Salus Defense Structured Silver For Acne: Effective Natural Acne Solution?


Structured Silver by Salus Defense For Acne is a two-part skincare system that helps eliminate the bacteria and toxins in the body that cause acne to flare up. The treatment can be purchased exclusively from the official website, where there are multiple packages that the user can choose from.

What Is Structured Silver by Salus Defense?

Handling skincare is usually a simple task, but acne can frustrate anyone that wants the perfectly clear complexion. There are so many skincare options in the industry today, but most people see their acne return over and over, since their remedies don’t eliminate the main issue. While the most heavily acne-ridden complexions just stifle the breakout until the next time stress or hormones skyrockets, the use of a supplement called Structured Silver by Salus Defense may be a better solution.

Structured Silver by Salus Defense For Acne is available in a liquid and a gel form, depending on what the user needs. Basically, this is a two-step program that manages the issues in the complexion both from within and externally. By taking on a remedy that counters the problem in multiple ways, consumers can soothe their skin while they heal their essential organs too. With the use of this treatment, participants should be able to eliminate:

There are many ways that consumers think that they can irritate or cause acne, like eating greasy foods and not washing their face enough. In fact, some people start washing their face more and getting more potent products to help, but these remedies often include some type of acid. Even if someone wants to clear up overactive oil glands, the use of acid can irritate and even burn the skin, which will not improve the user’s appearance at all. There are supplements that claim to help from within, but they expose consumers to ingredients that have been linked to cancer.

Read on below to learn about how structured silver is different from the manmade chemicals available throughout the rest of the skincare industry.

How It Works

To understand the way that structured silver helps the user, they need to understand how acne works in the skin first. According to the information at Salus Defense, acne begins from within the body, and has a direct link to the health of the gut and the liver, which are supposed to filter toxins and bacteria. They state that other options don’t work for acne because they only penetrate the first few layers of skin, and can’t get to the root of the issue.

Structured silver, which is much different from colloidal silver, helps to eradicate the buildup of these substances, especially toxic bacteria. Silver keeps the healthy bacteria that balances the various systems, but it eradicates yeast, viruses, and other pathogens that impact the affected organs.

With high-quality forms of structured silver, the remedy doesn’t separate in the way that other forms would. Instead, it is water soluble, which means that it is perfectly blended for balanced support throughout the remedy. Unlike other forms of silver, it doesn’t collect with itself, so there’s no risk of accumulation in the digestive system. To promote a less acidic digestive system, this particular form is made with 99% alkalized water.

Using Structured Silver by Salus Defense

The correct way to use Structured Silver is not discussed in-depth on the website. The gel is meant to be used topically, so consumers can massage it into clean and dry skin in the same way that they would with a moisturizer. It should feel lightweight and soothing, unlike the oily texture of some face lotions.

As for the liquid Structured Silver, the total dose needed daily is not provided. Consumers should be able to get this information within the package with the rest of the directions, though they can reach out to the customer service team for more directions.

Consumers that already have any medication or skincare treatments may want to speak with their doctor about the best steps moving forward. Some medical professionals may recommend delaying the consumption of medications, while others may encourage consumers to take on a completely different regimen.

Pricing For Structured Silver by Salus Defense

The total cost of Structured Silver will entirely depend on the amount of the product that the user wants to purchase at once. Choose from the following packages:

  • One silver liquid and one silver gel: $59
  • Three silver liquids and two silver gels: $172
  • Six silver liquids and four silver gels: $284

If the user’s acne doesn’t subside, they can return the products within 180 days for a complete refund.

Contacting Salus Defense

Making a major change to the complexion and someone’s current skincare routine can be daunting, which is why it can be helpful to speak with a representative about the Structured Silver remedy. There’s no phone number or email address, but consumers can submit their questions on the online form at for more information.

Salus Defense Structured Silver For Acne Conclusion

Salus Defense markets their Structured Silver supplement to “people who are tired of living with breakouts and acne,” focusing on their unhealthy complexion. The treatment uses natural ingredients that are generally considered safe for any complexion and any user. Each participant may have varying results, considering the current state of the skin and how much healing needs to happen.

If the user has any bad reaction from this product, they should reach out for medical assistance as soon as possible.

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