Youngevity – Quality Products Or Just Another MLM Opportunity?


Youngevity Review – A Healthier You?

Youngevity is a company that focuses on the use of plant-derived minerals to give consumers a healthier body and healthier immune system. This is our review.

What is Youngevity?

Maintaining your health is so much more than balancing your diet and maintaining a healthy exercise routine. In order to give your body what it needs for optimal health, you need to make sure it gets the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary to support all of your bodily systems. The key to remaining youthful is by keeping your body functioning as well as it did in your younger years, which is exactly what Youngevity aims to accomplish.

Youngevity is a company that used plant-derived minerals and vitamins to help support the different systems in your body. All of the minerals that the company uses are extracted from a layer of the earth that specifically contains “mineral-laden plants.” The company claims that these minerals are much more effective than the supplements sold in stores, but there are little details to justify it.

The company was founded by Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, who was awarded the Klaus Schwarz Award for his mineral research. He previously spent his time as a veterinarian before he moved on to become a Naturopathic Physician in 1982. His main point of interest has been regarding the functions and benefits of selenium and other minerals in the supplement industry, which is how he came to found Youngevity.

Youngevity Products

The entire line of Youngevity products places major focus on finding a way to give you balanced nutrition in a simple supplement. However, since no two bodies are the same, you need to use a customized approach to reach your health goals. With so many products available, let’s focus on a few of the most popular products to find out what works for many of the existing customers.

BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion

Available for $58.00, the company states that the Peach Fusion supplement is highly advanced, helping to give you high-quality nutrients that you would typically find in a multivitamin. However, in addition to the ability to act as a multivitamin, the product also contains nutrients that improves your energy levels, provides antioxidant support, and helps to motivate your digestive system as a probiotic. With all of these benefits, you are able to function during the day without fatigue or stomach problems.

Plant Derived Minerals

Available for $20.00, this supplement helps to give you the lost minerals that you typically do not get enough of in your daily diet. For maximum absorption, the supplement is in a liquid form, since it is easier to digest than tablets or capsules. It contains up to 77 different minerals from a variety of resources.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Available for $55.00, this blend contains the Plant Derived minerals described above, which are combined with amino acids and other vitamins to create a daily supplement. This combination of ingredients makes the supplement a natural antioxidant, clearing all of the toxins out of your body each day. The tangy taste is completely natural, with no artificial sweeteners. Additionally, the even balance of vitamins and nutrients allows consumers to help regulate their blood sugar as well.

Ultimate Selenium

Available for $25.50, this antioxidant is essential to protecting your body against free radicals, which are known for damaging skin cells and other cells in your body. Damaged cells can cause inflammation, but Ultimate Selenium fights back to help you feel your best. By taking a single capsule three times a day, you can promote a healthier body that is more capable of repairing the damage of free radicals in the environment.

Health Paks by Youngevity

The Health Paks by Youngevity are a way for you to get all of the supplements you need for an entire month. There are two steps in the selection process.

First, you will order the Essentials package, which includes soft gels, powder, and a canister of the chosen supplement. You can review each of the basic packs for specific information, but this is basically like taking your daily multivitamin, which lays the groundwork for the second step.

The second part of the process involves choosing the right products for your particular ailments. You can choose between products for:

Selling with Youngevity

One of the main benefits of the Youngevity company is the ability for consumers to become the sellers. Many people think that starting their own business has to take a lot of time and training, but Youngevity provides an opportunity for you to make income without an office job or waiting on a 40-hour a week paycheck.

The company encourages consumers to embody enthusiasm and persistence as they aim to sell the products, which shows that selling isn’t for everyone. However, much like other companies that use distributors, your success would only be limited by your efforts.

The company lets you excel at your own pace, offering you incentives (like an increase in your personal profit) as you climb the business ladder. From the first day, you are paid as a Senior Executive Marketing Director, which is not a benefit that you will find in other companies that use representatives to sell. Some of the ways you can earn money with this program include:

  • Profits from sales
  • Residual income and commissions
  • Bonuses for leadership
  • “Fast Start” bonuses for beginning to sell
  • The Dream Car Award program

Contacting Youngevity

If you have questions about Youngevity, you can contact the company’s customer service line in two ways – via email or telephone. The customer service team can be reached at 1-800-994-1601, where they also accept orders. For email correspondence, send your inquiries to [email protected] The company is based out of Utah.


Youngevity has fairly-priced supplements, all of which are based on the founder’s research of trace minerals in the earth. By taking a regular supplement, you are able to improve your overall health, and the founder’s research is quite compelling.

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