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Everyone loves a fresh glass of juice, don’t they? Well, they may enjoy it but those who suffer from any form for ailment where sugar is an issue – not so much. However, what if you could simulate that fresh glass of juice with something that was actually good for you. And good for you meaning it has proven health benefits to effectively even manage (not evaluated by the FDA) type 2 Diabetes.

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

You see, ZenBasil creates the illusion of juice that contains only simple ingredients. Simple meaning, real ingredients with no added flavors, colors, preservatives or powders. And, while you enjoy this delicious treat you will benefit from all wellness attributes of basil.

This might sound a little strange initially, however, basil is packed with vital nutrition that are hydrated thus, creating them into a chewy like texture. ZenBasil is described as having a similar texture of Boba, but much smaller in their size. Although basil seeds are powerful on their own, they are added to these organic juices to dress them up a little bit and allow you to enjoy them through delicious juices.

ZenBasil doesn’t get more unique than this – because they know that to be able to provide different flavors of delicious juices, that this would result in different sugar and calorie counts. Described as not being a ‘one size fits all’ because that simply isn’t natural!

Each of their fresh juices carry different nutritional information. The constant in these juices however are the benefits of the basil seeds and the quality of their production.

ZenBasil Does Not Include Any of the Following:

  • Gums
  • Flavors (natural or organic type)
  • Refined sugars
  • Agave syrup

ZenBasil Available Flavors

There are presently four (4) different flavors available:

  1. Healthy Greens
  2. White Gummy
  3. Strawberry
  4. Touch of Honey

Coming soon though is Coconut Milk and Pomegranate!

Why are Basil Seeds the Shining Start in ZenBasil?

More commonly, basil leaves get all the credit – and we rarely hear anything about basil seeds. And, would you be surprised to know that they are in fact a superfood that have been treasured for thousands of years!? They are known for their fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that create powerful health and wellness promoting properties.

There are three (3) main areas that basil seeds are the most effective:

Stress Relief

The basil seeds work to enhance the body’s response to stress, naturally. In addition, they can decrease corticosterone levels that will assist with memory and enhance clarity. Lastly, they also work to balance blood sugar levels while regulating stress and moods.

Heart Strength

Since basil seeds contain Vitamin K, they work to promote circulation and regulate clotting in the blood. Potassium is also quite prevalent which helps control heart rates and blood pressure. The iron advantage – increases oxygen carrying capacity through the bloodstream.

Digestive Health

As mentioned above, the basil seeds are known for their fiber which help the body naturally flush toxins and ease digestion, while decreasing stomach acid and can even promote weight loss.

The ZenBasil products are all gluten free and vegan friendly.

Their Commitment

One of the things that ZenBasil mentions frequently on their website is their commitment to being mindful of their ‘human family’ and supporting the basic human right of having access to clean water. As a result, they are proud supporters of vitawater.org.

Ask the Experts About ZenBasil

Throughout the ZenBasil information provided, there are a number of studies and comments from expert across the field of health and nutrition. There are several comments based on the three (3) different areas that speak to digestive health, stress relief, heart health.

In addition, there are positive remarks that speak to respiratory heath, appetite control and lowering cholesterol levels. Who would have ever thought those tiny little basil seeds, combined with fresh, all-natural ingredients could back such a punch and provide such a wide range of health benefits.

How to Locate ZenBasil Near You

Presently, ZenBasil appears to only be available in select luxury retailers throughout California in the United States. You can find it in the refrigerator section there – the most common store name availability is called ‘Lucky’.

May even be some irony in the store selection name given based on the information and nutritional benefits of ZenBasil, you are lucky if you live in a region that has this product available.


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