AirSnore – Legit Natural Stop Snoring Sleep Solution?


AirSnore Review – Will It Work For You?

AirSnore is a mouthpiece that is designed to help you sleep better at night without snoring. This is our review.

What is AirSnore?

AirSnore is able to help you breathe better at night, alleviating typical obstructions that cause you to snore. When you snore at night, your body is actually unable to achieve certain aspects of the necessary and natural sleep cycle. While snoring, you are unable to dream, for example. Dreaming is a normal process that allows the individual to work through daily stress. Additionally, you are also unable to enter the deepest level of sleep. Without reaching this level of sleep, the snorer remains tired and sluggish through the rest of the day.

Snoring is caused by many issues, but there are four reasons that stick out more than the others. One major contributor to snoring is sleeping on your back. Due to the way your jaw is positioned, it inhibits your air passage, causing you to snore. Luckily, AirSnore provides a solution to your snoring. AirSnore features a device that repositions your jaw to the right place, which means that your oxygen isn’t blocked.

Other factors that contribute to your likelihood of snoring include being overweight or obese, smoking regularly, and drinking alcohol before bed. If your weight could be the cause of your snoring, try losing a little bit of weight to put less stress on your body. If you only snore after a night of drinking, it is probably due to the muscles being excessively relaxed, rather than keeping your air passage open. Smoking causes you to snore from congestion in the lungs and nose. All of these issues can be helped with AirSnore, even though you will need to commit to making some life changes as well.

While the website states that this anti-snoring system is made by “a trusted and leading name in the health industry,” they neglect to mention which company that is.

One big complaint about other mouthpieces is that they force your jaw into a position that is uncomfortable. Everyone knows, you won’t get much sleep if you’re uncomfortable in your own bed. You will likely wake up feeling more exhausted, since you had to put so much effort into getting through the discomfort to sleep in the first place.

That is one way that AirSnore sets itself apart from others. The mouthpiece slowly molds into a shape that is comfortable, which makes it easy to adjust to your best level of comfort, without sacrificing more sleep.

How AirSnore Works

The AirSnore system relies on the use of a mouthpiece to adjust your jaw. This adjustment clears the pathway, rather than allowing it to remain swelled or blocked off. The blockage you usually experience is the root cause of your breathing problems at night.

The company focuses greatly on the many different ways that you can snore, and the dangers of obstructed sleeping. One of the most dangerous sleeping conditions is sleep apnea, which is irregular and

According to the company, there are three different kinds of snoring that AirSnore can help soothe, and they are divided into three grades. These different levels include:

  • Grade One Snoring
    • Infrequent, quiet snoring
    • No breathing obstruction
    • Will not cause medical problems
  • Grade Two Snoring
    • Frequent, loud snoring
    • Possible breathing obstruction, which could result in sleep apnea
    • May cause long-term, serious health problems, and will cause sleepiness and fatigue during the day
  • Grade Three Snoring
    • Louder than Grade Two Snoring, but the same risks
    • Major breathing obstruction

All of these conditions are treatable with the AirSnore mouthpiece. However, what if your snoring is not due to one of the most common four reasons? What if your snoring is caused by a cold or cough? Then, you can try out the AirSnore drops.

The AirSnore drops feature a blend of natural oils, which are commonly known for their calming and antiseptic properties. By using these drops, you can achieve the relaxation and soothing you need to be able to sleep through your illness to reach a healthy morning.

Using AirSnore

Each of the AirSnore components have different instructions for proper usage.

The AirSnore mouthpiece will not take much time to adjust to your mouth. First, place the mouthpiece in hot water for a few minutes. Allowing the material to sit for a few minutes makes it easier to mold properly. There are instructions in the set that you need to follow, but then you can place it inside your mouth, biting down as the accessory cools off in its newly-formed shape. Even if the shape is wrong, they you can start the process over again until you have the right fit. You don’t have to leave it in your mouth until you are ready to go to bed. The cooled molding will remain in place while not in use.

To maintain the AirSnore mouthpiece, clean it after each use. You will need to soak it in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes. Mix in a little toothpaste to the water to clean off any drooling or buildup that may have accumulated through the night. You can also use denture cleaning solution to clean it off.

The AirSnore drops require significantly less attention and maintenance. To help alleviate your snoring due to a cough or cold, rub some of the drops on your chest, your neck, and under your nose before you lay down to go to sleep. Combined with the AirSnore mouthpiece, you will be sleeping easy for the night.

Pricing for AirSnore

One of the best parts about AirSnore is the low and reasonable price to help. Purchasing a CPAP or other device to help with your snoring is expensive. Some types of devices even require a prescription. These products can be directly ordered through the website. Both items are eligible for free shipping.

The AirSnore mouthpiece has a retail value of $57.58, but the website is selling the item for $49.95. The AirSnore drops have a retail value of $71.99, but the website is selling them for $59.95.

If you want to save more money, you can purchase the two items together for $89.95. This saves you almost $20, if you were to purchase both items separately.

Contacting AirSnore

If you want to speak with a representative at AirSnore, you can call +44 (0) 208 787 5981. The website states to select your issue from a drop-down menu, but there isn’t one. You can also submit your inquiry in the fill-in online form.


AirSnore is a valid solution for alleviating your snoring. The company uses a customizable mouthpiece, which makes each night’s sleep more quiet and comfortable than before.

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