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The performance supplement industry offers athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sports players a wide range of dietary additives, micronutrients, and compounds that are able to dramatically improve their overall performance and physical ability.

Unlike the health supplement industry, which is focused on improving the overall health of the body, the performance supplement industry is aimed at helping athletes take their bodies to the natural limit.

Performance supplements are able to increase the rate at which the body is able to build new lean muscle mass, promote a higher metabolic rate, enhance the speed at which the body can convert fat tissue into energy, boost endurance, increase strength output, and significantly lower recovery time.

In a world where a fraction of a second can mean the difference between a gold or bronze medal, optimizing nutritional intake to maximize the output of the body is critical.

The highly regulated nature of competitive sports, however, can make choosing the right performance supplement extremely difficult.

There are extremely strict rules regarding the supplements and substances used by professional athletes to gain a competitive edge, with various governing boards blacklisting a broad spectrum of supplements that have been demonstrated to deliver an unfair advantage.

Determining whether a performance supplement or dietary aid is both effective and legal can require a significant amount of time consuming research, and, even then, there’s no guarantee that it won’t cause a biological reaction that can create a false positive in doping tests.

These issues are further compounded by the fact that many supplement companies don’t provide a full list of their active ingredients, or hide them behind “proprietary compounds”.

A new sports supplement company, however, has made it possible to gain powerful, highly effective, and completely legal performance-boosting dietary supplements from a centralized, certified, and safe source.

Xendurance are the leading professional sports and athletics performance supplement brand on the market, and offer a diverse range of supplements and products that can help athletes, sports players, and even everyday fitness enthusiasts reach their goals faster and push their bodies further,

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Xendurance brand, find out what makes them different from other performance supplement providers, and examine their product range to help you decide whether they’re the right supplement brand for you.

What Is Xendurance?

Founded in the United States in 2006, Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that operates as an extension of the Lifespan International US brand.

The Xendurance company was built around a formula that Lifespan International was working on called Extreme Endurance. Extreme Endurance was intended to increase the physical capacity of an athlete through the use of completely natural substances, improving aerobic ability and lactic acid threshold.

The Extreme Endurance formula, when released by Lifespan International, was met with widespread acclaim, and caused the company to create an expanded line of sports and athletics based natural performance supplement.

Xendurance supplements have been subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny and have been featured in a wide range of best-selling books, supplement news sites, fitness and health magazines, and various newspaper articles.

Xendurance Difference

The biggest advantages offered by the Xendurance brand that benefits professional sports players is the massive amount of sports ruling compliance offered by the entire Xendurance range.

All of the manufacturing facilities in which Xendurance products are created to adhere to NSF International Certification, which is one of the most rigorous production standards in the world.

All of the supplements offered by Xendurance are certified as free from drugs or banned substances by LGC Sports Labs, a leading authority on sports performance supplement legality, and subjected to intensive third party double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical investigations to determine their efficacy.

Xendurance supplements are approved by some of the largest anti-doping agencies in the world, including the World Anti-Doping Agency, the International Olympic Committee, the NCAA, the NFL, MLB, the NBA, and the NHL.

There are very few sports performance supplements available on the market that adhere to as many different requirements while still delivering significant performance gains.

Xendurance Supplement Lineup

The Xendurance range consists of eight different products, available in different package sizes. We’ll proceed to break down the Xendurance range and provide detail on each product.

Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance is the first and most popular Xendurance supplement. Clinically proven to reduce lactic acid buildup by between 15% and 26% as well as lowering oxidative stress and speeding up recovery time, Extreme Endurance is one of the most powerful sport-legal muscle burn inhibitors available.


Fuel-5 is a potent carbohydrate complex that provides the body with an array of four different carbohydrate fuel sources, plus a lactate energy source. Able to stabilize blood sugar while delivering intense energy, Fuel-5 helps to eliminate cramping and muscle burn.

Xendurance Protein

Xendurance Protein is available in chocolate flavor only, and delivers a massive 20 grams of lean protein per serving, in addition to an energy-boosting dose of lactate. The formula also contains branched chain amino acids and 18 of the 20 amino acids the body needs to function at a high performance level.


Creatine-JB is a unique creatine monohydrate and lactate complex that offers enhanced bioavailability, extending the functionality of creatine significantly and offering significant strength, speed, and performance gains.

Extreme Hydro-X

Extreme Hydro-X is an extreme rehydration solution that eliminates muscle cramping by providing the body with a potent blend of electrolytes mixed with energy-boosting lactate. Using a patented delivery system, the Extreme Hydro-X formula offers extremely rapid rehydration.


Omega is Xendurance’s patented omega 3 complex, providing enhanced cardiovascular function and support.

Immune Boost

Immune Boost offers athletes an immune system boosting formula that contains specific micronutrients, multivitamins, and minerals that enhance the immune function of the body.


Joint-4 is a fast-acting, natural formula for minimizing joint pain and increasing synovial fluid production.

Xendurance Verdict

Xendurance is one of the only sports performance supplement brands on the market that offers certified sports-legal supplements that have been clinically proven to deliver a significant performance boost.

If you’re looking for a highly effective, legal, and powerful way to gain a competitive edge, Xendurance is the right choice.

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