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ZQuiet Review

Snoring can cause a host of problems, from general tiredness to anxiousness, stress, and irritability. And these symptoms don’t just take place in the person who is snoring, but also with their bed partners, who have to try to sleep through the noise and vibrating.

While most people believe that they are only one of a few who suffer from these snoring related issues, there are actually more than 90 million Americans who suffer from snoring, and the vast majority of them have partners who also have to put up with the noise.

What Is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet offers users a safe, quick, and effective way to stop snoring. ZQuiet is a device that was created by dentists to stop snoring from the first night it’s used. Regulated by the FDA and used by more than half a million people, ZQuiet is a comfortable and simple solution to stop snoring, as well as all the problems that come with not being able to get a good night’s sleep.

ZQuiet is a small, soft mouthpiece that comfortably supports the jaw. Regulated by the FDA, ZQuiet was designed by a dentist who decided to treat the source of snoring. Despite being a mouthpiece, ZQuiet allows complete movement of the jaw, allowing users to sleep the way they usually do, whether it’s with their mouths opened or closed.

How ZQuiet Works

It might sound strange that ZQuiet was created by a dentist. After all, most people don’t associate teeth with being the cause of snoring. However, dentists aren’t just about teeth health, they’re about understanding the mouth and jaw, and this is where the issue of snoring comes into play.

When the lower jaw and the surrounding muscle tissue relax, something that naturally occurs when a person sleeps, the tongue falls backwards, towards the throat. This action, the tongue moving into the throat, causes the airway at the back of the throat to narrow. When the person sleeping breaths, the air has to travel through this narrowed section of the throat, which causes a vibration. It is this vibrating air that causes the sound that is now known as snoring.

ZQuiet treats the problem of snoring by getting to the base of the problem, the point where the jaw relaxes, causing the tongue to fall backwards. The device is placed in the mouth and stabilizes the jaw, which keeps it from relaxing. By doing this, ZQuiet keeps the airway of a person open, allowing air to pass in and out freely. With nothing to constrict it, the breathing does not cause the vibrating snoring sound.

Benefits of ZQuiet

ZQuiet comes with guaranteed results, an offer that isn’t hard to make, considering how much research has gone into the product, as well as the continuous positive response it gets from users. The device was designed to help those who snore regain control of their lives and those who sleep with snorers finally get the rest they deserve.

ZQuiet begins working immediately, with most users noticing a difference on the first night they use it. Over time, the benefits of ZQuiet begin to show themselves more obviously. Not only will those who suffer from snoring realize what they’ve been missing, but their bed partners will also begin to transform as they get the rest they need.

The benefits of ZQuiet include:

— Decreases Snoring
— Allows Users to Wake Up Refreshed
— Gives Users Revitalizing Sleep
Increases Energy Levels
Decreases Sleeplessness
— Compact and Small, for Comfort
— Flexible and Low-Profile
— Works for Men and Women of All Ages

Because ZQuiet is so sure that users will love the product, the company offers a 30 day trial period. This makes one of the biggest benefits of ZQuiet being that it’s completely risk free, giving potential customers the option to try it out without paying the full price.

ZQuiet Comfort System

The problem with so many of the snoring solutions on the market is that they are mass produced into one specific shape and size. Whether nose strips or support pillows, so many products available to help reduce snoring don’t take in the different needs of their unique customers. With ZQuiet, this is not a problem.

ZQuiet knows that different users will have different needs. Because of these differences, ZQuiet created a 2-Step Comfort System that offers two different mouth guards. Each one offers a different level of support, so that every customer is getting just the right amount of help that they need.

For some snorers, their jaw only relaxes slightly, so they only need a very small advancement. For others, their airway has become almost completely blocked when their tongue slips back, so they need more help. ZQuiet creates mouthpieces for each level, giving users the most effect and personalized experience.

Not only does ZQuiet offer two different versions of its mouthpiece, but both options are provided to customers, so they don’t have to guess at which one will work best for them. By providing both options, ZQuiet gives customers a chance to try both versions of the mouthpiece, so they can find the treatment that is most effective for them. By providing the perfect amount of relief to each user, ZQuiet assures its customers that they will get the most restful sleep they’ve ever had.

ZQuiet Living Hinge Technology

ZQuiet is able to offer relief from snoring through its Living Hinge technology. This advancement in mouthpieces has soft hinges, giving users the comfort and flexibility they need to get a good night’s sleep.

The Living Hinge technology varies from the more traditional sleep guards on the market because it doesn’t keep the jaw stuck in one uncomfortable position. By allowing flexibility, it allows users to relax their jaws the way they usually would, getting the most comfort. And, by offering this comfortable hinge, ZQuiet gives users a product that adapts to how they sleep, instead of them needing to adjust to the product.

The Living Hinge is completely unique to ZQuiet and works whether the mouth is open or closed. Most importantly, it allows users to get a perfectly unique fit without having to deal with the hassle of boiling and molding, outdated methods that hardly ever work.

Features of ZQuiet

The Living Hinge technology offered by ZQuiet isn’t the only feature that sets it apart from other options on the market. Not only does the Living Hinge allow for comfortable, easy use, but it also allows the mouthpiece to be used in any and every position. Users won’t feel uncomfortable sleeping on their backs, sides, or stomachs, because the mouthpiece molds so perfectly, keeping the lower jaw forward no matter how the user sleeps.

In addition to being used no matter what position a user sleeps in, ZQuiet also allows for users to continue to breathe normally throughout the night. Those who have used mouthpieces before know that they’re usually so bulky and uncomfortable that the only real way to use them is if they breathe through their nose. ZQuiet allows natural breathing for users, through their nose or mouth.

ZQuiet isn’t just effective, but it is also made of some of the highest quality materials available on the market. It is made using medical-grade materials that are BPA free and latex free. This material is not only non-toxic, it is also odorless and tasteless, meeting the high standards placed by the FDA. Despite being made of some of the highest quality materials on the market, ZQuiet is first and foremost comfortable. The material it is made of is comfortable and flexible, ensuring the greatest ease of use to customers.

Purchasing ZQuiet

ZQuiet is available to be tried for a 30 day trial period for those who are interested in the product, but want to be sure before completely committing to it. Interested customers can start the trial by only paying the $9.95 shipping and handling fee, which is non-refundable. This trial comes with the 2-Step Comfort System described above, a travel case, and a guide on how to use the ZQuiet most effectively.

The 30 day trial begins when the ZQuiet is received by the customer. If, for whatever reason, users do not find that ZQuiet lives up to expectations or aids in decreasing their snoring, they can return the product and they won’t be charged again.

Those who are satisfied with how ZQuiet works can simply keep the device. They will be charged again 35 days after their trial began for the low price of $79.95. This is a one-time charge and no other charges will be made after this one.

ZQuiet provides counselors for those who have questions about the product or their snoring. These counselors can be reached at 800-281-0543.

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