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Z Skin Cosmetics Review

Z Skin Cosmetics is a US-based skin care company which promises to sell affordable organic products. Calling itself “Nature’s Secret to Flawless Skin”, Z Skin Cosmetics has generated headlines lately for its weekly raffle program and lineup of over 80 handcrafted organic products.


Find out everything you need to know about Z Skin Cosmetics today in our review!

What is Z Skin Cosmetics?

Z Skin Cosmetics is an American company cosmetics company which sells 100% organic skin care products made by hand.

Z Skin Cosmetics claims that its products are manufactured using “herbs and oils from around the world” in order to give customers “the flawless completion” they’re seeking.

The company is led by a guy named Ryan Zamo. Zamo is an interesting character: despite being just 25 years old, he’s a successful recording artist and now leads a cosmetics company which aims to disrupt the industry.

On the official Z Skin Cosmetics website, Zamo claims to have been featured on Yahoo, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News. However, all three of those websites have simply published press releases issued by Zamo: they haven’t actually written unique articles about him.

In any case, those press releases called Z Skin Cosmetics “a 100% organic based skincare company that’s taking over the industry.”

Z Skin Cosmetics History

The “Z” in Z Skin Cosmetics, for those who haven’t guessed, stands for Zamo. Zamo claims he started the company after graduating from college at 25.

After graduating, Zamo says he had no job and bad acne. His mom was a retired plant biologist and horticulturalist and she told her son to clean up his acne problem if he ever wanted to land a real job.

Ultimately, Z Skin Cosmetics came out of that struggle. Today, the products are priced very competitively: all products cost less than $15. Ryan Zamo claims he priced his products cheaply because he knew how it felt to be a poor college student with bad acne who couldn’t afford the world’s best skin care solutions. He didn’t want other people to feel that pain.

Founded in 2014, Z Skin Cosmetics is a relatively new company. In the company’s recent flurry of press releases, it claims to have been named “Best New Skincare of 2014”, although it doesn’t say which organization gave out that award.

Interestingly enough, Zamo released a single in 2014 called Summer of 09. So in addition to running a cosmetics company, he also has time to make music.

Z Skin Cosmetics Product Lineup

Z Skin Cosmetics sells over 80 different products, including individual products and full treatment kits. Products can be separated into the following categories: hair care, acne, tinted moisturizers (BB creams), and lip balms.

Here are all of the products currently available from the company:

— Vent Tempete: $17.99
— Z Back and Body-Pain Relief: $17.99
— Pumped-Volumizing Shampoo: $10.99
— Retinique: $17.99
— Simply Shampoo: $9.99
— Simply Sensitive Nighttime Lotion: $16.99
— Hairless Permanent Bod Hair Remover: $16.99
— Sensitive Acne Night Lotion: $16.99
— Simply Conditioner: $9.99
— Sensitive Shaving Cream and Aftershave in One: $16.99
— Sensitive Acne Night Wash: $16.99
— Citrus Burst Skin Mist: $9.99
— Miracle Acne Night Wash: $16.99
— Deep After Sun Moisturizer: $16.99
— Acne Night Lotion: $16.99
— Acne Day Lotion with SPF 24: $16.99
— Acne Daytime Face Wash: $16.99
— Extreme Moisturizer with All Natural SPF 15: $16.99
— The Miracle Face Peel: $16.99
— Daily Facial Toner: $16.99
— Mid Day Oil Relief Lotion with SPF 24: $16.99
— Miracle Face Lift Wash: $16.99
— Ancient Tahitian Tanning Lotion: $14.99
— Miracle Nightly Eye Cream: $16.99
— Simply Zz BB Cream: $16.99
— Organic Deodorant Lotion: $14.99
— Sesame Ginger Hand Scrub: $9.99
— Sensitive Acne Day Lotion – SPF 24: $16.99
— Miracle Age Defying Neck Cream: $16.99
— Acne Spot Treatment: $16.99
— Simply Night Lotion: $16.99
— Hair Fitness Leave-In Conditioner: $8.99
— Coffee Almond Hand Scrub: $16.99
— Coffee Almond Face Scrub: $16.99
— Olive You Forever Face Wash: $16.99
— Miracle Hair Mask: $16.99
— Dry Hair Repairing Conditioner: $9.99
— Sleek N Shine: $8.99
— Mid Day Oily Hair Relief: $9.99
— Mid Day Hair Moisturizer: $8.99
— Simply Daytime Moisturizer with All Natural SPF: $16.99
— BACNE Bodywash: $16.99
— Daring Hair Lightening: $8.99
— Revitalizing Spray Moisturizer: $16.99
— Miracle Hair Lift Wash: $9.99
— Edited Frizz Control: $9.99
— Extreme Hair Moisturizer: $9.99
— Sensitive Acne Morning Face Wash: $16.99
— Knocked Out Sleep In Conditioner: $9.99
— Simply Sensitive Face Wash: $16.99
— Body Builder Hair Pomade: $9.99
— Agran Fruit Detangling Spray: $8.99
— Exfoliating Lip Balm with SPF 8: $3.99
— Miracle Lip Balm with All Natural SPF 8: $3.99

