Spino – Healthy Back Posture Strap System & Spine Solution?


Spino is a device that supports your lower back to promote better posture. This device can be used in any sitting or standing position, and is available for an incredibly low price.

What is Spino?

Your posture and back muscles impact every part of the organs and systems in your torso. Maintaining your posture makes it possible for you to breathe and digest properly, along with other important functions.

However, so many people become lazy with their posture on some days, which isn’t the big problem. The greater issue is with consumers that continue to be lazy with their posture to a point when they compress their spine in an unnatural way that inhibits your body’s functions. Most of the time, people decide to make changes too late, but Spino can help you correct your back strength before it becomes a problem.

Spino is a brand-new product that helps you get the strength you need to have a healthy back. With an uncomplicated strap system, you can do small treatments each day to help you get the support to work the muscles in your back in the best way possible.

You don’t need much space to store it, since it fits in a handbag or even your duffel back for the gym. You can use it at the office, while watching television, or even while washing dishes. Your back strength shouldn’t take a back seat to every other obligation you have. With Spino, it doesn’t have to.

If your doctor notices a problem with your back, they may set you up with a medical device to help with compression to alleviate the pressure that is on your vertebrae discs. However, the pressure may not be your only issue, and decompressing your spine requires you to remain still. With Spino, you can still be mobile as you correct your back, making this product an innovative design in the medical industry.

How Does Spino Work?

To help you position your spine the right way, Spino helps to stabilize the position of your pelvis. When it is secured, your natural posture follows as an involuntary response.

The part of the device that makes it stand out from every other product in the industry is that it relies on you. The straps are attached to your knees to use your own body to recreate the position you’re supposed to have. Other devices use structures that you have to fit your body to. When you use Spino, you contour to your own body for a remedy that is customized.

Using Spino

You have the option of wearing Spino by itself, or attaching it to a chair, depending on whether you purchase the Standard or Deluxe version, respectively. When you set it up, you align the device to your back. You can use while seated at a desk, while crossing your legs on the floor, or many other positions.

To gain all the benefits, you actually only need to spend about 20 minutes using this therapeutic tool a day. However, since this product is so comfortable, you can spend hours in this device without becoming sore. The only time the company recommends that you do not use Spino is when you are driving, since you need to be able to be mobile at a moment’s notice.

Pricing for Spino

At this time, Spino is still in the funding stages, so you won’t be able to purchase the product today. When it becomes available to the public, you can purchase it for

However, even though you can’t take it home right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reserve your own. With this project available on Indiegogo, you can make different pledge amounts to help the company gain production funds and to secure your own rewards.

The Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website, which means that you can help the company gain the funding that it needs to complete production. If you pledge certain amounts, the company has promised different rewards. You can pledge:

  • $30, for the Standard Spino with knee pads
  • $35, to add the Text Neck Buster to your package
  • $40, to add an arm-rest strap
  • $60, to get two of the Standard Spino sets with two Text Neck Busters
  • $80, to add the chest-arm straps to the previous packages

This company has already received all the funding they need to distribute the product, but your pledges can still secure your purchase.

Contacting the Creators of Spino

The website for this device is relatively limited in the contact information. There’s no phone number listed, but the Facebook page for Spino gives you the chance to send a message. You can also email the company at [email protected].

Spino Conclusion

Spino is an innovative way to correct your posture before it leads to permanent back problems. You don’t need to worry about back surgery, braces, or other procedures to help you get the relief from your constant state of pressure when you’re in pain. With a few adjustments to the way you sit and hold your stance, Spino can support you until you can support yourself.

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