Zetpil – Dr. Cafarelli’s Nutritional Supplements & Suppositories?


Zetpil is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that emphasizes research-driven products and scientifically-verified results. Here’s our Zetpil review.

What is Zetpil?

Zetpil is a nutritional supplement company that works much differently than its competitors in the supplement industry. Zetpil’s official website argues that current nutritional products “don’t work”, and that the company needs to think “outside the nutritional industry box” to make products that genuinely work.

With that in mind, Zetpil has created a series of products that utilize the science of nutrigenomics. And, instead of taking them by mouth (orally) you take them via your rectum (by suppository).

Zetpil offers several different products, although many are delivered in a similar way: you take them via suppository. That’s the revolutionary change that Zetpil wants to introduce. Instead of taking supplements orally (by mouth) like most traditional products, Zetpil claims we should take them by suppository for maximum effectiveness.

When you take supplements by suppository, you minimize wastage. You maximize bioabsorption and ensure the maximum amount of the supplement is absorbed into your body.

Zetpil was founded by Dr. Cafarelli and Karen Trivelpiece. Today, the company is a small, research-based company located in Syracuse, New York.

Zetpil Products

Zetpil’s products have been available on the market for more than a decade. The company separates its products into 8 different categories on its official website, including Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Protection, Athletic Support, Cardiovascular Health, Chelation, Depression, General Health and Wellbeing, and Neurological Health.


Zetpil’s anti-aging products include trendy ingredients like trans-resveratrol and DHEA-S that have been linked to powerful anti-aging benefits. The products, like other Zetpil products, are taken via suppository. Zetpil also offers an anti-aging Nitro-Boost Cream that promises to provide deep penetration in an absorbable energizing lotion.

Antioxidant Protection

The antioxidant protection category includes a range of healthy ingredients delivered via suppository, including curcumin, green tea extract, and glutathione. The products come with multiple doses. You can buy Reduced Glutathione Plus, for example, at a dose of either 225mg of 450mg.

Antioxidants are molecules that enter your body to fight disease-causing free radicals. They’re popular in the supplement community. Many people believe that by consuming antioxidants on a regular basis, you can significantly reduce your risk of disease.

Athletic Support

The Zetpil athletic support supplements include supplements to fuel your athletic activity or bodybuilding. They include popular ingredients like L-arginine, BCAAs, Leucine, and D-Ribose powder. There’s also an Instant Energy and Focus Cream that you can apply before your workout to maximize your energy.

Cardiovascular Health

Improve your heart health with Zetpil’s cardiovascular health products, including products that widen your blood vessels like Arginine Plus as well as anti-aging formulas like CoQ10 450 with N-Acetyl-Cysteine.


Chelation products are designed to reverse the effects of aging and help you manage the symptoms of aging. Growing research has demonstrated the value of chelation for boosting your general overall health and wellness, which is why it’s now offered at many anti-aging clinics. Popular products in this category include the DMSA Chelation Suppository and the CaNa(2) EDTA Chelation Suppository.


Zetpil’s Depression category includes products designed to raise levels of crucial neurotransmitters in your brain – including the neurotransmitters responsible for mood, motivation, and focus.

There are popular Zetpil products like the Brain Booster Suppository, which contains trendy nootropic ingredients like Huperzine A. the supplement claims to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and help you control the symptoms. Other products in the category – like Serotone – are designed to raise levels of specific neurotransmitters like serotonin.

General Health and Wellbeing

Many of the Zetpil products found in other categories are also found in this category. That’s because a lot of Zetpil can improve your general health and wellness in a multitude of ways – not just one or two targeted benefits.

Neurological Health

The Neurological Health category is similar to the depression category, in that it contains nootropic ingredients, brain boosting formulas, and other products that can enhance brain activity by targeting levels of specific neurotransmitters.

The category includes products like Reduced Glutathione, Mind Motivator, and the Instant Energy and Focus cream.

Why Use Suppositories to Take Nutritional Supplements?

Obviously, when you think of nutritional supplements, you typically think of taking them orally. You drink a protein shake, for example, or pop a capsule in your mouth.

But there’s a problem with oral nutritional supplements: most of the ingredients don’t actually reach the part of the body they need to reach. They might get destroyed by your stomach acid, for example, or filtered by your organs before they reach your intestines.

Zetpil has an entire page dedicated to the science behind their suppository supplements. They claim that suppositories just “make sense” for 21st century nutrition.

Here are some of the key differences between suppository-based supplements and oral supplements:

  • Zetpil supplements are designed to be taken rectally (by suppository) although they can also be taken orally if you don’t feel comfortable; they meet current dietary supplement guidelines for oral use
  • Suppository use is relatively popular in Japan and Europe, but supplement manufacturers have always avoided introducing suppository supplements to the United States because of “a perceived patient compliance issue”, according to the makers of Zetpil.
  • Suppository use lets the ingredients be absorbed in a manner that allows for the greatest possible therapeutic effect. That’s because they bypass the “first pass” effect, and are immediately absorbed into your lower and middle hemorrhoid veins without encountering the liver. In addition, the rectum is filled with blood vessels that offer direct access into the body’s bloodstream.

Ultimately, suppository supplements deliver more of the active ingredients to where they need to go. The physiology of the area allows for the maximum possible nutrient absorption.

Should You Use Zetpil Supplements?

Zetpil is a lineup of suppository supplements. Instead of taking them by mouth, like most nutritional supplements, you take them by suppository – through your rectum. Suppository supplements have been relatively popular in Europe and Japan for decades, but supplement manufacturers have avoided the US market due to perceived compliance issues.

Zetpil is one of the major suppository supplement distributors on the market today, and the products are available to order from Amazon or online through the official website. The supplements are backed by science and deliver high doses of active ingredients directly where they need to go.

If you’re interested in alternative supplements, and want to maximize the efficiency of supplements, then Zetpil’s lineup may be the right choice for you.

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