitric oxide.

Your brain and how clearly it functions is directly correlated with correct blood flow. Whenever blood flow to the brain becomes inhibited, you start to lose focus and this result in serious consequences for your brain cells. Ischemic events, restricted blood flow, and the complete blockage of it can result in irreversible damage to the brain, including death.

The health of your arteries is also greatly improved by increased levels of nitric oxide. Your arteries might not be able to expand to the levels that they are supposed to expand to without the help of nitric oxide. When your arteries aren’t being used as intended, they become unhealthy and less flexible, resulting in further reduction in blood flow.

Sex life is also greatly impacted by your blood flow. Excellent blood circulation is directly related to sexual enjoyment and performance. It’s easy to understand why this is the case for men, but you will be surprised to know that a healthy blood flow also plays a huge role in sexual performance for women as well.

Lastly, your organs, as we mentioned earlier, are completely dependent on your blood flow. You can almost literally say that a decreased blood flow can cause organs to sort of dry up and wither, while an excellent blood flow is able to nourish your organs and ensure that they are functioning at an optimal level, thus increasing your lifespan.

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What Are Some Key Ingredients Found In ActivOX?

There are a few ingredients in ActivOX which are vital to its performance. The combination of these ingredients is what separates this supplement from others and why its performance is superior.

Purified beet root extract is one of the most important ingredients found in ActivOX. Beetroots, also known as Beta vulgaris, contain nitrates in them which are capable of producing nitric oxide in the bloodstream at a ridiculous rate. It is one of the best plants to use if you are trying to increase your nitric oxide levels in your blood. The major drawback of beets is that they taste absolutely dreadful. Thankfully, ActivOX uses a purified extract of the beet plant without the funny taste that comes from beets.

Hawthorn berry, scientifically named Crataegus monogyna, is another plant which is capable of delivery extraordinary levels of nitric oxide into your blood stream. The main reason why this berry is so vital in the formula is because it contains an enzyme known as nitrite reductase, which can convert the nitrate derived from beetroot extract into nitric oxide.

Vitamin B-12 and C are also found as ingredients in ActivOX. Vitamin B-12 is able to help your cells process the nitric oxide and convert it into energy which you can use as fuel all day to continue functioning at extraordinary levels. Vitamin C is a great addition to other ingredients which are found in ActivOX and overall is an excellent vitamin which is always needed by your body.

Lastly, magnesium is another ingredient which is used in the ActivOX formula. The main reason for magnesium use is to improve your overall cardiovascular health. It should be taken every day. Magnesium is a good co-ingredient which will ensure your heart is in a good condition to ensure it can support the increased blood flow.

What Dosage Of ActivOX Should I Take Daily?

Taking ActivOX once per day should deliver results relatively quickly and you should see the changes in your blood flow and the way you feel immediately. Extra energy, improved circulation, and increased stamina are some of the benefits you should be able to observe very quickly after starting to take ActivOX.

As you continue to take ActivOX, you will see an increase in the amount of benefits that you can take advantage of. If you feel it is necessary, you can also boost the effectiveness of ActivOX by taking two tablets daily for the first thirty to forty five days. Make sure you take them at least twelve hours apart from each other. After the initial loading period of thirty to forty five days you should return to only taking ActivOX once per day.

Can ActivOX Be Taken With Other Medications?

This supplement is designed to increase your nitric oxide levels while supporting your overall wellbeing and health. Because of the effects that nitric oxide has on your blood pressure, we strongly suggest that you consult your medical professional if you are already taking any type of blood pressure medicine prior to taking advantage of ActivOX.

If you are taking medication designed to help with erectile dysfunction, it is also strongly suggested to converse with your doctor about taking ActivOX since the combination of both can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

Even if you don’t take any of the above mentioned medications, we still strongly urge you to talk to your physician. While ActivOX isn’t harmful by any means, certain conditions with combination with ActivOX might cause potential health issues to surface. Your doctor will know if there is any risk to increasing the nitric oxide levels in your blood and if doing this can be potentially harmful to you for any reason.

ActivOX Review Summary

After the research we have conducted and the countless reviews we have read, we determined that healthy levels of nitric oxide are extremely important for your overall health. ActivOX has just the right amount of correct ingredients in it to ensure that you are able to increase your nitric oxide levels in the body with the help of natural ingredients that have been proven to work in the past.

With that said, we always recommend talking to your doctor about any supplements or medications you are planning on taking for any reason. Combinations of medications or health conditions with supplements might or might not cause adverse reactions which might cause other health problems. In order to be one hundred percent sure that it is safe for you to increase your nitric oxide levels and increase your blood flow, you must consult with your medical professional.

If you experience any complications or suspect that ActivOX might be causing adverse effects, immediately contact your doctor and determine the best course of action. If you experience any chest pains or heart palpitations, immediately seek emergency help.

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