Worlds 1st NuProCore Cycle: No Joint Impact Stationary Fitness Bike?


Time to End Obesity and Diabetes.

Many times, it isn’t that people do not want to be physically active, it is often the case that the strain physical activity puts on their joints that prevents them from doing so. So, knowing this – what if there was an exercise machine that placed zero impact on joints? Specifically, the neck and back.

The NuProCore Cycle was developed with exactly that in mind.

This machine was designed to offer a cardio workout that had no weight limitations and was created to promote longevity and protection of the joints. Described as a multi-functional cardiovascular machine with the intent of saving you time, money and ultimately pain.

What Is The NuProCore Cycle?

The NuProCore Cycle is among the first in the world to be a stationary procumbent cycle. The owner, Mario, is the owner of a gym who has worked with many clients who are overweight, older in years and many suffering from joint and back difficulties. He found that when he was training them, that they struggled immensely with the traditional exercise bike and as a result with either suffer through the workout – or frankly, not want to do them at all.

His mission? End obesity and ailments like diabetes with his no weight limit with zero impact on joints. His mission is to do so with this NuProCore Cycle platform.

What Stage Is The NuProCore Cycle At In Distribution?

Presently, Mario is looking to bring this platform to mass distribution and plans to do so with the help of those on the Indiegogo platform. To date, this equipment has been fully operational in his gym and has found over the past couple years the difference and impact it has made on his clients lives and health.

There are several of his client testimonials available on the website including ones from a parole agent named Mark who suffers from a back disorder after a car accident back in 2014. Mark didn’t want to undergo any surgery so reached out to Mario for help. Thanks to the NuProCore cycle, and the help received from Mario, Mark has been able to avoid surgery due to improvements and has lost a total of 56 pounds to date.

Then, there is Soni who is a deputy sheriff from Chicago. With the NuProCore cycle, she has been able to lose 58 pounds and attributes this loss to Mario’s platform.

How NuProCore Cycle No Joint Impact Stationary Fitness Bike Works

As mentioned above, this platform has been used in Mario’s gym for several years now and as a result has been able to fine tune its effectiveness and eliminate any real challenges and/or risks. There have been three (3) prototypes that have been both used and tested using four (4) focus groups at his gym. These focus groups have consisted of people with weight issues, joint problems including those in the back and neck.

To date, the results have shown that the bike has been effective for a range of clients and he is ready to bring this in mass quantities. Through the participation of these focus groups, Mario has been able to ask the right questions and make adjustments based on the answers.

And, although he says it is not quite perfect, with the help of the Indiegogo platform he knows he is right there.

How You Can Invest In Worlds 1st NuProCore Cycle

There are several ways that you can help get NuProCore Cycle into mass distribution, effectively and safely, to the general public. The platform is set up for donations starting as low as $100.00 USD. With a donation of $100 USD, you will receive a branded sports towel and a thank you card – and naturally, knowing that you are helping a greater cause to help end obesity and conditions like diabetes.

Want to help on a greater scale? Great! The higher the donation the more perks are in store for you. For example, with a donation of $600 USD, consider this your deposit for the residential NuProCore Cycle that will be available in the future. In addition, you will also receive a limited-edition t-shirt, a nutritional guide and a fitness tracker.

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