Full Treatment Kits

— Complete Sensitive Acne Kit: $160
— Complete Acne Kit: $160
— Complete Combination-Skin Acne Kit: $160
— Complete Adult Acne Age Defying Kit: $160
— Complete Age Defying System: $160
— Complete Zz Kit: $160
— The Ultimate Eczema Kit: $160
— Hair Mask Savings Bundle: $117
— A complete Hair Affair: $90
— Complete Z Skin Sampler Kit: $160
— Simply Complete Kit: $120
— Face Peel Savings Bundle: $89
— Mystery Clearance Bundle: $60
— Age Defying Starter Kit: $75
— Acne Starter Kit: $75
— Sensitive Acne Starter Kit: $75
— Fierce and Forty Bundle: $75
— Buy 3 Get 1 Free Z Hair Products: $29.99
— Z Hair Starter Pack: Pumped, Hair Mask, Hair Repair: $33
— Complete Lip Balm Bundle: $15

Z Skin Cosmetics offers an overwhelming number of different products – especially for a company led by one guy who makes everything by hand. You can read full details about every kit and skin care product at the official Z Skin Cosmetics website.

However, each product has some common traits and ingredients. Below, you’ll find a list of the organic skin care ingredients Z Skin Cosmetics uses to promote natural body healing.

Z Skin Cosmetics Ingredients

Instead of explaining exactly how each of the 80+ products and kits listed above work, I’m going to identify some of the most common organic ingredients in Z Skin Cosmetics. Each ingredient reportedly comes from a 100% organic source.

Popular ingredients include:

— Allspice: Has anesthetic, antiseptic, antioxidating properties which reduce redness, restore new cells, and relieve sun burns.

— Aloe Vera: Soothes skin.

— Amalaki: Reduces freckles, skin blemishes, and wrinkles.

— Anise: Fights oil and acne on the skin while promoting healthy scalp growth.

— Apple Cider Vinegar: Acts as an astringent for acne and has antibacterial properties.

— Apricot: Light moisturizer.

— Argon Oil: Softens the skin and brings out moisture, ideal for smooth soft skin.

— Ashwagandha: Has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, wrinkle-fighting, and moisturizing properties.

— Coffee: Expands blood cells to reduce inflammation and improve skin tone.

— Cinnamon: Plumps the skin and increases collagen levels for up to 6 hours after application.

— Flaxseed Oil: Ideal for oil or dry skin and acts as a sunburn relief and acne fighter.

— Glycerin: Absorbs water from the air and is great for dry skin.

Grapefruit Extract: Tightens skin with elasticity and renews skin cells.

— Jojoba Oil: Helps treat oily skin by mimicking skin oil.

— Lemon Extract: Acts as an astringent on the skin and lightens dark spots.

Moringa: Builds collagen and moisturizes dry skin.

— Papaya: High in vitamin C and A and acts as an astringent, breaking down dead cells and removing impurities.

— Raspberry Seed: Works as an anti-inflammatory and is rich with antioxidants

Safflower Oil: Useful for dry and sensitive skin and can be used to treat eczema and acne.

— Spearmint: Acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and redness while providing antioxidating effects.

— Watermelon: Has high elasticity and heavy moisturizer to prevent against disease.

There are dozens of other ingredients listed on the official Z Skin Cosmetics website. Most products contain between 1-3 different organic ingredients.

Some of these ingredients are backed by more science that others. Argon oil, for example, can be found in many beauty products and is backed by years of clinical trials which prove its worth as an anti-aging solution. Eucalyptus and aloe vera are two more proven ways to soothe red, irritated skin.

Other natural compounds, however, haven’t been studied quite as extensively. Echinacea and Moringa, for example, have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years – but haven’t demonstrated their value in modern scientific testing.

Of course, most of the ingredients in Z Skin Cosmetics products are safe and natural and have proven effective in testing. Since the manufacturer claims that all products are manufactured by hand from 100% organic products, it appears that these ingredients are available in their purest, least-processed forms.

How to Buy Z Skin Cosmetics

You can only buy Z Skin Cosmetics products from the official Z Skin Cosmetics website at Z-Skin-Cosmetics.com. At that website, you’ll find a full list of available products and kits.

Shipping is free on orders over $100 within the United States. All other orders are charged the following shipping rates:

— $0 to $80: $7 Shipping
— $80 to $100: $14 Shipping

In some early press releases, CEO Ryan Zamo claimed that all products were available for under $15. Today, that price seems to have bumped up to an average of $16.99 per product, with kits costing anywhere from $110 to $160.

Who Should Use Z Skin Cosmetics?

Z Skin Cosmetics is a new and relatively unproven company. The company has issued numerous press releases where it has called itself “The New Proactive” and claims that its 25 year old CEO is “taking over the organic skincare industry.”

These are ambitious targets. Z Skin Cosmetics hasn’t yet reached those targets. However, it might be able to in the future.

Here’s what we know about Z Skin Cosmetics in the present: the company offers an astonishing range of over 80 skin care products. The company claims that its products are 100% organic and made using natural ingredients. More importantly, all skin care products are handcrafted.

Despite this apparent commitment to quality, Z Skin Cosmetics has kept prices relatively low. If you’re looking to try a new cosmetics treatment for your hair, acne, dry skin, or other problems, then Z Skin Cosmetics products may be worth a try – some people, however, will want to wait until more customer reviews appear online.

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