Youngevity Super Greens – Organic Nutritional Superfoods Drink?


Even though we are becomingly increasingly advanced in terms of exercise techniques and supplementary options, our dietary habits are actually becoming worse as time progresses. Recent statistical data has shown that as we have progressed, our food habits have taken a substantial hit.

In the past 50 years alone, our nutritional intake has shifted towards foods that are high on fats, sugars and carbs, instead of veggies and lean meats. This is in part due to the increasing stresses of everyday life, as well as the advent of fast foods.

Many of today’s meals consist largely of ingredients which fail to supply a wholesome balance of key vitamins and minerals. Thus, over time our bodies may start to develop various deficiencies that can have unpleasant repercussions at a later stage in one’s life.

However, it is important to understand that today there exist various supplements that have been designed exactly for that purpose. Many dietary products have been made to compensate and supply the user's body with essential ingredients like phosphorus, zinc, green veggies, iron, folic acid etc.

These components are not essential, but when they are missing form our bodies, our immune system is not able to function at a very high level. Thus we become susceptible to all kinds of foreign agents that can invade our systems, and cause it immense harm.

About Youngevity Super Greens

Youngevity Super Greens has been described as a ‘nutrient dense, easy-to-mix powder’ that has been derived from some of the world’s most powerful superfoods. Just to give you an idea of its true potential, SuperGreens by Youngevity has been loaded with a wide array of with real, organic whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

In its essence, the supplement is a delicious shake that not only stimulates our taste buds, but is also packed with refreshing nutrients like organic peppermint and spearmint. As is clearly visible, all of the added nutrients are completely natural and thus biocompatible with our bodies.

Thus, users need not worry about any ill effects that they might be faced with even after prolonged use. To make matters better, the manufacturer has provided a list of scientific studies for users to check out. These studies clearly outline the true potential of the supplement, and helps users distinguish whether this is the right choice for them or not.

Youngevity Super Greens Key Features and Benefits

Low on Calories:

Even with its amazing taste and thick solution capabilities, the supplement only contributes 25 calories per serving to our daily energy requirements. Thus, users need not worry about putting on weight through the use of SuperGreens.

Fibre Content:

Each serving of this potent herbal mix has been found to be loaded with dietary fibres. These fibres are essential for the optimal working of our gut and digestive systems. Through regular use, our stomach acids are better able to breakdown any unwanted accumulations in our intestinal linings, thus allowing us to clear out any blockages or toxins from our system.

Digestive Enzymes:

Also commonly referred to as ‘Probiotic compounds’, these substances have been found to aid in the breakdown of stubborn foods like carbs and sugars. They help in the easier synthesis of energy via a faster metabolization of fatty acids like lipids and triglycerides.

Organic Green Content:

Quite often our regular diet is not able to meet all of our daily requirement of green veggies. Thus, Supergreens has been devised in a way that all of our daily requirement of iron, zinc, vitamins can be met easily and sustainably.

Antioxidant Content:

A key factor which makes the supplement highly efficacious is its antioxidant content. Due to the presence of such compounds, Supergreens is actively able to counter any free radical, toxin, bacterial formations that might have accumulated within our bodies. This allows, for a cleansing of our arterial passages, thereby making us feel fresher, more energetic and vital.


Supergreens contains a potent dose of organically grown coffee beans within its mix. Research has shown that caffeine has amazing stimulatory properties which can help in factors such as energy development and release, increased focus, enhanced stamina, heightened awareness.

Youngevity Super Greens Dosage and Preparation Instructions

  • The supplement comes in the form of a powder.
  • One scoop of the powder should be mixed into 8-12 oz of water. Similarly, it can also be blended into a smoothie preparation if users wish to do so.
  • The solution should be ingested early in the morning on an empty stomach. The powder dose might also be increased if users feel that they need increased nutritional uptake.
  • Also, like all dietary supplements, the product is intended to serve only as an external supplementary source rather than a meal replacement option.
  • Users with serious medical histories should consult a doctor before starting daily dosage. Similarly, people consuming prescribed medication regularly should refrain from product use
  • Not suitable for individuals below the age of 18.

Other Important Details

(i) Since the composition of the product is fully organic, the supplement has been found to contribute towards the hydration of our epidermal cells. This gives our skin a more plump and glowing radiance, and allows us to look our best at all times of the day.

(ii) The supplement has been formulated to be ‘nutrient dense’ and ‘easy-to-mix’ It is also highly alkaline and thus regular use may help in increasing digestion support and regulating one’s overall pH levels

Youngevity Super Greens Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of the Supergreens contains 255 grams of the powder. Each container should ideally last users anywhere between 1-2 months, depending upon the volume of intake. In terms of the pricing, one bottle is available for $44.50 and can be directly purchased from the official company store. (

Each product comes with a full refund guarantee in case users are not satisfied by the product or the results they have obtained through its regular use.

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