Activo Nutrition – Probiotics, Turmeric, Enzymes, Blood Sugar & Krill Oil?


Activo Nutrition is a ‘high quality supplement manufacturer’ that provides customers with products that are hand crafted and and well researched. All of the individual products are crafted for specific purposes and deliver our bodies with amazing, noticeable effects within a short span of time.

Key Features of Activo Nutrition

Other key features of Activo Nutrition include:

(i) Natural:

All of the items are made using 100% live bacteria that has been clinically tested and validated. There are also studies that users can check out so as to satisfy themselves of the beneficial characteristics of these healthy bacteria.

(ii) BIO-Tract technology:

All of the products being offered by Activo nutrition use of this technology to help in the better delivery of important probiotic beadlets into our digestive tract. As a result of this users are able to sustain live bacteria within their large and small intestines for longer periods.

(iii) Long Shelf Life:

The products are shelf stable and make use of acid-resistant technology that ensures content preservation.

Activo Nutrition Product Range

The main products up for purchase by Activo Nutrition include:

(i) Sustained Release Probiotics:

As the name clearly suggests, this is a probiotic formula that helps keep the health of our gut in check. In addition to this, daily intake of this product can help boost our energy levels, support our immune system, reduce bloating and gas. Other benefits include a reduction of spots on our skin, a benefit which is achieved via the elimination of free radicals from our epidermis and subcutaneous layer.

The manufacturer has also mentioned that Sustained Release Probiotics uses an advanced delivery formula that helps in the faster receiving of key active agents to our stomach. As a result of this, users are able to get an instant boost of live bacteria within their digestive tracts.

Other important information:

  • Vitality: when taken daily, this supplement promotes the faster production of energy within our bodies.
  • Immunity: another underrated aspect of this product is its ability to help us maintain our immunity via an increase of antioxidants in our bloodstreams.

A single bottle contains a month worth of supply and is priced at $89.95

(ii) Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine:

This is an all new ‘Turmeric Curcumin’ supplement that features clinically added extracts of BioPerine which can help in maintaining our overall health. From a benefit standpoint we can see that Curcumin has been widely used in the east in many food items. This is because it not only possesses excellent taste, but also actively works to prevent issues that are related to inflammation and unhealthy cholesterol accumulations.

In terms of its composition, this Turmeric Curcumin supplement comes loaded with a patented extract of black pepper that has been studied and shown to increase the uptake of curcumin by upto 2000%. Other benefits of regular use include:

  • Internal Health: as mentioned earlier, regular use of this supplement helps lower blood pressure and reduces cholesterol aggregates from within our arteries and veins.
  • Immunity: an often overlooked aspect of this product is its ability to help support our immune system via the rapid production of key antibodies within our neural channels.
  • Pain Control: owing to the fact that the supplement acts as a powerful anti inflammatory agent, it is able to ease any aches and pains that we might be suffering from. Not only that, it also contains certain relaxants that help reduce pain in our joints

A single bottle is priced at $89.95.

(iii) Premium Digestive Enzymes:

These enzymes are made through the use of a proprietary blend that helps in the faster breakdown of food within our stomachs. As a result of this, our bodies are able to digest meals faster and thereby feel more energised quickly.

The manufacturer has also mentioned on the official website that the added enzymes have been derived form ‘naturally occurring fruit sources’ which possess a nice pH balance ( so as to ensure optimal digestion and maximum nutrient absorption throughout the gut) . Other key aspects of this product include:

  • Increased Nutritional Uptake: as mentioned earlier, there are certain agents within this product that help in the faster uptake of key minerals and vitamins within our body.
  • Weight loss: when taken on a regular basis, this supplement helps in the faster metabolization of lipids and unhealthy fats that might have accumulated within our belly region.
  • Digestive Health: as is clear from the name, the primary use of this product is to protect our gut and maximize its working capacity. As a result of these benefits, our bodies are able to remain more healthy and fresh for longer durations at a stetch.

(iv) Ultra Support Blood Sugar:

This unique dietary supplement comes packed with a highly specialised blend of 20 herbs and nutrients that have been studied and validated. In addition to this, all of them have been shown to provide our bodies with support that can potentially stabilize our blood sugar levels and reduce our BP as well

The manufacturer also claims that from the first use itself, users will be able to feel a difference in their energy levels, and will be able to avoid issues like afternoon crashes, dullness etc.

Other key aspects of this supplement include:

  • Blood Sugar Level Regulation: one of the key aspects of this product is its ability to help control the release of insulin within our system. As a result of this, we are better able to manage our weight and utilize unwanted fats and sugars much more easily.
  • Cellular Energy Release: another major aspect of this product is its ability to promote extra energy in our bodies. This increases our vitality and overall ability to do work.
  • Reasonably priced: while many other similar supplements are priced above a hundred dollars, this product is available for a reasonable sum of $89.95.
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol: when used on a regular basis, this supplement is able to regulate HDL and LDL levels in a stable fashion.

(v) High Potency Krill Oil:

In recent years Krill Oil has become extremely famous in the United States. This is because it contains healthy EFA’s that can help maximize the overall physical abilities of our bodies. The krill oil present within this formula has been sourced from the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

When taken on a regular basis, studies have shown that this oil can help support our cardiovascular health, prevent joint inflammation, and even supply key antioxidants to our skin and organs. Not only that, a study released by the University of Newcastle in 2017 has shown that Krill Oil contains certain compounds that help to strengthen hair, skin, and nails.

From a compositional aspect we can see that krill oil is “48 times more effective to the human body than fish oil”. In addition to this, it is more safe and contains highly soluble forms of It Omega 3's within them. Other key aspects of this formula include:

  • Heart Health: when used as a daily part of our dietary regime, the omega 3 EFA’s in the mix help to support our cardiovascular health.
  • Overall Well Being: an often overlooked aspect of krill oil is its ability to help strengthen our skin, hair & nails.
  • Neutral Taste: unlike other fish oil supplements that can be hard to swallow, this product possesses no fishy aftertaste

All bottles contain a month’s worth supply and are priced at $89.95.

Where Can I Place My Order of Activo Nutrition?

All of the aforementioned items can be ordered directly from the official Activo Nutrition website (all of the pricing and nutritional info has been outlined there). Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. There are also a host of cheap delivery options to choose from.

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