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About Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

The skin is the most vulnerable organ of the body due to the fact that it is not only affected by external factors but also by internal substances.

Over time, the epidermal surface suffers from cuts, scratches, acne, rashes, and allergies. For these reasons, the skin often ages quickly and is the first organ to present obvious aging signs such as wrinkles and dark spots.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the environment in which we live is heavily polluted, at the end of the day, most men and women notice a dirt build up on their epidermal surface.

Polluted air is one of the main causes of dull, lifeless, and fragile skin surface due to the fact that pollutants are rich in harmful toxins that attack the skin’s structure.

Consequently, a large number of the urban population has acne, rashes, eczema, and persistent blackheads which negatively affects the skin’s appearance and health. Additionally, the toxins present in the air reduces skin moisture and promotes damage such as cuts, dry skin, and cracks.

Therefore, it is essential to effectively cleanse the epidermal surface day and night as it not only promotes a clear skin but also supports epidermal health. Luckily, nowadays the cosmetic industry is full of cleansing products in all forms from masks to serums.

Thus, to promote tone, complexion, health, and long-term resistance it is crucial to provide the skin with potent nutrients that can be found in effective skincare solutions.

However, it can be difficult to find the right product due to the fact that a lot of products found in the mainstream market are rich in chemicals, artificial fragrances, and fillers which can be harmful to users overall health and epidermis.

Therefore, it is very difficult to choose trustworthy cosmetic solutions which use natural and science-backed ingredients.

Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Urban Skin Rx is the newest cleanser that has been developed by the Urban brand in order to promote an even skin tone by reducing dark spots, promoting brightness, and purifying the pores.

The powerful formula of the Even Tone Cleansing Bar includes potent ingredients such as kojic acids which support even skin pigmentation.

In this article, we will present the benefits of this innovative Bar to help you decide if it is the right cleanser for you.

The Benefits of Even Tone Cleansing Bar Review

The Even Tone Cleansing Bar is a revolutionary cosmetic product manufactured by Urban Skin Rx, a beauty brand committed to providing powerful, natural, and efficient skincare solution to their customers.

The Even Tone Bar has been formulated in order to promote an even and radiant complexion that is both healthy and free from toxins.

This skincare solution formulation contains potent components such as kojic acid, azelaic acid, coconut oil, and Black tea leaf extract.

These natural ingredients support a youthful, clear, and bright epidermal surface. In addition, the Even Tone Cleansing Bar formula has the benefit of being suitable for any skin type from oily to sensitive as the product has anti-inflammatory properties.

Kojic acid is a substance found in a large variety of fungi and has been often used in whitening creams due to its lightning characteristics.

Kojic acid effectively diminishes excessive pigmentation and promotes an even complexion. Moreover, this organic ingredient has been used in order to help treat medical pigmentation issues such as melasma.

Coconut oil is a popular beauty compound due to the fact that it is a powerful moisturizer however, the miracle ingredient has many other benefits that are less known by the public. In fact, coconut oil is a potent cleanser due to the fact that it promotes exfoliation and reduces sebum production.

Furthermore, coconut oil is natural makeup remover that will both clean and provide the epidermal surface with essential nutrients.

Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar Availability and Pricing

If you are looking for a powerful cleansing solution that not only purifies the pores but also promotes an even skin tone and reduces dark spots, then Even Tone Cleansing is the right cosmetic product for you.

This cleanser supports a radiant, even, healthy, and clear complexion for a youthful appearance. You can order this product online on the Urban Skin Rx website for $28 USD.

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