Younique Royalty Skincare – High Quality Skin Pampering Line?


Skin, is the largest organ on the body – so it is only logical that it should be treated like royalty. Younique, a skin care and make up direct sales company from the United States provides a line to do just that. Their Royalty skin care line is designed to pamper you with top of the line quality products that range from face masks to serums, night creams and cleansers.

What Makes Younique Royalty Skincare Different?

Outside of being one of the fastest growing direct sales companies of this era. Younique boasts unique ingredients that are not tested on animals, and offer quality products for all skin care needs.

Their overall mission is to empower others, specifically like-minded women to help them feel beautiful in the skin they’re in. Their products are designed to enrich and nourish the skin while using scientifically proven research in their development and implementation.

Their goal is to provide cutting edge skin technology to provide healthy, clean and pure cosmetics.

The Younique Royalty Skincare Line

Detoxifying Mask – Retails for $59.00

This mask is designed to nurture, protect and restore your skin. It works to absorb toxins and impurities and by using a special formula to provide the skin with oxygen and improve its overall appearance. To maintain beautiful and smooth skin texture, this mask is also, enriched with Vitamin A.

Directions for Use

After cleansing your skin, apply a generous layer of the mask using a circular motion. Allow the mask to sit on the face for five (5) minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse the skin by massaging the face with warm water.

Instant Lifting Serum – Retails for $78.00

This serum is designed to work in areas such as under and around the eyes and your forehead, to provide an almost instant lifting and firm appearance. It contains natural amino acids that provide moisture binding and the ability to retain it. With the addition of Vitamin B3, it provides a healthy barrier that protects against free radicals and other potentially damaging environmental properties.

Using a biomimetic neuropeptide technology, is allows the skin to appear firmer and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, including bags under the eyes for youthful looking skin.

Directions for Use

After cleansing and drying the face, apply the lifting serum gently to areas mentioned above, or other areas of concern.

Moisture Boosting Gentle Cleanser – Retails for $47.00

All great skin care regimens should start with a quality cleanser. This product is developed to moisturize your skin while providing the ability to cleanse. With the addition of ingredients such as Vitamins A, D, E and F along with essential fatty acids – collectively they work to nourish the skin.

To assist in the overall protection, this product contains ingredients such as; baobab oil, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil (among others) that will allow for a protective barrier to exist after cleansing and the ability to lock in moisture.

This product can also assist with the appearance of age spots which will allow for younger looking skin with regular use.

Directions for Use

Apply the cleanser to a damp face and rinse with warm water.

In addition to the above-mentioned cleanser, a second cleanser called the Royalty Pore Purifying Cleanser is also available. This cleanser provides similar qualities as the moisture boosting gentle cleanser with the added benefits of jojoba beads that work while massaging into the skin to remove dead skin calls and is ideal for normal to oily skin.

This cleanser retails for $47.00

Hydrating Day Cream – Retails for $50.00

There are a variety of different moisturizers available in the Royalty Line. This moisturizer is ideal for normal to dry skin and provides extra hydrating components such as Vitamins C and E and additional plant extracts. This cream also provides sun coverage of SPF 20.

This cream also contains probiotics that will help promote healthy skin, along with the coconut oil and baobab oil for hydration that lasts all day.

Directions for Use

Using a coin sized amount, massage into the skin liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. This cream can be used daily and can be reapplied after outside activities that result in sweat as well, as after swimming.

In addition to the Hydrating Day Cream, another moisturizer ideal for normal to oily skin is the Renewing Day Cream that retails for $50.00. It also provides the SPF 20 coverage and works to hydrate and balance oily skin.

Lastly in the moisturizer realm is the Divine Daily Moisturizer. This cream is ideal for all skin types and works to leave you feeling radiant and glowing, all day long. This product can also be used daily, and retails for $47.00.

Rose Water Toning Spritz – Retails for $35.00

Not your average rose water to say the least. This gentle refresher will help provide a glowing complexion through its cooling mist. It not only works to soften the skin, but also reduce signs of redness. Its soft floral scent is a perfect way to commence your cosmetic canvas.

Directions for Use

After washing and drying the face, apply this spritz to prepare the skin for your makeup application. This product can also be used through the day to refresh your look.

Final Thoughts On The Younique Royalty Skincare

In addition to the products mentioned above, the Royalty line also boasts a night cream, an uplift serum, and cleansing cloths. All of which, are composed of quality, scientifically research products that help pamper and provide luxury care to your skin.

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