Top 4 Essential Oils for Effective Natural Acne Skin Treatment


Acne is a big deal, and not just for teenagers. This problem also occurs quite frequently in adults. While the amount of adults with acne issues isn’t nearly as high as it is in teenagers, over the past few years the amount of adults suffering from acne related issues has been steadily climbing.

The problem is that there is no certain 100% guaranteed cure for acne. Of course, all of the health and beauty companies out there take advantage of this and release thousands of products which promise to fix your acne issue within no time. Unfortunately, the majority of these products either don’t work at all or contain synthetic chemicals which can cause irritation, chemical burns, and even scarring.

In our opinion, your best alternative is to stick with natural remedies which have been used throughout history and have been proven to reduce and eliminate acne completely. To be more specific, we suggest focusing on essential oils which can do wonders for your acne condition. The primary reason for using the essential oils is because of how easily they can penetrate the skin and enter the body.

Now, not all essential oils work for these specific needs. Some are more effective and others are less effective. However, there are four common oils that have been known to be very helpful when used to treat acne. The way each of these oils works is different, but they can still deliver similar results. Furthermore, if used in combination with each other, the final results might be even more promising.

Why Are Essential Oils the Perfect Choice?

There are no limitations for acne. No matter how old or young you are, there is always a chance for an acne breakout. Breakouts can occur in many places around the body; your arms, legs, chest, and most of your face are vulnerable to acne attacks.

Acne by itself is a big problem to deal with but it can do even more damage if left untreated. Scarring can occur if acne gets out of control and isn’t maintained properly. In some rare situations, serious infection can also develop. More often than not, self-esteem issues frequently come hand in hand with acne breakout which can result in social anxiety and even depression.

Acne usually develops when pores in your skin become clogged up with dirt, dead skin, or excess oil. The combination of these particles can lead to bacteria developing in the pore, resulting in an infection underneath the top layer of your skin.

There are other factors that can influence the development of acne. Things like your weight, diet, lifestyle, stress, and even some medications can all influence the likelihood of acne formation. Many medications that influence your hormonal balance will have a negative effect on your complexion and often cause acne breakouts.

The primary reason why we see more acne breakouts in young adults and teenagers is due to hormonal changes. As our bodies go through hormonal changes during our teenage years, we become more susceptible to acne breakouts. Genetics can also play a role in the development of acne.

Physical activities which irritate the skin can cause acne to occur as well. Sports equipment which is used during physical activity or even uniforms and protective gear can all contribute to skin irritation and acne development.

The number one reason why essential oils are perfect to help with acne relief is that there are no limitations or age requirements that come with using these oils. Literally anyone who has acne can use these oils and benefit from their remedial functionality. There aren’t any chemicals included in essential oils, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin even further while attempting to fix your acne problems. In fact, the oils are silky smooth and can even improve the way your skin feels aside from helping with your breakouts.

We know for a fact that acne breakouts are heavily linked to stress and hormonal imbalances. This makes essential oils the perfect weapons to fight acne. The majority of the oils out there have an ability to reduce your stress levels drastically. They can help you balance out your hormones no matter what age you are and improve the effect these hormones have on your complexion. Lastly, sleep depreciation can add to hormone imbalance and increase stress.

Luckily, essential oils can also help you with insomnia and improve not only the amount of time you spend sleeping but the quality of sleep that you experience at night. The best part is that you don’t need a prescription to use essential oils and they can be bought with ease either through your favorite online retailer or in major pharmacies all around the country.

Top 4 Essential Oils for Effective Natural Acne Skin Treatment

There are hundreds of essential oils out there which are used for a variety of different reasons. However, when used to help treat acne breakout and work on eliminating future incidents, there are four oils that clearly stand out from the others. Following are four essential oils for effective acne treatment:

1. Lavender Oil

Amongst the essential oils you can find on the market, lavender is a very good choice if you are looking to decrease how frequently your acne breakouts occur and reduce the damage that has been caused by your current acne. Lavender is known to have high antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. This means that it can fight the bacteria which has entered your pores and is causing trouble. These same properties also make it a perfect choice to heal your skin, especially if it’s dry and has dark spots or scarring.

The smooth and soothing smell of lavender is also capable of reducing your stress levels and helping you relax throughout the day. This can do wonder for your skin and definitely help reduce the chances for acne breakout to occur. Its therapeutic properties also help you sleep, which gives your body a better chance to recover from daily stress.

Another benefit that was noted through a study which was done to determine the effects of lavender on participants was that those who inhaled the scent of lavender showed reduced blood pressure, reduced heart rate and cooler skin temperature. These effects produce the perfect conditions for your skin to rejuvenate quickly and efficiently. Speedy recovery means that your body doesn’t have to dedicate as many resources to the recovery process.

Instead, these extra resources can alternatively be utilized to strengthen your immune system and an improved immune system means that you can fight off the tiny infections created by acne more effectively. The final result is less acne throughout the body and less severe acne breakouts.

It’s important to note that increased stress levels can produce higher amounts of a substance called sebum. Sebum is an oily substance produced by some cells in your body; it is the only substance which mixes with the bacteria and dead skin cells that find their way into your pores. The increased production of sebum is the reason why you are more likely to experience an acne breakout during or after a stressful situation. Using lavender oils reduces your stress levels, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of increased sebum production. Simple, yet very effective.

