Xyngular Core: Appetite Controlling Weight Management System?


When we hear the words diet, or losing weight,or even exercising, most people that it is a burden or a chore. Additionally, too many times weight loss comes at the expense of other things relating to overall wellness. Very few products out there focus on things like gut health or energy boosting, they rarely cover things like mood stabilizing or sleep habits.

About Xyngular Core

Too often, the only thing weight loss products focus on is getting the weight off at whatever expense. Not, with Xyngular Core however.

They have created a wellness line that is designed to not only help you lose weight, but to do so properly. Their line of products are made to cover all aspects of your wellness, because weight loss is more than losing fat. Our bodies are systems that need to work together, in a healthy way, without compromising any other pieces of it.

Xyngular Core Product Lineup

There are four (4) products in the Core line by Xyngular. We have;

  1. Lean – Appetite control and can be used as a snack or meal replacement
  2. Xyng – Appetite control along with energy and metabolism focus
  3. Cheat – Appetite control
  4. Flush – Gut health

Xyngular Core | Lean

This product is a protein powder that contains a complete line up of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and important digestive enzymes. It is described to provide quality nutrition with only 50 calories per serving. Keeping in mind, this calorie number can change providing you are mixing it with anything other than water.

The product is non-GMO, gluten free and contains two (2) different proteins; however, only whey protein is listed on their website. There are 10 grams of protein per serving.

Directions for Use: mix one (1) scoop of Lean protein into your beverage of choice depending on your health and/or weight loss goals.

Xyngular Core | Xyng

This product, is a blend of natural ingredients that were combined to create a formula that will help control your appetite and, tone your body. It will help enhance your metabolism and increase your energy. As a result of these benefits, this product will also help improve your mood. This product is said to be energizing people’s lives every day!

Directions for Use: Consume one (1) capsule of Xyng before 3:00 p.m. and, it should be taken with food. Until you know how your body will react with this product, it is best to take with food as mentioned.

Xyngular Core | Cheat

The next product in the line is called Cheat. It is a fiber product that is all natural and made from a Japanese root called Konnyaku. The way this product is so effective is because you consume one (1) capsule before each meal and, it works quickly to expand your stomach which leaves you feeling full faster. This helps curb your appetite and prevent you from absorbing excessive amounts of calories.

This product is designed to help you curb cravings, control your appetite and prevent over eating all while maintaining a healthy overall balance.

Xyngular Core | Flush

Not unlike the others, Flush is an all-natural product that is made to help detox and reset the body. It will help remove toxins, increase nutrient absorption and aid digestion. This product will help restore proper bodily functions while flushing the bad stuff and keeping, the good stuff. Flush will also help your body improve its natural defenses so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle starting, with your gut.

Flush is geared to help inflammation in the body and do so in the most gentle way possible.

Directions for Use: Flush should be taken at bedtime on an empty stomach. Consume two capsules daily.

You should not take Flush beyond ten (10) days without taking a break. It is important to gauge how your body is managing with the ‘Flush’ and see its benefits. Continued use is not recommended in any circumstances.

What is Unique About the Xyngular Core System

Remember we mentioned these products, and this system was unlike others available on the market? Well, there are a ton of resources available on the website to take advantage of. These range from recipes and good eating practices to a complete system guide on how to lose weight and improve your health overall.

There are multiple instructional articles and videos, an electronic version of the booklet that comes with many of the products and an extensive blog with answers to questions that are relevant to others on a journey just like you!

How to Order Xyngular Core

Xyngular is a company that appears to be direct to consumer. The prices unfortunately were not available on the website unless you became a member. It is helpful to know the person’s name who referred you to their website. Alternatively, you can contact the company directly.

In case you were interested in being a distributor for this company, and its quality products, you could also contact the customer care center for more information on the opportunity side of things.

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