Zyppah – Anti-Snoring Device That Can Save Your Marriage?


Zyppah Review – Stop Snoring For Good?

Chronic snoring is one of the most common sleep ailments and it impacts millions of Americans over the course of a lifetime. Snoring arises out of vibrating respiratory structures and an obstruction of air movement as one breathes when asleep. While gentle and non-disturbing snoring is quite normal, the loud and unpleasant kind is usually indicative of an underlying condition and severe obstruction.

If you are tired of snoring throughout the night, then you may want to consider investing in a product that essentially eliminates snoring. One such product is called Zyppah and it is a product that purports to stop snoring for good. Here is everything you need to know about Zyppah so that you can make the right decision for your health.

About Zyppah

Zyppah calls itself “the only solution that comes with Snoring Elimination” technology. The product’s design and anti-snoring mechanisms end your pesky snoring so that you and your partner can finally get a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Moreover, the brand explains that it is the only product on the market that is equipped with a “tongue strap,” which is essentially a seatbelt for your tongue. The strap prevents your tongue from blocking your airways, thereby preventing snoring.

With this FDA-cleared and self-molded appliance, you can finally get the relief that you and your partner deserve.

How Zyppah Works

Before purchasing any product, it is necessary to fully understand how the product works. When it comes to the Zyppah, the process is pretty easy to understand. To work, the product combines two solutions that work together to address your snoring issues. The dual solution process differs from most products, which only utilize one mouthpiece mechanism for results.

The first complex that works to prevent snoring is the stabilization mechanism. Zyppah utilizes a patent-pending elastic that works to hold and stabilize the tongue as you sleep. This prevents the tongue from slipping back into your throat or constructing your airways as you sleep. While the tongue guard may seem a bit medieval or uncomfortable, it is actually a comfortable piece of equipment that does not bother you in any way as you drift to sleep and get through the night.

The second complex at work is the mandibular repositioning device. This device is a hybrid oral appliance that is commonly used among anti-snoring products. The device works to keep the airways partially open by moving the lower jaw forward. While this is position differs from jaw’s normal position, you should not experience any discomfort. The product keeps your jaw in place with the bite guard, which molds itself to the shape of your teeth. With the custom fit, you’ll experience optimal comfort levels.

The Model Product

If you are interested in seeing how the product looks or more about how it works, then you should visit the brand’s website. There is a nifty visual that breaks down each component of the device. As a whole, the device is very similar to a mouth guard. With the custom-fit components, you can achieve superior comfort and relief throughout the night. Those who have actually used and tested out the product have experienced nothing less than superior and effective results.

As most users who have purchased the product explains, the device “stops even the worst” snorers and that it only takes a short period of time to get used to.

A Unique Solution

One reason to purchase Zyppah over other products on the market is that this device is the only oral appliance that directly addresses your tongue. The tongue is one of the main reasons that people continue to snore at night; the tongue tends to constrict air pathways, causing noise and discomfort. The Zyppah resolves this issue by keeping your tongue in place as you sleep, thereby providing you with one of the most effective and remarkable solutions on the market.

Immediate Results

Another reason to choose Zyppah over other products is that this one provides you with immediate results. No longer will you need to wait for a few nights for the product to start working. Moreover, as you continue wearing the device, you’ll experience continuous and long-term relief.


For those who do decide to purchase the Zyppah, it is necessary to keep in mind that regular maintenance and care is necessary. Since the piece is worn in your mouth all night long, you should keep it clean and germ-free by cleaning the device.

To make the maintenance process as easy as possible, the brand has a premier product known as SNAP. This is a unique formula that provides you with three critical properties to keeping your device clean. The three critical properties include anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, and anti-virus. By destroying 99.9% of the most common health-aggressors, you can achieve an impeccable clean that keeps your device safe during continuous use. The device lasts for months on end with proper care.

Hassle-Free 90 Day Return Policy

Zyppah wants you to be happy with your purchase. As a result, the brand has a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are displeased with the product in any way, then you can return it through the brand’s hassle-free process. In addition to the mouthpiece, the cleanser itself is also subject to a 90-day money back guarantee.

To start the return process, you should simply contact the brand and note your displeasure with the product. As of yet though, it seems unlikely that you’ll need to ever go through the return process. Those who have purchased the product have been extremely pleased with the results and most returns are the result of technical issues and not dissatisfaction with how the product operates and its ability to eliminate snoring.


Overall, Zyppah is a highly recommended product for those who are looking to finally eliminate snoring. The product is comfortable, it is easy to maintain, simple to use, and best of all – the results are immediate. You’ll no longer need to rely upon medications or other challenging products to get a good night’s sleep because the Zyppah has you covered.

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