Ever heard of the phase old is gold? Well, this is evident in the design of this sophisticated shaving set. Every man deserves a personal shaving kit that will help him manage his facial hair while keeping his skin smooth and bump free at the same time.

A look at the design and technology used behind this kit shows that it is a worthy investment especially for the modern day man.

Acrimax Features

The 3 in 1 Design

Good things come in threes, so says the wise men. This high-tech shaving kit features the three necessary items required during a shaving session.

This completely rules out the need to purchase each item individually or trying to figure out which ones work best together. You'll realize that buying the items together as one is cost effective as well.

The set includes the sophisticated brush, the bowl and the shaving stick. Each one of these is carefully crafted to enable them perform to the best of their ability.

High Quality Materials Used

A factor that makes this set stand out from any other in the market is the quality of materials used. You'll be impressed to learn that the brush is purely made from badger hair.

You can only imagine how soft and gentle the bristles feel against your skin. You can also count on it to create a rich and thick lather cream for a smooth shave.

The soap bowl is made using an attractive chrome finish that makes it easy to clean after use. Although the bowl will efficiently hold your soap, you can also go the oldschool route and pour the shaving cream in it.

Last but not least, a Gillette Mach 3 shaving stick is included in the pack. This is a razor that's well known for its precision. It will neatly trim off the unwanted facial hair to the root without harming your skin. Its ergonomic handle gives you unmatched control which helps you attain the kind of shave you want.

Attractive Finish

If you are looking for a unique way to add a visual appeal to your bathroom then the ACRIMAX Premium Badger Shaving Set is a worthy consideration. A key factor that makes it stand out is the magnet technology used to hold all the items securely in place.

A fun fact about this design is that the items appear to be lightly placed to the stand but in the real sense, they are actually well secured. This, is the beauty of the magnet technology used.

The chrome finish is a bonus that ads to the appeal of the shaving set as well as your bathroom. Chrome is easy to maintain as it only involves wiping off dirt and water drops with a dry piece of cloth.

Acrimax Review Summary

The ACRIMAX Premium Badger Hair Shaving Brush set is a worthy investment for modern day men. The fact that the kit contains all the necessary shaving equipment saves you the trouble of having to purchase each item individually.

The badger soft bristles will effectively sooth your skin during the cream lather application process. This paired up with the pore protecting Gillette Mach 3 shaving stick guarantees an irritation free shaving experience.


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