Overall, the primary benefit your will receive from using lavender oil is a major reduction of stress. However, the stress reduction will lead to great reduction of acne breakouts as well as other healthy benefits which are always welcomed.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Unlike lavender oil, tea tree oil doesn’t have as pleasant of an aroma, so using it as an apothecary isn’t always the best idea. However, even though tea tree oil lacks in scent it certainly makes up for it with its ant-microbial and ant-fungal properties. Tea tree oil has been widely used in over the counter anti-acne medicine because of its amazing properties. It is the number one essential oil used by those who are looking to self-treat their acne issues.

Countless scientific studies have shown amazing results when using tea tree oil to reduce the amount of lesions and tissue damage related to acne breakouts. One of the biggest benefits of using tea tree oil is that it’s easily tolerable by nearly all patients and it contains effective anti-inflammatory properties which are extremely effective against acne.

Research shows that tea tree oil is best used when treating mild to moderate cases of acne. The best way to apply tea tree oil is by adding two or three drops of oil onto a cotton ball and then applying it directly to the affected area. Do this frequently until your breakouts reduce in frequency or completely go away. If acne issues resurface, then start the process again until you achieve desired results.

Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to your morning face wash. This way you will ensure that your skin is always being protected against possible acne breakouts. Try not to over-saturate your skin with the tea tree oil. It does have a very specific scent that some people find undesirable. As long as you stick to light application, everything should be perfect and your acne issue will be a thing of a past in no time.

3. Juniper Berry Oil

If you are looking for an acne remedy that contains all three properties that can effectively combat breakout, then juniper berry essential oil is your answer. This oil is both antimicrobial and antibacterial, which is already perfect to fight the small infections that occur during acne breakouts.

At the same time, juniper berry oil contains stress-relieving properties which can help you fight acne in the long run. Furthermore, this oil also contains detoxifying properties which can do amazing things for your skin when combined with the stress relieving capabilities.

The elements that make juniper berry oil such an excellent choice for fighting acne are alpha-pinene, p-cymene, and beta-pinene. These anti-bacterial agents help counteract the effects of bacteria that can get caught in your pores and contribute to acne breakouts.

It is suggested to dilute juniper berry essential oil with other carrier oils. Studies show that doing this does not diminish the effectiveness of the oil when used against acne. The main reason to dilute this essential oil is because of its high potency.

If you don’t have sensitive skin then applying a few drops of the oil to the affected area is fine, but if you feel any type of itching or discomfort after application, we strongly suggest combining the few drops with a carrier oil of choice. Coconut oil is the carrier oil we recommend. It will fortify your skin in addition to helping you fight the acne with juniper berry oil.

4. Clary Sage Oil

Similar to multiple effects of juniper berry oil, clary sage oil also has a plethora of properties which make it a good choice for acne warfare. There is one additional benefit to using clary sage oil over other oils. In addition to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and stress relieving properties, clary sage oil can also help with your hormonal balances. This oil is very well-rounded when you consider the many different methods you can use to fight acne breakouts naturally, which clary sage oil happens to encompass all of.

One of the biggest contributors to acne breakouts amongst women is a hormone called cortisol. Luckily, clary sage oil has been studied and determined to be able to reduce cortisone levels by up to 40 percent. In addition, it also has antidepressant capabilities. This means it can improve your mood and reduce stress. This is yet another reason why clary sage oil is a great choice.

The antibacterial properties of clary sage oil are also pretty powerful. It was tested against multiple drug-resistant bacterial strains and was proven to be very effective against skin infections that can contribute to acne development.

There are two different ways that you can use clary sage oil. If you are interested more in destressing and reducing your levels of anxiety, then your best choice is to apply about five drops of clary sage oil to a diffuser. This will help with stress control and also improve your sleep cycles. Both of these benefits will also subsequently reduce the chances of acne breakouts.

The other application method is by adding a few drops of the oil to a cotton ball and applying it directly to the area that needs treatment. If you need additional rejuvenating properties to get your skin to a silky smooth state, then you can also dilute clary sage oil with a carrier oil.

Are There Any Side Effects?

We wish that we could tell you that there are absolutely no side-effects that can occur when using these natural oils to treat your acne problems. However, every person is different and unfortunately some of you might have allergies or sensitivities to components found in the remedies we listed above.

While we strongly doubt there are any serious issues that can occur due to the use of these oils, we also urge you to be vigilant, especially if you are susceptible to allergens. Make sure to test all oils first and check for any redness or rashes that might indicate an allergic reaction. If you do experience any side-effects, seek medical attention immediately. Keep in mind that if your skin is exposed to UV rays during application, the chances for redness and irritation to occur is increased.

If you do experience sensitivity to any of the oils we listed, try a using less potent and gentler oil like lavender.

Remember, more doesn’t always equal better results. Use these oils in moderation. For direct application, two or three drops should be plenty. As we mentioned earlier, most of these oils will produce best results when used with mild or moderate cases of acne.

If you are experiencing severe issues with breakouts or find it extremely difficult to get your acne under control, it is possible that you won’t be able to achieve the desired results while using these natural remedies. It might be necessary for you to see a dermatologist to determine the best course of action for extreme situations.

Final Words Regarding Essential Oils For Acne Treatment

Acne doesn’t have to be a life altering problem. With a little bit of hard work and some perseverance you can get rid of your acne issues. We want you to keep in mind that these natural remedies aren’t some ancient miracles which will make your breakouts stop instantly without you having to worry about them ever again. Healing takes time. The same goes for these essential oils.

It will take a few weeks and possibly even a month or two for you to completely get rid of your acne problem. It is also entirely possible that you will become acne free but somewhere down the line the issue will resurface. Be aware of the possibilities and always keep the most effective essential oils close by to treat your acne. You never know when you will need them!

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