Act Oral Care – Healthy Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Any Good?


Oral Hygiene

Oral Health is something that’s extremely important and should be taken seriously by everyone in ownership of a mouth.

Although many people would agree with the above statement, not many people actually practice this belief on a diurnal basis.  This means that most of the population may follow practices such as brushing their teeth daily, but fewer people practice flossing or use mouthwash regularly.

This is highly unfortunate because there is a direct correlation between oral health and the health of other areas of your body.

For example, did you know that a diseased mouth often signals to a diseased cardiovascular system? That’s right, poor oral health is connected with issues such as heart attacks.

Since information like this isn’t known by the masses, it leads to people not taking their oral health seriously. Often thinking that it’s just an annoying thing they were taught to do.

People may wonder if poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular issues, does the converse mean that good oral hygiene can lead to cardiovascular health?

Absolutely, it does. Fewer germs in your mouth means that fewer germs will actually permeate the rest of your body. This is super important.

One company that provides all of the products people need to make sure their oral hygiene is in tact is Act Oral Care.

Act Oral Care

Act Oral Care is a company that can be used as a all-in-one-stop for oral hygiene.

Act understands the severity of what can occur with your health if people don’t practice good hygiene habits. Not only will a social cost be paid (no one like stinking breath) but a health cost will be paid as well.

Act battles this issue by providing a plethora of products that all pertain to oral hygiene and makes the process of cleaning your mouth a lot easier.

This is done by the sheer amount of products they offer. Everyone from the young to the old, from the slightly afflicted to the more extreme cases can benefit from these products.

That’s because all of Act’s products are tailored made to battle specific issues, whether they be extreme or minute. No matter the oral issues, Act has a product for it.

All families should have these types of products in their homes and they should all be used daily. It may be an inconvenience but it’s so important.

Act Oral Care Products

All of the products that Act offers falls into a few categories. They are Adult Mouthwash, Kids, and Dry Mouth.

Let’s take a look at each of they categories to really get a firm grasp on what this company has to offer it’s customers.

Adult Mouthwash- This category of products breaks down into sub-categories which include Advanced Care, Restoring, Anti-cativity, Sensitive, and Brace Care. We’ll only take a look at a few of these.

The Advance Care products contain mouthwashes that can help kill germs, prevent plaque, control gingivitis, freshen breath, and clean your mouth. All good things.

The Restoring Products restore the health of your teeth to battle the effects caused by eating foods that have acidic qualities. These products can help you re-mineralize soft spots, strengthen enamel, and freshen breath.

Anti-Cavity is a line of products that do exactly what the name suggests; prevent cavities. The beauty of this product is it’s alcohol free, which means less burning.

Kids- We can’t forget about the kids. Act has a few Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinses for the kids to “enjoy”. This stuff comes in flavors such as fruit punch, ocean berry, kiwi watermelon, and bubblegum blowout.

Not only does the stuff taste great, it also has great benefits. It can help lead to 40% fewer cavities for the young ones which means fewer dental problems down the road.

Dry Mouth- Dry mouth is an annoying issue and is something that affects 10% of adults. Fortunately, Act has product to help stop it in it’s tracks.

One of the tools used for this purpose is Act’s Soothing mint Mouthwash. This mouthwash can help soothe dry mouth, moisturize mouth tissues, strengthen teeth, and freshen breath.

Another product that Act offers that has the same benefits are it’s Lozenges. Dry mouth is eradicated by using this more convenient product.

Lastly, for those that like a more traditional approach, Act offers Soothing Mint toothpaste to battle dry mouth. This stuff offers all of the benefits of tooth paste while also preventing dry mouth from occurring.


The products offered by Act are highly efficient when it comes to dealing with any issues pertaining to oral hygiene.

Dry mouth, cavities, and bad breath are all eradicate per use of these products, as long as the usage is on a consistent basis.

Take heed on the importance of oral hygiene and seriously consider purchasing some or all of the products. It’s likely that some of the issues mentioned in this review is already experienced by those reading it, so do yourself a favor and act now.

Here’s to your oral health!

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