XBody Activewave EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation Fitness?


There are many different ways to train the muscles of the body. From low-rep high-weight resistance training to German volume training, high intensity interval training or even just straight up endurance cardio, fitness enthusiasts are presented with a wide variety of different techniques and methods for improving overall body condition.

One thing all of these workout methods have in common, is that they require a fitness enthusiast to perform action with intent, carrying out exercises with the aim of improving their strength, endurance, VO2 max, and more. There is a type of training, however, that doesn’t need a fitness enthusiast to perform any movement at all, while still gaining all of the benefits of an intensive workout session.

Electrical muscle stimulation, also known as EMS, or neuromuscular electrical stimulation, is a form of muscle stimulation that uses electrical impulses to cause the involuntary contraction of muscle tissue. EMS was first developed by Russian sports scientists in the early 1970’s, and for many years has been regarded as a fringe fitness practice or as a technique used by elite fitness experts, such as Bruce Lee, to turbocharge their already insane workout regimen.

New cutting edge research into how EMS works, however, has renewed interest in the practice of electrical muscle stimulation and caused a new wave of groundbreaking and innovative solutions to be developed. While EMS solutions have traditionally only been used for muscle re-education, the elimination of muscle spasms, the prevention of muscle atrophy, or in remedial physiotherapy, new research shows that combining targeted EMS with traditional exercise yields significantly more effective and efficient results.

One of the most advanced new EMS solutions to emerge from the latest generation of electrical muscle stimulation research is the Xbody Activewave EMS device. Created by Hungarian EMS fitness manufacturer Xbody, the Activewave is a cutting edge, wireless, reliable, and clinically proven EMS device that offers massive scalability and rapid results.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the XBody Activewave EMS Device and find out how it works to help you decide whether next-generation EMS training is right for you.

What is the XBody Activewave EMS?

The XBody Activewave is a revolutionary new all-in-one EMS training solution that is designed to make EMS training simple, accessible, powerful, versatile, and fun. The XBody Activewave EMS Device doesn’t look like any other EMS solution on the market- instead of bulky, difficult to use cables, the XBody Activewave cis available in several different wall mounts that make operation and management of EMS training easy.

Boasting a 15” IPS touchscreen from which a trainer is able to manage up to 6 users at once, the XBody Activewave can be used in both wireless and wired configurations. The XBody Activewave is used in combination with the training suit, which makes EMS training approachable for new EMS training users.

What is EMS Training & How Does the Xbody System Work?

The core of the XBody Activewave system is built around the XBody Training Suit. While the XBody Activewave offers management, control, and training program options, all of the functions of the XBody Activewave are delivered via the unique XBody suit platform.

The XBody Training Suit is a specially-designed suit that has been created from the ground up to deliver extremely comfortable and effective EMS training with a high degree of flexibility and a dynamic range of motion. Boasting an ergonomic design that can fit every body type, the XBody Training Suit is easy to maintain and handle, and boasts 12 different channels of stimulation to create a total-body workout.

The XBody suit solution contains electrodes on the shoulders, legs, and other muscle groups that are attached manually, allowing for a high degree of customization. The electrodes themselves cover a large amount of area, providing a more complete coverage sensation and are engineered to remain in place even during intense physical exercises.

The customizable options of the XBody Training Suit extend to the composition of the suit itself, with users able to swap and change between different sized pants and vests, and the unisex fit saves operational costs while reducing the total amount of suits needed to incorporate the XBody Activewave into any gym.

Each Activewear Training Suit is powered by four rechargeable lithium ion batteries that deliver an entire day’s worth of electrostimulation, making it possible to run back-to-back classes without recharging. If preferred, the XBody Activewave can be used in a wired configuration with the Suit Cable 2.0 solution, which provides a unique connection method that can’t be found anywhere else in the market.

XBody Activewave EMS Features & Functionality

The XBody Activewave is the brains behind the XBody Training Suit, and offers a wide range of features that enhance the EMS training experience. Via the 15 inch touchscreen, operators are able to manage 12 different electrostimulation channels in each of the six different training suits that it manages.

The XBody Activewave also offers a virtual trainer that is integrated into the device itself, allowing users to create their own training programs. A USB and HDMI port makes it possible to connect the XBody Activewave to overhead projectors or TV’s to deliver an optimum viewing experience to clients, as well as a secure encrypted WiFi connection that allows for remote training management via the StudiON service.

Each XBody Activewave unit draws only 36W of power, helping to minimize operational costs, and is available in four different stands. The STANDARD stand offers an ergonomic contemporary stand that can be placed anywhere, with a small profile of two square meters.

The FLOWR stand provides touchscreen access to multiple users at once, and the PORT stand is a small portable solution that can be taken to a client’s home. Lastly, the WALL stand is a simple space-saving wall mounted stand ideal for studios with less floor space.

The XBody Activewave EMS Verdict

The XBody Activewave solution is the most advanced electrical muscle stimulation platform available on the market and offers a level of functionality that can’t be found in any other product. If you’re looking for the best EMS solution for your gym, home, or physiotherapy operation, the XBody Activewave solution is the best option.

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