3 Simple Ways to Kill Zits with Household Items


3 Simple  & Natural Ways Kill Zits & Pimples

Zits are annoying. Being someone who has just escaped their teenage, I can tell you firsthand that winning the war against acne was not easy.

I tried everything that claimed to be an acne killer and the next day the zit would still be there and sometimes it would be even bigger!

And don’t even get me started on popping them. Ouch! But popping was the only way I could get rid of them so I had to suck it up and deal with the brief throbbing pain in the area where a zit was and all of the blood and puss that oozed out of the wound.

That was until I decided to do some research and some more trial and error. This time I didn’t go out and buy some fancy high-end “as seen on TV” products that claimed to kill acne.

My research yielded results that could be found all around the house. In the pantry and even in the bathroom!

And trial and error proved my efforts to not be in vain as my zits actually started going way pretty soon after applying some of these substances.

So, I compiled this list of three of the substances that actually worked so that all of you brave warriors out there fighting the good fight against acne can use the secret weapons that I have found to win the war without having to pop the zits and getting nasty scars on your face.

Let’s begin!

1. Tea Tree Oil

This is the item that I was able to find in my bathroom, as I was using it for my hair to get rid of my bad dandruff at the time.

Turns out that tea tree oil is just good for your skin all around and can help treat a flaky scalp and acne issues.

And applying this treatment is a breeze! All you have to do is drop one or two dabs of the tea tree oil on your index finger and rub it on the zit and surrounding inflamed area.

After that, go read a book or watch a YouTube video for ten minutes and then come back and rinse your face off with some good old H2O. It is that simple and you should see that zit clear up in no time.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an interesting one that I never would have guessed would be effective in the fight against acne until doing my research.

It turns out that apple cider vinegar has a wide array of benefits expanding far beyond just treating acne, such as helping you lose weight, improving your heart function, and clearing up your sinuses. Pretty amazing, right? And most of us would never even consider using it for those purposes.

But for the sake of this article, I am just going to talk about how it is an effective acne killer. All you have to do is water down some organic raw apple cider vinegar and apply a dab of it wherever your zits are.

After that, chill out for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with H2O. From my experience, the apple cider vinegar has been especially potent at shrinking the zit and reducing the inflammation.

3. Lemon Juice

I saved the best one in my opinion for last here. Why is lemon juice my favorite? Because it is so easy and cheap to purchase if you for some reason don’t have it sitting around and it is also very easy to apply.

Make sure you can have a cotton swab or something like that and just place a few drops of the lemon juice on it and apply to the areas where your zits are.

We all know that lemons are very acidic and this acid will burn at first, but that is normal especially if you have picked at the zit recently. Also, the acid works to dry out the skin that it is applied on.

So make sure you don’t get it all over yourself – this isn’t a facial cleanse. This is meant to be applied specifically to the zit so that it can dry it out and make you able to peal it away.

After applying it, once again chill out and keep yourself occupied for 15 minutes or so. Then you can rinse your face off with some good old water.

I have used this treatment multiple times since finding out about it and every time my results have been great.

The inflammation will go away noticeably and pretty quickly after application and your zit will shrink rapidly as well. That is why this is my favorite of the three methods.

Oh, and if you for some reason don’t have any lemon juice laying around, you can just squeeze some juice from a real lemon if you have one. If you have neither, you better hit the store like right now!

3 Simple Ways to Kill Zits with Household Items Summary

As you can clearly see now after reading this article, you do not need to spend a bunch of money on these high end celebrity-endorsed acne products that you see on TV.

Most of the time, the results they claim to yield are overblown and way out of proportion. You may see some results by using those products, but you will find that 9 times out of 10 that you have just wasted your money.

The methods that I have listed here have been proven to work and will cost you next to nothing as they are all probably sitting in your house right now. And if they aren’t, you can easily go to the store and find them for super cheap.

The war against acne does not have to be one where most of the casualties reside in your wallet – instead of using dollar and cents to try to kill your acne, use some common sense and common household items to get the job done more effectively and more quickly, all the while costing you less.

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